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Why you should choose to build your first website in Wordpress. It's ideal for the beginner to get started quickly and easily. Using Wordpress is straight forward and anyone can do it.

Find out why ....

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  1. 1. ro ad2pro f it m http://ro ad2pro m/why-use-wo rdpress/ Why I Use WordPress Simo n When you start out online, you may be a bit conf used as to how you are going to do it or what you need. Basically you have two choices – a website or a blog. Personally I pref er to use the WordPress platf orm, because it gives me the possibility of both blog and website in one, and I will give the reasons below. What’s the dif f erence ? Most people usually advise that a website is best f or a “shop window” f or products or services that you are trying to sell. Of course a website can also be many other things like a news, inf ormation, company, or education website too, but in this post we’re concentrating on building an online business. So if you have a list of products that you want to sell, a website is the way to go. A Blog (Web log) is more along the style of an online diary/journal that you can quickly update with a new post. T his is great f or convenience and ease of adding new content. T here’s no need to do anything but click “Add new post”, start writing, and then publish it. It’s then added at the top of your blog page as your latest post f or everyone to read. Simple and ef f ective. In case you don’t know, “Posts” are what makes up your blog, and each post has a date attached to it. So think of a post as an individual entry on the blog, like a single entry in a diary. It’s easy to see why so many private individuals choose blogs over websites. Google also loves blogs because of the constant f resh content they provide (as long as you blog regularly). T he beauty of blogs is that you can create posts about anything you like. T here is no need f or any continuity or to f ollow-on f rom the last post if you don’t want to. You’re f ree to write whatever pops into your head on that day. But don’t think when you start a blog that you can’t also create pages that are more like a website f ormat, because you can. You can have the best of both worlds – a blog and a website in one. WordPress gives you the ability to create blog posts and individual pages. Each part of your website can be clearly navigated around by creating a menu entry f or the blog page, and a menu entry that takes your visitors to your static page(s) Why Would You Want That ? T hink about a website with a blog page – “” that shows all the latest blog posts. Now what do you do if you want to create a sales page to of f er a product to your customers ? Yes you could do that in a blog post, but usually it’s not the way it’s done. With WordPress it’s so easy to add a static page to your site with your sales text – “”, and link it f rom wherever you want.
  2. 2. By doing that you have kept the sales page out of your blog entries, but you can link to that page f rom any blog post you wish. You also have the possibility to create a “secret page” that doesn’t link f rom anywhere on your website. T his is very usef ul if you need to create a page f or a select f ew people to see. If you don’t include a link to it in your menu, it essentially remains invisible to anyone visiting your site unless you give out the link to them. Look and Feel WordPress works on what’s called “T hemes”. A theme is a template with a certain color and built-in look and f eel. Once chosen, that theme is applied to all the posts and pages you create. If you get bored with the way your website looks, then it’s very easy to change the theme, and instantly you have a new look to your website. T hat really is not so easy to do if you have a website developed f or you. Most websites would take a huge ef f ort to redesign. Premium Themes WordPress comes with a lot of themes to choose f rom f or f ree, but what if you can’t f ind what you’re looking f or, or maybe you want something a bit more prof essional. No need to worry. T here are plenty of websites out there that sell premium WordPress themes with a more prof essional look and f eel that’s better suited to your business. Check out places like T heme Forest f or some great themes. T hen there’s the Genesis Framework. T he way Genesis works, is that you need to buy the f ramework and install it, and then buy a child theme that sits on top of it. T he beauty is that Genesis is hugely f lexible, and once you have the f ramework installed you can buy any other child theme and install it on an existing site, and the new theme will instantly f it all your existing content around it, making f or a simple switch over. Stay tuned f or a review of the Genesis Framework coming soon…. In Summary WordPress gives you the f lexibility to create a blog and website in one. You can have your static pages of f ering products, yet still have a blog that could cover other topics in your business area, and inf orm customers of up-coming products or services. A blog also provides a way f or your customers to interact with you using blog comments. T hat is of ten invaluable as a way to f ind out what they want and what makes them tick. So if you want to get an online business going quickly, WordPress really is one of the f astest and easiest ways f or the beginner. Plus it’s f ree of charge. If you get your web hosting by Host Gator f or instance, then they provide a f ree WordPress install f or you. Please also see my other post on how to build your f irst website. T hanks, Simon. Subscribe to Road2Prof its
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