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StrikeAd Mobile Demand Side Platform


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StrikeAd The Worlds first Dedictaed Mobile Demand Side Platform.

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StrikeAd Mobile Demand Side Platform

  1. 1. StrikeAd TM The world’s first dedicated mobile demand side platform StrikeAd Fusion™ is a propietry technology platform created to answer the ever growing need of media planning and buying agencies to manage their mobile campaigns effectively through a single touchpoint. The unique platform is not a bolt on to an existing DSP but a mobile-specific platform in its own right, a single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate multiple mobile campaigns, minute-by-minute, on a global basis. With sophisticated optimisation, tracking, insight and analytics, StrikeAd Fusion™ offers agencies unparalleled levels of efficiency and visibility over their mobile advertising campaigns driving real return on investment.StrikeAd TM StrikeAd Fusion key benefits • Dedicated to mobileYour campaign, our expertise • Offers both scale and transparencyMedia agencies aren’t always familiar with • Truly global reachmobile advertising so StrikeAd is here to • Delivers increased ROIhelp them deliver their mobile campaigns. • Open API’s can integrate with existing web DSP’sStrikeAd Engage™ offers media agencies and • Significantly optimises mobile media spendadvertisers a complete managed service toget their mobile campaigns up and runningthrough the StrikeAd Fusion platform.• Full robust and coherant daily reporting• Realtime optimisation• Multilayered targeting• Access to our full global inventory StrikeAd• Dedicated campaign manager TM Powering mobile
  2. 2. StrikeAd TMDISCOVER EXECUTE EVALUATEStrikeAd Fusion offers media Rapidly and efficiently execute Sophisticated reporting enablesagencies an unparalleled level upon multiple campaigns that agencies to track unique usersof capability in identifying and target thousands of variables. across sites to optimise campaignstargeting the best media for their for increased ROI. Delivermobile campaigns. Upload creative and publish it to Sophisticated ReportingCustomer Targeting the target network. Set spending Detailed metrics combined withSearch for available inventory caps as well as viewing caps. customisable graphs and chartsacross thousands of sites by provide both top-level summary Testtargeting criteria, including location, and granular data. Test campaigns across thousandsmobile network, age, interest, of variables in order to optimise Track Unique Usersdevice and more. Know where the response. Unique user tracking provides avery best inventory is at a glance. true overview of which customers Single UploadPricing are visiting different networks and Build a campaign once and thenView the cost of available inventory where conversions are originating deploy automatically acrossas well as input/preserve any from. multiple networks.agreed prices with networks. Compare multipleChoose from an array of acquisition Optimise campaign variablesmethods including CPM, CPC and Pull campaign reports in real time Evaluate Conversion metrics acrossCPA/CPD. and automatically consolidate. all live campaigns. Identify most impactful and highestVolume Delivery revenue generating areas, optimiseStrikeAd Fusion is capable of and reinforce them.delivering high volume campaignsacross a large array of mobile Referenceinventory for ultimate impact. Store and reference historical campaigns.Plan and BuyFind contact details to set upbuying accounts, build a media planusing defined targeting and pricingand create and issue insertionorders for campaigns.ResearchInterrogate StrikeAd’s internationaldatabase of campaign formats andcase studies.Contact usLondon New York (0) 207 290 0380 +1 917-710-8790