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CampHire Worldwide Partners Inc - Making Ideas Happen!


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We are an integrated marketing communications agency that
helps brands build an on-ground and online presence.

We have got a creative design team which comes out with awesome ideas, and an equally strong production
and client servicing team which makes things happen within the tight budgets and even tighter deadlines!

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CampHire Worldwide Partners Inc - Making Ideas Happen!

  1. 1. Idea + Execution = Mam/ tgi Ideas Happevtl -l H M l fi Vt/ Oi’ dwide[: v i5P«ij“f«’7‘ » H i;
  3. 3. camnlllre worldwidepartners Halangldeowflappewr We are part of Worldwide Partners Inc (WPI), the largest Independent agency network in the world, with 84 partner agencies spread across 145 offices in 54 countries worldwide!
  4. 4. t: 'i3t1:: .m, sl ouR | pH| |_usnpHy WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF MaJ<4‘Mg«Idea»y Happm! We know that our clients are always pressed for time, so we strive to provide them with integrated and seamless solutions across different media & geographies.
  5. 5. MEDIAPLANNINB ‘ Digital & Other Media ! 'H__"i, .l. tI. 'i _, _ - F no lilig iii ht Hnlmi-q; Iflt«mItflA! fl)1¢a-ii BRAND , ACTIVATIUNS ENENTSN Mall Activation, Housing -’ EXHIBITIONS = Product Launches, Dealer Meets, R&R Award Shows. a, Sales Conferences, [,3 B2B Trade Shows and B20 Exhibitions PDSM 8 ‘N. ..---' . ... ... ,.. .., __“‘ I’. m MARKEHNG Printing of Brochures & Society Activation, - [M d- M t SE0 . ‘ g . . Corporate Park Activation, E‘P5333miagnsarmgggfendesigfiE Flye| ,fsS'UCs0E| E]a0b[$e. r[i)'; t'ng' Road Sh. °YV. s' "- and Development, Mobile : ’ Ggndgias, K'°-Sk A°t'V't'93v -. and Tablet Application Grow Sign Beams Mystery Shoppmg "‘= ., Design and Development ’ CREATIVE CDRPDRATE AV'S * DESIGN fi F| |_MS ~ , , i? < . Corporate identity E Corporate AV's& Presentations ’ L UUt| NjlE)(S)| igi2N: r|é-IftD/ (Tf[ljliTBS - - AmSSTV'P[int | nfograp. hics& Flash ( -. Leaflets Rétailstme - Consumer& Competitor Research Radio, 00H, : Presentations, Ad Films, V V Desi - n visual I / ‘Marketing Strategy and Planning = .“Short Films, Animated Films, /' r’ E , _ ' ~ M g] ' d. . ‘= ._ Bland ldentlti’ D9319“. .. Training Avis F erc an ising Brand Development MARKETING RESEARCH, _ STRATEGY & CONSULTANCY‘-. , i E BUYING i'” *i‘, .r_r”F 9-? if 1‘ “ A'C'—‘§}‘J
  6. 6. l'i: vac>IrN(lt]| /Ilviiggpartners. R | Malamgluleiw Hwppew! JUGAAD BDNTEXTUAL UNDERSTANDING PASSION A A TRUST We are very old fashioned. We believe in getting married for life and in knowing all that there is to know about our clients. We have very talented, young people from diverse backgrounds who work together to achieve solutions within given timeframes. We are excellent at coming up with solutions to make even the weirdest requests from our clients work.
  7. 7. Nvzr')NI(IINvIl(I: partnersm | MaJ<4‘Mg/ Idea/ .97-(appwi/ I SIMON JACOB e ‘. Simon heads the client servicing and design team at CampHire. A mechanical engineer 5f who started his career selling welding electrodes and industrial adhesives, he went on to I A» *> | do his MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He has more than a decade of experience in diverse roles . ranging from Sales and Distribution, Branding and Below The Line Events & Activations. -- ~’ Prior to founding CampHire, he was the national sales assurance head for the retail e . banking business of HSBC India. 1.} KARTIK TALWAR With an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and a career spanning stints in investment Banking, Mobile Apps and now BTL Marketing, Kartik brings with him a diverse set of skillsets that cut across industries. Like the quintessential co founder of any promoter driven venture, Kartik wears multiple hats at CampHire where he overlooks Event Operations, Sourcing, Accounts and HR.
  8. 8. CampHire woridwidepartnersm MaJ<4‘Mg/ Idea/ .97-(appwi/ I Consumer Products Lld. %. ‘Eran " ‘X’ PEPSICO 6|? ITC Luniud BFSI flICICI PRlDENTIAL"{T’ INIU A WD mlhindrl Finance I I XOONSUMEB IJURABLES siuvisuiiic 'I'IlTA GLOBAL BEVERAGES /1: Liieinsurzmcc ‘ OURICLIET HOME iiirpiioiieiiitiir ‘CK H ‘ K 4" / < AIS> / AIS GLASS SOLUTIONS LTD asianpaints fl. inte: ‘ia‘ xi‘/ I I Feel Safe I 5TAR‘, ‘5f’ li‘iGiRe1iance r r A : i i c r Ir lNDO)R/ IM/ I </ J) mar-imlra Retail - Riaeeti ASHDK LEYLAND Aapki Jeel. Hamari Jeni. sewgjoqg
  9. 9. camnflire I 3 worldwidepartners MaJ<4‘Mg«Idea/ yfiappwi/ I I N W9" "'4 5 rd "Md 5M, “ , Cusleminezl V“ 5 am cu: Activation: new Sugnbuud ‘ kveuu s bmrbtuam Adv/ am Pny Pu Clck C . rnnaubies ' W“ Social Media mnneemem k “i re W , msvlays Web Design 9 Dcvelaymam Email Marketing Selrch Engine tabletop Walking Optimization ixsniaurs " F5" 5 III| hoIvds 0 . .,. ,.. ... V Ina ms mun: AW. Mystery Shnwpins cowovau Av‘: ma presenlnhous / Q Cmponke _ Idemuli Focus Group Discussions vnma Mlriullng coimmu Just Relax We make Your Ideas Happen?