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MARIONI Furniture collection


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Published in: Design
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MARIONI Furniture collection

  1. 1. FURNITURE COLLECTION 3D Models available on formats .3DM - .3DS - .MAX - .OBJ - .PLY for IPAD MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 1 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  2. 2. “TOWER” Collection 01980 01982 CONSOLE TABLE “TOWER” 78x180x60 cm RECTANGULAR TABLE “TOWER” 78X250X120 cm 01982Q 01982R SQUARE TABLE “TOWER” 78x184x184 cm RECT. EXTENDABLE TABLE “TOWER” 78X190X110 cm Open 286 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 2 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  3. 3. 01982QG 01985 SQUARE TABLE “TOWER” EXTENDABLE 78x182x182 cm Open 284 cm LOW SQUARE TABLE “TOWER” 43x110x110 cm 01985M LOW RECTANGULAR “TOWER” 43x90x130 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 3 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  4. 4. “TUDOR” Collection 01984 01984R ROUND TABLE “TUDOR” (D.180) 78x180x180 cm ROUND TABLE “TUDOR” (D.120) 78x120x120 cm 01984M 01984P ROUND TABLE “TUDOR” (D.150) 78x150x150 cm ROUND TABLE “TUDOR” (D.137) 78x137x137 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 4 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  5. 5. 01984RA ROUND TABLE “TUDOR” EXTENDABLE (D.120) 78x120x120 cm Open 170 cm “BERLINO” Collection 01983 02097 RECT. TABLE “BERLINO” EXTENDABLE 78x200x100 cm Open 290 cm SQUARE TABLE “BERLINO” EXTENDABLE 78x140x140 cm Open 205 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 5 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  6. 6. “HABANA” Collection 02020 02020G SQUARE TABLE “HABANA” 63x62x62 cm SQUARE TABLE “HABANA” 63x80x80 cm 02021 02021M LOW RECT. TABLE “HABANA” 51x137x97 cm LOW SQUARE TABLE “HABANA” 51x110x110 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 6 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  7. 7. 02021P LOW RECT. TABLE “HABANA” 51x120x70 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 02022 RECT. CONSOLE TABLE “HABANA” 72x142x45 cm 7 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  8. 8. “RIVOLI” Collection 02025 02025G RECT. TABLE “RIVOLI” 78x110x200 cm RECT. TABLE “RIVOLI” 78x110x260 cm 02025L 02025GL RECT. TABLE “RIVOLI” EXTENDABLE 78x110x200 cm Open 296 cm RECT. TABLE “RIVOLI” EXTENDABLE 78x110x260 cm Open 356 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 8 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  9. 9. 02026 02027 LOW SQUARE TABLE “RIVOLI” 48x120x120 cm RECT. CONSOLE TABLE “RIVOLI” 78x57x160 cm 02028 02029 SQUARE TABLE “RIVOLI” 60x65x65 cm LOW RECT. TABLE “RIVOLI” 49x135x95 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 9 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  10. 10. “MARAIS” Collection 02030 02031 SQUARE TABLE “MARAIS” 59x66x66 cm RECT. TABLE “MARAIS” 51x130x91 cm 02033 RECT. CONSOLE TABLE “MARAIS” 80x142x45 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 10 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  11. 11. “NEW YORK” Collection 02034 5-SHELF BOOKCASE “NEW YORK” 214x90x32 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 11 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  12. 12. “BOSTON” Collection 02035 02036 BOOKCASE “BOSTON” WITH DOORS 220x254x40 cm MEDIUM BOOKCASE “BOSTON” WITH DOORS 220x139x40 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 12 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  13. 13. “FES” Collection 02050 02051 3-DRAWER BEDSIDE TABLE “FES” 67x52x37 cm 3-DRAWER CHEST OF DRAWERS “FES” 91x111x53 cm 02052 02052C 2-DOOR CUPBOARD “FES” 91x162x53 cm 3-DRAWER CHEST OF DRAWERS “FES” 91x142x56 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 13 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  14. 14. 02052M 02053 2-DOOR CUPBOARD “FES” 91x142x56 cm 2-DOOR SMALL CUPBOARD “FES” 91x111x53 cm 02065 GLASS CABINET “FES” WITH 2+2 DOORS 217x142x56 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 14 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  15. 