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Zagazig University

  1. 1. Zagazig University Faculty of Mediciene Cardiology Department Zagazig Intervention Day ( ZID 2009) (My approach to difficult lesions) Under His Patronag: Prof. Maher Al-Domiaty President of Zagazig University Honorary Chairman of the meeting Prof. Saad Al Aosh Dean of Zagazig Faculty of Medicine Chairman of the meeting Prof. M.Wafaie Aboleineen, MD, FACC. Head of Cardiology Department Conference moderator Prof.Tarek Abdel Moneim, MD Conference secretary
  2. 2. Dr.ELSayed Farag, MD Final Program Day 1 (In New Surgery hospital–Main Hall) Thur. 24-12-2009 Session- 1 (10:00 pm- 10:30 pm) Morning session Chairpersons: Prof. Helmy Baker, Prof. Ali Saad, Prof. Mahmoud Shah, Prof. Soliman Ayad. am PCI versus CABG in Multivessel Disease 10:15 - 10:00 (Prof. Ahmad Al-Hawary (Suez Canal am Novel Antithrombotic drugs in PCI 10:30- 10:15 Prof. Gamal AbolNasr (NHI) am Case presentation 10:45- 10:30 (Prof. Tarek Nageeb, (Zagazig am Case presentation 11:00- 10:45 Prof. Galal ALSaeed (Cairo) ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. Opening 11:00 am -12:00 pm) (Ceremony Prof. Maher ALDomiaty Prof. Ali Ramzy Prof. Saad Alosh Prof. Mohamad Wafaie ----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Session- 2 (12:00 pm- 1:00 pm) Drug Company Symposium (Sponsored by Servier) Chairpersons: Prof. Ikram Sadek, Prof. Mohamed Alawady, Prof. Essam Mahfouz. Prof. M. Al-Gawady, Prof. Heba Mansour. 12:00 – 12:20 pm Heart rate and cardiovascular risk Prof. Mohammad Wafaie (Zagazig) 12:20 – 12:40 pm New trends in management of angina Dr. Elsayed Farag (Zagazig) 12:40 – 1:00 pm Why Plavix by name? Prof. Mohammad Sobhy (Alexandria) --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. Session-3 (1:00 pm- 01:30 pm) Live In A Box (PCI) (Cardiac Cath. Lab., Zagazig University) Chairpersons: Prof. Ali Ramzy, Prof. Galal ALSaeed, Prof. Sherif Al-Tobgy, Prof. Kamal Mahmoud. Operators : Prof .A. Abu Hashem & Prof. Abdelfatah Ferer . Moderator : Prof. Mohamed Sobhy --------------------------------------------------------------------- 01:30-02.00 pm Coffee Break ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Session -4 (02:00-03:00 pm) Case Presentation Session Chairpersons: ,Prof. Kamal Mansour, Prof. Osama Sanad, Prof. Hosam AL-Shaer .Prof. M.Diaa Al-Menshawy, Prof. Ragab AbdelSalam (pm Case (1 15::02 – 02:00 IVUS Guided PCI: Initial experience Prof. Mohamed Sobhy (Alexandria) 02:15- 02:30 pm Case (2) Prof. Ashraf Reda ( Menofia ) 02:30 -02:45 pm Case (3)
  5. 5. Prof. Amr Zaki (Alexandria) 02:45- 03:00 pm Case 4 Prof. Medhatt Ashmawee (Tanta) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Session-5 (03:00 pm- 03:30 pm) Live In A Box (PBMV) (Cardiac Cath. Lab., Zagazig University) Chairpersons: Prof. M. Khairy AbdelDayem, Prof. Hany Abdelrazek, Prof. Mesbah Taha, Prof. Sameh Emil. Operators : Prof. Kamal Mansor & Prof. Ahmad Shafea Ammar. Moderator : Prof. Adel Etriby. Session 6 (03:30 - 04:30 pm ) Tips and tricks in complex lesions Chairpersons: Prof. Abdallah Abo-Hashem, Prof. Abdefattah Ferer, Prof. Nabeel Farag & Prof. Ahmad Magdy. (03:30-03:45) Left Main Intervention Prof. Ahmad Magdy (NHI) (03:45-04:00) Small Tortuous Vessels Intervention. Prof. Nabeel Farag (Ain Shams) (04:00-04:15) Osteal Lesions Intervention Prof. Hesham Aboleineen (Banha) (04:15-04:30) Calcified Lesions Intervention Prof. Tarek Abdelmoneim (Zagazig)
  6. 6. End of Day 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Lunch Day 2 Fri. 25-12-2009 (Port Said) (4:00 pm- 6:00 pm) (Plenary Lecture session) Updated Guidelines In Cardiology Chairpersons: Prof. M.Wafaie, Prof. Abdel Fatah ferer Prof. Atef AlBahary, Prof. Soliman Ayad, Prof. Montaser Alcekelly Lecture 1 (04:00-06:15PM) Hypertension in Guidelines Dr. Baher ALDsouky. (Zagazig University) Lecture 2 (04:15-04:30PM) CHF in Guidelines Dr. Amr Abdelmoneim. (Zagazig University) Lecture 3 (04:30-04:45PM) A.F. in Guidelines Dr. Nader Tallatt. (Zagazig University) Lecture 4 (04:45-05:00PM) AMI in Guidelines Dr. M. Al Daydamony (Zagazig University) Lecture 5 (05:00-05:15PM) Pacing in Guidelines Dr. Ashraf ALSaeed (Zagazig University) Lecture 6 (05:15-05:30PM) UA/NSTEMI in Guidelines Dr. ELSayed Farag (Zagazig University)
  7. 7. Each lecture is followed by 5 MCQs and will be evaluated through audience reply system ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Closing Remarks & Supper