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QuickFlix Strategic Vision


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Presentation by Tim Parson (Quickflix) to SPAA 2010.

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QuickFlix Strategic Vision

  1. 1. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT “A new commercial distribution option" Tim Parsons – SPAA Nov 2010 Hybrid Multiplatform Delivery
  2. 2. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT FACT: Launching a commercially viable digital movie distribution business is hard. Failed Failed Failed
  3. 3. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT FACT: Legal digital download services for movies + TV haven’t worked. Steve Jobs: “Apple TV is a hobby”
  4. 4. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT FACT: Most consumers already have a simple, accepted way to watch movies:
  5. 5. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Digital movie alternatives do look too expensive, or too much like hard work.
  6. 6. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT We aim to change this…
  7. 7. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT …as only a pure-play entertainment company with 60,000+ active subscribers can.
  8. 8. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Customer acquisition, trialist conversion, subscriber retention. These things are hard.
  9. 9. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT We get it. We’re growing 20% per quarter, ARPUs above $17, churn at lowest level ever.
  10. 10. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT We know our subscribers.
  11. 11. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT We will carefully transition our existing 60,000+ paying members from to… +
  12. 12. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Brought to you by ...a multiplatform digital service
  13. 13. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Catchup TV services have proven that consumer broadband and distribution networks are ready.
  14. 14. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT The strategic model is clear, and technologies are proven at scale.
  15. 15. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 2030 And demand is picking up. For DISCS! Streaming Replaces DVD-by-mail over time US: DVD-by-mail peaks sometime in 2012-2014 ANZ DVD-by-mail prob. peaks later Netflix: “DVD-by-mail shipments peaking soon”
  16. 16. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Time to accelerate growth of our core DVD/Blu-ray business AND add digital to the mix. + + streaming + streaming
  17. 17. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT No set-top boxes. No lock-in contracts. No high upfront costs. No ISP restrictions. No waiting >>> streaming vod.
  18. 18. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT SO what does this mean for producers wanting to commercially distribute digitally?
  19. 19. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Our priorities… Audience acquisition, Audience conversion, Audience retention. …are the same as yours.
  20. 20. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Quickflix knows its audience through member rentals & ratings. They do like and watch interesting, independent Aussie TV + movies.
  21. 21. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT In 2011, we’re doing VOD & SVOD deals for content. Including Australian TV & movies.
  22. 22. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT What if we ran an online movie festival featuring new Australian films on our platform? We believe we can bring together audiences, sponsors & new films.
  23. 23. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Quickflix digital streaming. Launching in 2011.
  24. 24. QUICKFLIX.COM.AUENTERTAINMENT Thanks ! twitter @timparsons