Wound Care


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Wound Care

  1. 1. MEDICAL Wound Care Dressings Antimicrobial SUPPLIES Healthpoint Medical Antimicrobial Iodosorb® Gel & Idoflex™ Pads Smith & Nephew • Conforms to wound shape and is easily Acticoat® 7 Antimicrobial Dressing removed without disturbing delicate new • This dressing is extremely fast-acting tissue. and long-lasting, allowing it to remain • A change in pad color from brown to on the wound for up to seven days. yellow-gray signals a need for dressing • The rayon/polyester core aids in change. maintaining the appropriate moisture • For the treatment of chronic exuding level. wounds. • It can be cut to desired shape and Size Type Count Sku.No size. 40gm Gel Tube Each 285809 Size Type Count Sku.No 4cm x 6cm Pad 5/Box 2255958 4” x 4” Dressing 2/Box 200 6cm x 8cm Pad 3/Box 2962470 4” x 5” Dressing 5/Box 204 3/4” x 2” Rope Each 208 Johnson Johnson 4” x 48” Roll Each 2050 SILVERCEL™ Antimicrobial Dressing • Provides the broad-spectrum antimicrobial ConvaTec action of silver with enhanced exudate management properties of alginate Aquacel® Ag Wound Dressing technology. • The first antimicrobial dressing that kills a • An excellent primary dressing, because variety of wound pathogens by providing the alginate forms a gel on contact with sustained and immediate activity. exudate. • Hydrofiber® technology provides a gelling • Do not use on third-degree burns or with property that when combined with wound patients sensitive to silver or alginates. fluid, gels on contact and locks bacteria within the gelled fibers. Size Count Sku.No Size Count Sku.No 4 /4” x 4 /4” 0/Box 800404 2” x 2” 0/Box 343853 DermaRite 4” x 4” 0/Box 343887 SilverDerm 7™ Antimicrobial Dressing 4” x 4.7” 0/Box 3652336 • This dressing provides basic 6” x 6” 0/Box 343895 antimicrobial activity. 3/4” x 8” 5/Box 3439 • Silver Ions are released within 30 minutes of application. • Used with chronic wounds, burns, Johnson Johnson traumatic wounds, leg ulcers, and BIOPATCH™ Antimicrobial Dressing diabetic foot ulcers. • This fenestrated, sterile, disk is Size Count Sku.No composed of a polyurethane, absorptive foam with chlorhexidrine gluconate, 2” x 2” 0/Box 00288 a well-known antiseptic agent with 4” x 4” 0/Box 00289 antimicrobial and antifungal properties. • Ideal for use with I.V. catheters, central Argentum Medical venous lines, arterial catheters, etc. Silverlon® Wound Contact Dressing • Highly absorbent, stays in place and • For placement directly on wound inhibits growth of bacteria for up to surface, this dressing acts as a seven days. barrier and aids in reducing bacteria and fungi. Size Count Sku.No • Can be left on the wound for several 3/4” 0/Box 25 days, depending on the amount of ” 0/Box 250 drainage. ” 0/Box 350 Size Count Sku.No 4” x 4” 0/Box ARWCD44 Call Us Toll Free 1.888.520.2500 “We Care About Care”
  2. 2. Wound Care MEDICAL Dressings SUPPLIES Antimicrobial Calcium Aliginate Xylos Corporation ConvaTec XCell® Antimicrobial Dressing Kaltostat™ Calcium Alginate Dressing • Soft, white, nonwoven dressing of • Provides active fluid management by calcium alginate fiber. either absorbing or hydrating exudates, • Converts exudate to a gel/fiber depending upon the levels. mat and creates a moist, warm • For use with non-infected and infected environment. wounds; acts as a barrier and reduces • May be left in place up to seven days. the chance of infection. • Trauma-free removal; Very absorbent. • Used as a non-adherent dressing, providing less painful dressing changes. Size Count Sku.No 2” x 2” 0/Box 774-224 Size Count Sku.No 2.8” x 4 /2” 0/Box 68242 2” x 2” 0/Box 00288 3” x 4 3/4” 0/Box 60068 4” x 4” 0/Box 00289 2gm (Rope) 5/Box 828-764 Calcium Aliginate Molnlycke Health Care Kendall Healthcare Co. Melgisorb® Alginate Dressing Curasorb™ Calcium Alginate Dressing • An absorbent dressing for partial to full thickness wounds with moderate • Absorbs exudate from wounds and to heavy exudate. creates a protective cushioning gel. • A hydrophilic gel forms upon contact, • Once applied, it binds with exudate and stopping horizontal wicking and helps prevent maceration. providing a moist environment • Provides