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Collaborative Innovation presentation 181014


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Presentation on leveraging collaboration to drive a culture of customer focus, continuous improvement and innovation in an organisation.

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Collaborative Innovation presentation 181014

  1. 1. How social collaboration powers innovation Simon Terry @simongterry
  2. 2. The Collaboration & Innovation Imperative
  3. 3. Elements of Collaborative Innovation REPEAT! Driven by Delivered in Customers Experiments Collaborative Innovation Guided by Designed Strategy Collaboratively
  4. 4. More Collaboration. A Bigger Opportunity Disruptive Innovation Business Model Innovation Product & Service Innovation Continuous Improvement Features System-wide Collaboration New customers & new markets Intermediaries, new channel partners, etc. Enterprise-wide Collaboration New and existing customer segments Channel partners Team Collaboration Existing Customer segments Internal business partners
  5. 5. Evolution of Collaborative Innovation Innovation Problem Solving Queries Connection Who? What? How? Why don’t we?
  6. 6. 5 Mindsets of Social Collaboration Source:
  7. 7. Getting Started 1. Be Strategic: Be clear on your strategic goals. Build community to support your goals. 2. Be Networked: Connect your networks (champions, partners, customers, etc) 3. Share Feedback: Leverage your enterprise social network to share customer stories & feedback across the business 4. Empower to Improve: Foster internal communities to collaborate openly on continuous improvement 5. Experiment: Experiment with collaborative problem solving and design 6. Keep Going: Build a cadence of experiments using your networks