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Top tips on accessibility


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Top tips on accessibility

  1. 1. top tips for producingaccessible informationwriting, using pictures, typeand layout checklists
  2. 2. toptipsw w w . k n o w w h a t i m e a n . c o . u k5 tips for writing Use short sentences – 5-10 words usually. Use easy words – not ‘in the event that’but ‘if’; not ‘terminate’ but ‘end’; not ‘valuefor money’ but ‘cheap’. Use active not passive verbs – not ‘thismatter will be considered by our teamin due course’ but ‘we will think about itsoon’. Leave out what you don’t need – just writethe core idea. In most documents peopledon’t need to know all the side issues orsupporting information. Use bullet points to separate out a jumbleof ideas into an easily understandable list.In the event that the Purchaser defaults in the paymany instalment of purchase price, taxes, insurance, inthe annual charge described elsewhere herein, or shin the performance of any other obligations set fortContract, the Seller may: at his option: (a) Declare iately due and payable the entire unpaid balance of pprice, with accrued interest, taxes, and annual chargdemand full payment thereof, and enforce conveyanland by termination of the contract or according tohereof, in which case the Purchaser shall also be liabSeller for reasonable attorney’s fees for services rendany attorney on behalf of the Seller, or (b) sell saidpremises or any part thereof at public auction, in suner, at such time and place, upon such terms and coand upon such public notice as the Seller may deemthe interest of all concerned, consisting of advertisea newspaper of general circulation in the county orwhich the security property is located at least oncefor Three (3) successive weeks or for such period asble law may require and, in case of default of any puto re-sell with such postponement of sale or resale asuch public notice thereof as the Seller may determupon compliance by the Purchaser with the terms oand upon judicial approval as may be required by lasaid land and premises in fee simple to and at the coPurchaser, who shall not be liable to see to the applthe purchase money; and from the proceeds of the s
  3. 3. toptipsw w w . k n o w w h a t i m e a n . c o . u kusing pictures plain English first.... Text can seem intimidating without apicture. Illustrations shouldn’t just be fordecoration, they have to serve a purpose. Illustrations can make the message: stronger – words are the core of amessage but a picture can reinforce thecentral idea. friendlier and funnier - for examplea picture of a cat on someone’s lap ora shark in a goldfish bowl can make astrict instruction about ‘no pets withoutpermission’ less threatening. more lively – for example, a picture ofsomeone in a comfortable home is livelierthan the words ‘comfortable home’ one picture can be worth a page of words– for example, the word ‘community’which can mean so many things can besummed up by a drawing of someonecoming out of a local shop, while a passerby calls out hello. Illustrations can show a range of differentpeople – of different ages, with disabilities,from various ethnic backgrounds. Simple symbols that are easily recognised– no smoking sign, for example– can beuseful. But avoid routine use of symbols.They often don’t aid understanding. You don’t have to be an artist to illustrateyour documents – stick figures whichare drawn to fit the text are much moreexpressive than slicker clipart which is sogeneral as to be only decorative.
  4. 4. toptipsw w w . k n o w w h a t i m e a n . c o . u ktype and layout plain English first.... sans serif not serif bold or colour not italic keep text size to a 12 pt minimum no tight letter spacing, 10% extra leading 1.2 minimum, try 14/20 wide margins and column spacing a line space between paragraphs keep paragraphs short align left without hyphenation short line lengths 8-10 wordsor 50-60 characters keep headings clear wth spacebefore and after try not to use light coloured text try not to use low contrast colours don’t use images in the background embed images in text where possible use captions to floating images print out and check your pages, don’trely on your screen
  5. 5. w w w . k n o w w h a t i m e a n . c o . u k