easy and painless dressing suitable for wound healing. removal, which minimizes tissue trauma • Appropriate for cavity and surface and maximizes comfort. wounds. Size Count Sku.No Size Count Sku.No 4” x 4” 0/Box 9233 4” x 4” 0/Box 2500 2” 5/Box 935 2 ½” (Rope) 5/Box 253000MERC DermaRite Bertek Pharmaceuticals DermaGinate® Calcium Alginate Dressing Sorbsan™ Alginate Dressing • Readily conforms to wound bed and will • An alginate dressing for dermal and not stick to healing tissue. pressure ulcers with moderate to • May absorb up to 7 times its own heavy exudate weight and maintins a hydrophilic • Very absorbent and conforms easily environment. for a perfect fit. • For use with moderate to high exudating • Great for difficult-to-manage wounds. wounds. • Creates a moist wound healing environment. Size Count Sku.No Size Count Sku.No 2”x2” 0/Box 890-657 4” x 4” 0/Box 00270 3”x3” 0/Box 9209 4”x4” 0/Box 758929 2 MEDICAL SUPPLY Call Us Toll Free 1.888.520.2500
  3. 3. MEDICAL Wound Care SUPPLIES Dressings Tubular Elastic Ointment Western Medical Healthpoint Medical Surgitube® Tubular Gauze Accuzyme® Ointment • Removes dead tissue and • Composed of 00 percent cotton cleanses wounds with its enzyme yarn knitted in a continuous, and emollient combination. seamless tube. • Can be used as a treatment • The versatile knit results in a snug for a variety of conditions as fit, with a tightness depending on the determined by a physician. tension exerted during application. • Fast acting, this ointment debrides • Can be used for several layers in all types of necrotic tissue and is order to protect and secure the harmless to healthy tissue. primary dressing. Size Count Sku.No Size Count Sku.No 30gm Each 248762 5/8” x 5yd Size- Per Yard 535-87 7/8” x 5yd Size-2 Per Yard 535-95 Derma Sciences 5/8” x 50yd Size- Per Yard GL-29 Dermagran® Ointment 5/8” x 50yd Size- Per Yard GL-24 7/8” x 50yd Size-2P Per Yard GL-242 • This pH balanced skin protectant contains zinc-nutrient technology that provides a /2” x 50yd Size-3P Per Yard GL-243 moist, mildly acidic environment conducive 7” x 50yd Size-3P Per Yard GL-225 to wound healing. • Also contains Vitamin A, Calcium, and Magnesium that aids in the healing process. • For use with abrasions, skin tears, partial thickness pressure ulcers, and preventative skin care. Size Type Count Sku.No 4oz Jar Each 634-279 4oz Tube Each 77-728 ConvaTec Tubifast® Retention Dressing • Composed of a light, open weave rayon fabric that can be used as a DermaRite skin covering or retention dressing for DermaMed® Ointment any body part. • Holds dressing securely in place, but • This formula is pH balanced, which allows it to its light elasticity gives the patient re-hydrate and revitalize damaged skin tissue. complete freedom. • Protects and soothes chafed, burned skin, while • Its unique knitted ‘safety lock’ does also holding moisture in. not allow this dressing to be applied • Will not irritate or harm delicate tissue. too tightly. • The open weave construction helps in avoiding maceration by allowing air to circulate over the skin. Size COLOR Count Sku.No Size Count Sku.No 1 1/2” x 33’ Red Roll 52434 4oz Each 0024 2 1/8” x 33’ Green Roll 52436 3 1/8” x 33’ Blue Roll 52438 4 7/8” x 33’ Yellow Roll 52440 Call Us Toll Free 1.888.520.2500 “We Care About Care” 3
  4. 4. Wound Care MEDICAL Dressings SUPPLIES Ointment ConvaTec Surgical Trays Sensi-Care® Ointment Busse hospital Disposables Busse® Sharp Debridement Tray Tray contains: • This ointment seals out wetness by adhering • One pair Nitrile gloves to weepy skin, preventing further skin • One alcohol prep pad irritations. • One PVP prep pad • Fragile, irritated skin is soothed and • One 4” x 3” gauze sponge protected by this special formula. • One Iris scissors • Can be applied to clean skin in a liberal • One scalpel, #5 blade manner. • One metal insert forceps Size Count Sku.No Count Sku.No 4oz Each 32564 Each 20588Mercy Surgical Trays Busse Hospital Disposables Buse Hospital Disposables Busse® Dressing Change Tray Busse® Suturing Tray w/ Floor-Grade Satin Tray contains: Finished Instruments • One polylined sterile field. • Contains ONE tray, CSR over-wrap, • One abdominal pad. 5”inch floor-grad Halsey needle • One safety pin. holder with fine point satin finish, 4 • One iodophor PVP swabstick (triples). 