15. “ZEN” Collection 02057 02058 SQUARE TABLE “ZEN” 60x80x80 cm RECT. TABLE “ZEN” 45x70x130 cm 02057M 02058M SQUARE TABLE “ZEN” 60x55x55 cm RECT. TABLE “ZEN” 45x90x60 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 15 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  16. 16. 02058QG RECT. TABLE “ZEN” 45x100x100 cm 02058R 02058V ROUND TABLE “ZEN” 65x60x60 cm OVAL TABLE “ZEN” 45x140x75 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 16 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  17. 17. “KIEL” Collection 02060 02061 4-DRAWER BEDSIDE TABLE “KIEL” 86x86x48 cm 6-DRAWER CHEST OF DRAWERS “KIEL”130x68x38 cm 02062 02063 02064 2- DRAWER BEDSIDE TABLE “KIEL” 45x45x38 cm CHEST OF DRAWERS “KIEL” WITH 2 DR + 1 DOOR 120x45x38 cm 4-DRAWER CABINET “KIEL” 45x140x48 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 17 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  18. 18. “EYE” Collection 02066 02066A 2-DOOR GLASS CABINET “EYE” 210x144x43 cm 2-DOOR WARDROBE “EYE” 208x144x63 cm 02066C GLASS CABINET “EYE” WITH DOORS 227x144x43 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 18 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  19. 19. 02066M 02066MC 1-DOOR GALSS CABINET “EYE” 210x85x43 cm GLASS CABINET “EYE” WITH 1 R. DOOR + 1 R. DRAWER 227x85x46 cm 02066MX 02066MCX GLASS CABINET “EYE” WITH 1 L. DOOR 208x85x43 cm GLASS CABINET “EYE” WITH 1 L. DOOR + 1 L. DRAWER 227x85x46 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 19 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  20. 20. 02067 02068 CONSOLE TABLE “EYE” 80x160x44 cm RECT. TABLE “EYE” EXTENDABLE 79x180x100 cm Open 276 cm 02068Q 02068P SQUARE TABLE “EYE” EXTENDABLE 79x140x140 cm Open 210 cm RECT. TABLE “EYE” EXTENDABLE 79x140x94 cm Open 236 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 20 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  21. 21. 02068M RECT. TABLE “EYE” EXTENDABLE 79x165x94 cm Open 261 cm 02075 02076 RECT. TABLE “EAGLE” EXTENDABLE 78x220x100 cm Open 316 cm CABINET “EYE” 48x149x48 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 21 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  22. 22. “THOR” Collection 02071 02072 RECT. TABLE “THOR” WITH TRAY 48x152x78 cm SQUARE TABLE “THOR” WITH TRAY 63x72x72 cm 02073 02074 CONSOLE TABLE “THOR” WITH TRAY 78x168x58 cm SQUARE TABLE “THOR” WITH TRAY 44x153x153 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 22 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  23. 23. “DOVER” Collection 02079 6-SHELF BOOKCASE “DOVER” 250x254x44 cm “BLADE” Collection 02080 02081 TABLE “BLADE” 48x100x100 cm CONSOLE TABLE “BLADE” 80x120x44 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 23 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  24. 24. “ASPEN” Collection 02084 02085 2-DOOR GLASS CABINET “ASPEN” 146x91x43 cm 6-SHELF GLASS CABINET ”ASPEN” 146x91x43 cm 02086 02087 GLASS CABINET “ASPEN” 2 DOORS + 2 DOORS 210x138x43 cm CUPBOARD “ASPEN” WITH 2 SLIDING DOORS 215x180x47 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 24 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  25. 25. 02088 02089 WRITING TABLE “ASPEN” 78x80x156 cm CUPBOARD “ASPEN” WITH 2 DOORS + 3 DRAWERS 79x177x47 cm 02077 CABINET “ASPEN” 1 DOOR + 4 DRAWERS 59x139x54 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 25 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  26. 26. “BAY” Collection 02096 SMALL BOOKCASE “BAY” 185x82x33 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 26 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  27. 27. Collection “NEST” 02099 GLASS CABINET “NEST” 2 DOORS 210x144x43 cm 02099M 02099MX GLASS CABINET “NEST” 1 DOOR RIGHT 208x85x43cm GLASS CABINET “NEST” 1 DOOR LEFT 208x85x43 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 27 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  28. 28. Collection “CITRUS” 02170 CUPBOARD “CITRUS” 2 DOORS 4 DRAWERS 100x178x52 cm 02171 02172 GLASS CABINET “CITRUS” 2 DOORS 3 DRAWERS 215x153x48cm BOOKCASE “CITRUS” 2 DOORS 3 DRAWERS 215x146x48 cm MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 28 WWW.MARIONI.IT
  29. 29. Link for catalogues Link for 3D Files _ MARIONI s.r.l. Via G.Giusti 199, 50041 Calenzano - Firenze - Italy Ph.++39-0558879346 Fax ++39-0558877517 E mail MRKT. III-01-2014 MOB (GB) 29 WWW.MARIONI.IT