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Launch of manifesto of Campaign for a Fair Society


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Talk given at the House of Lords to help launch the Campaign for a Fair society's Manifesto - setting out how cuts target disabled people and what a fair welfare system would look like.

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Launch of manifesto of Campaign for a Fair Society

  1. • English local government - cut by £11.3 billion• Benefits (excluding pensions) - cut by £18 billion
  2. • 58% of all cuts target disabled people and people in poverty• 36% of all cuts target disabled people• 24% of all cuts target the 1.9% of the population who need social care - those with the most severe impairments
  3. • Unfair - target those who are most disadvantaged• Unfair - make an unequal society even more unequal• Unfair - target the groups that didn’t benefit from the economic bubble
  4. • Prejudice against and fear of disabled people• Political weakness of disabled people• Particularity of social care and benefit systems• Confusion about the welfare system
  5. • Open - we need to welcome the general public, diverse groups• Universal - we need to reframe our solutions so they are relevant to all• Independent - we need to speak freely
  6. lure the tiger from the mountains
  7. 1.Human rights - not services2.Clear entitlements - not confusion3.Early support - not crisis4.Equal access - not institutional care5.Choice and control - not dependence6.Fair incomes - not insecurity7.Fair taxes - not targeted8.Financial reform - sustainable
  8. Everyone is equal, no matter their age,differences or disabilities.A fair society sees each of its members as a fullcitizen - a unique person with a life of their own.A fair society is organised to support everyoneto live a full life, with meaning and respect.
  9. …a [Nazi] Ministry of Justice Commission on the Reform of the Criminal Codedrafted a similar law sanctioning "mercy killing" of people suffering fromincurable diseases. The law read, in part:“Clause 1 Whoever is suffering from an incurable or terminal illness which is amajor burden to him or others, can request mercy killing by a doctor, provided itis his express wish and has the approval of a specially empowered doctor.“Clause 2 The life of a person who because of incurable mental illness requirespermanent institutionalisation and is not able to sustain an independentexistence, may be prematurely terminated by medical procedures in a painlessand covert manner.” 92% of unborn children with Down’s Syndrome are aborted in the UK