1/2” floor-grade straight Iris scissors, • Four 4” x 4” gauze sponges. 1 x 2 floor-grade Adson tissue • One sharp/blunt scissors. forceps, polylined fenestrated drape, • One polybag with twist tie. and absorbent towel. • One roll medical tape. • Contains TWO 2 oz medicine cups. • One transfer forceps. • Contains FIVE 2” x 2” gauze • One Posi-Grip™ plastic forceps sponges. Count Sku.No • Contains EIGHT 4” x 4” gauze Each 4557 sponges. Count Sku.No Busse Hospital Disposables Each 52962 Busse® E.R. Laceration Tray w/ Floor-Grade Instruments • Contains ONE tray, CSR over-wrap, 5 inch floor-grade Webster (smooth) needle holder, 4 1/2” floor-grade straight Iris scissors, 5 inch curved Kendal Healthcare Co. floor-grade Mosquito hemostat, 1 x 2 floor-grade Adson tissue forceps, 10cc Curity® Staple Remover Kit luer lock syringe, 25 gauge x 1 1/2” • Provides an all inclusive needle, 8 gauge x /2” needle, and package of quality instruments polylined fenestrated drape. that conserves time. • Contains TWO 2oz medicine cups and • Disposable or floor grade absorbent towels. components available. • Contains FIVE 2” x 2” gauze sponges. • All kits contain one 3” x 3” • Contains TEN 4” x 4” sponges. gauze sponge and are sterile unless otherwise noted. Count Sku.No 20/Case 67403 Count Sku.No 20/Case 6566 2/Box - 48/Case 66700Mercy 4 MEDICAL SUPPLY Call Us Toll Free 1.888.520.2500
  5. 5. MEDICAL Wound Care SUPPLIES Dressings Wound Cleansers-Debriders Carrington Surgical Trays Carra-Klenz™ Dermal Wound Cleanser Trinity Sterile Inc. • This gentle, emulsifying, safe cleanser Trinity® Deluxe Wound Closure Tray removes debris, dead tissue, and organic material from low to high exudating wounds. Tray contains: • Cleanser does not interrupt the natural • One 5” Baumgartner needle holder. healing process and will not irritate the • One curved Kelly hemostat. wound bed. • One 5 /4” sharp, blunt scissors. • Does not need to be rinsed from the wound. • One 5” metal tissue forceps. Size Count Sku.No • One poly bag with twist tie. 6oz Each 02060 • One polylined fenestrated drape. • One polylined towel/drape. 8oz Each 683424 • One iodophor PVP prep pad. 6oz Each 0260 • One alcohol prep pad. 6oz Each 682855 Count Sku.No Care-Tech Laboratories 20/Case 64222039 Clinical Care® Antimicrobial Wound Cleanser Wound Cleansers-Debriders • Eschar and necrotic tissue are loosened with Healthpoint Medical gentle emulsification action. • Dressing debrides and decontaminates the AllClenz® Wound Cleanser wound bed and eliminates the most common organisms which inhibit wound healing. • This moisturizing dermal wound • For use with pressure ulcers, minor burns, cleanser washes and cleanses the and severely irritated dermal areas. wound bed, while also removing any form of debris. Size Count Sku.No • Removes debris with a wetting 2oz 24/Case C226-2Z agent and mild surfactant. • Will not compromise the natural Derma Sciences healing process or harm fragile tissue. Dermagran® Moisturizing Spray • Creates a moist wound environment • This pH balanced moisturizing spray is a skin and prepares wound for dressing. protectant that conditions the skin before the proper dressing is applied. Size Count Sku.No • For use with Stage I pressure ulcers, abrasions, and 2oz Each 02002 preventative skin care. • Composed of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Bard Medical Division Magnesium, and Ionic Zinc. Biolex® Wound Cleanser Size Count Sku.No 4oz Each 634-287 DermaRite • Helps to remove slough and debris DermaKlenz® Wound Cleanser from wound. • This non-rinsing, non-irritating, pH balanced • Composed as a no-rinse formula cleanser is formulated with Zinc to promote with non-irritating aloe vera. healing. • Cleanser does not harm healthy or • Easily applied and prepares the wound for delicate tissue the proper primary dressing. • Cleanser aids in removing slough, organic Size Count Sku.No material, debris, and blood clots without 2oz Each 552B interrupting the healing process Size Count Sku.No 6oz Each 00246 Call Us Toll Free 1.888.520.2500 “We Care About Care” 5