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Postmodern film Presentation


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  • Terrible presentation. Author has a poor understanding of what postmodern film is. And then the heinous spelling mistakes... ‘‘parody's’’... ‘‘unauthentic’’..and the very simplistic and reductive definition of pastiche….
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Postmodern film Presentation

  1. 1. NEDPresentation By Simone Scott
  2. 2. Postmodernism
  3. 3. What is Postmodernism?
  4. 4. ‘Postmodernism has been an elastic and somewhatnomadic term’Postmodern After Images - Peter & Will Brooker (1997)
  5. 5. ‘Postmodernism is a complex paradigm of thought, art,philosophy & method’Fredric Jameson – Postmodernism & Consumer Culture (1988)
  6. 6. ‘A rejection of the sovereign autonomous individual with anemphasis upon anarchic collective, anonymous experience’.The Electronic Labyrinth - Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, Robin Parmar. (1993-2000)‘The return of the irrepressible…like a ghost, it eludesdefinition’From Postmodernism to Postmodernity: the Local/Global Context - Ihab Hassan
  7. 7. Simply PutPasticheDisjointed narrativesAltered realitiesTime bendingEmotional detachmentNostalgia(references to forms, genres, and stylesthat have gone before)
  8. 8. PasticheTongue-in-cheekreworks. Parody’s,references to popculture & mixing ofgenre.
  9. 9. ParodyReservoir Dogs1992City on Fire 1989
  10. 10. PasticheSomething that refers toitself.Self Referentialism:
  11. 11. PasticheMixes popular culture and seriousculture from various time periods.High Art Low Art:
  12. 12. MarcellusReference to Shakespeare’s Hamlet‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ - Marcellus
  13. 13. Disjointed NarrativePostmodern films oftenhave non linearnarratives. Frequentlyused to mimic thestructure and recallof memory.
  14. 14. Altered RealitiesDrugs, mental illness andtechnology provide a dark,psychedelic, doorway to newinternal realities often exploringthe human condition anddualism.
  15. 15. Time BendingTime travelprovides anotherway to shapereality inpostmodern film.
  16. 16. Emotional DetachmentTechnology,violence, drugs, andthe media lead todetached,emotionless,unauthentic lives.
  17. 17. TechniquesUses techniques to highlight theconstruction of the image thatreinforces to the viewer they arewatching a film.
  18. 18. Reality?Postmodern film oftenask questions aboutwhat is real. Itfrequently leaves thisquestion unanswered.
  19. 19. Social Comment
  20. 20. “Its not the world that is postmodern, it’s theperspective from which that world is seen that ispostmodern”Hans Bertens
  21. 21. NostalgiaThe critic and Marxist theorist FredricJameson refers to Postmodern film as‘Nostalgia Film’
  22. 22. 1Films that are about the past & set in the past.
  23. 23. 2Films that reinvent the pastWWII SlaveryJFK Assassination
  24. 24. 3Films that evoke the past
  25. 25. Postmodern FilmmakersOliver StoneDavidLynchBaz Luhrmann
  26. 26. ?
  27. 27. PasticheMixing genresDramaFantasy
  28. 28. Altered Realities & Dualism
  29. 29. Referencing Popular CultureThe iconic image of James Dean is usedas a symbol of courage & wisdom.James Dean Ned Re-creation
  30. 30. SymbolismRebel without a cause (1955) Sean in his James DeanJacket
  31. 31. Inspiration for NedBram Stokers Dracula NedRock StarsRussell Brand