Citizenship and Community


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Talk by Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform for Norfolk County Council in March 2010

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Citizenship and Community

  1. 1. Citizenship & Community Talks for Norfolk: March 2010 © Simon Duffy. Rights Reserved. The author must be cited if images or slides are used
  2. 2. The Welfare State arose out of crisis •War, revolution and eugenics •Industrialisation and the end of older social structures •Economic uncertainty, depression, mass poverty
  3. 3. ...but may be we can still learn •Can the state plan everything on our behalf? •How do we cope with further social change? •Are there not injustices we still need to tackle?
  4. 4. The shift to the citizenship paradigm
  5. 5. Professional gift model •> 40% of GDP committed to welfare •Government transfers much responsibility for delivering welfare to professions •Professions organise support around their expertise. •Citizens have low levels of control, weak entitlements and often face perverse incentives
  6. 6. Citizenship model •Build-in citizen control •Assume the value and role of community •Rethink professional roles •Redefine gifts as entitlements and contracts
  7. 7. Citizenship is a social and political concept
  8. 8. Self-Directed Support
  9. 9. Tapered Control
  10. 10. Individual Budgets
  11. 11. Financial Assets
  12. 12. Real Wealth
  13. 13. Coproduction
  14. 14. Creativity comes from constraints
  15. 15. Community-based support
  16. 16. Place Number Change 6 Sites Phase I Report 60 -18% 17 Sites Phase II Report 128 -9% 13 Sites IBSEN Report 203 -6% Northants 17 -18.7% City of London 10 -30% Worcestershire 73 -17%
  17. 17. Total Place •Partnership to achieve locally defined outcomes •Build on local assets •Coproduce solutions •Think beyond services - people & communities •Create possibility of innovation
  18. 18. Redesigning the Welfare State •The system needs to be understandable and clear, we need to know where we stand - our rights and our duties •The system needs to ensure people get what they need in order to be full citizens - money, support etc. •The system needs to encourage people to earn, learn, save, love and build stronger families •The system needs to encourage innovation, creativity and stronger, more vibrant civil society •Government needs to protect rights and learn what is working and what can be improved.
  19. 19. Contact Details Simon Duffy Centre for Welfare Reform The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenue, Parkway Business Park Sheffield, S9 4WG T +44 114 251 1790 M +44 7729 7729 41