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Who is Omar Medical Supplies, Inc.?


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Who is Omar Medical Supplies, Inc.?

  1. 1. Who is Omar Medical Supplies, Inc.? Omar Medical Supplies is 100% minority-owned, SBA and MBE-certified. Established in 1997, we are a supplier of disposable gloves (medical grade, non-medical grade, industrial grade, specialty grade and food service grade), clean-room and protective clothing (disposable aprons, hair nets, bouffant caps, shoe-covers, sleeve guards, coveralls, etc.), medical, lab and safety supplies and equipment, First Aid Kits, stretch film/shrink wrap, corrugated boxes, deli bags and garbage can liners. In addition to supplying over a 100,000 products, Omar is also a Tyvek Distributor for DuPont. Omar Medical Supplies sells to major corporations, restaurant chains, governmental institutions, schools, hotels and hospitals in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and internationally. We have worked hard to build a good client base and we are committed to providing our customers with a quality product, at the most competitive prices, with the best customer service, and at the highest serviceability levels.
  2. 2. How To Reach Us Corporate Office: Omar Medical Supplies, Inc. (est. 1997) 4801 Southwick Drive Suite 601, 6th Floor Matteson, Illinois 60443 US Office#: 708.283.8100 Fax#: 708.283.8106 Officers of the Company: Dr. Willie L. Wilson: Founder/CEO 708.283.8100 ext# 14 Dale Wilson-Wiggins: Vice-Chair 708.283.8100 ext# 12 Mark Tolliver: President 708.283.8100 ext.# 15 Kathy Y. Russell: Executive Vice President/ Director of Sales 708.283.8100 ext# 16
  3. 3. Who are our Customers and Partners? Healthcare . . . Baxter Healthcare Angelica Healthcare Catalogue … Boise Cascade Shipping … United Postal Service (UPS) Restaurants … McDonald’s Corporation/Perseco Carlson’s Restaurants Darden Restaurants Yum! Boston Market Stores Cracker Barrel Restaurants Donato’s Pizza Retail … Costco Warehouse Hospitals … University of Illinois Hospital Cook County Hospital Oak Forest Hospital Ingall’s Memorial Hospital Provident Hospital etc. Schools … Pivot Point International Hair Salons Food Processors… Mullins Food Processing Partners … DuPont Tyvek Distributor International Paper (IP) Georgia Pacific Wertheimerbox Ammex Medline Industries Westchester Industries Tradex International Total Resources International
  4. 4. The Products We Supply. Following outlines some of the over 100,000 products we supply: Category Product Grouping Sample Items Disposable Gloves Gloves Disposable Gloves (Vinyl, Nitrile, Latex, Neoprene, etc.), Industrial (Welding, Jersey, Rubber Coated, Knit, Gauntlet, Driving Glove, Leather, etc.), Medical, Non-Medical, Food Service, Cleanroom Protective Apparel Tyvek (Tyvek Distributor), Disposable Gloves Clothing (all types), Aprons, Sleeve Guards, Hair Nets, Shoecovers, Bouffant Caps, Cleanroom-grade apparel Supplies Napkins, Tray Liners, Garbage Can Liners Safety Items Protective Apparel Smocks, Boot/Shoe Guards, Hair Nets, Beard Covers, Bouffant, Lab Coats, Aprons, Frocks Protective Eye-wear Goggles, Face Guards Safety/Industrial Grade Neoprene, Nitrile, Latex, Rubber, PVC gloves Gloves (vinyl), Clean Room Gloves Safety Supplies First-Aid Kits, Bandages, Gauze Lab/Cleanroom Various Lab and Cleanroom supplies, including Tyvek Supplies & Apparel Medical Supplies Admission Bedpans, Bedside Utensils, Grooming Aids Apparel Lab Coats, Scrubs, Patient Gowns, Protective Bed and Bath Linens, Bedspreads, Mattress Pads, Pillows, Sheets Central Supply Instrument Care/Handling, Forceps Equipment/Furnishing Carts, Beds, Dining Tables, Curtains, Chairs Exam/Diagnostics Stethoscopes, Blood Pressure Unit, Exam Lights, Scales Gloves All varieties of Gloves Housekeeping Disinfectants, Detergents, Bags, Trash Cans, Storage Bins Incontinence Products Briefs, Underpads Patient Care Bath/Skin Oils, Cleansers, Maternity, Feminine Hygiene, Pediatric Care, Oral Care, Tissue, Shaving Needs, Food Trays Rehabilitation Commodes, Walkers, Canes, Geriatric Chairs, Wheelchairs, Hydrotherapy, Convalescent Recliners, Orthopedic Shoes (over)
  5. 5. Cont’d Category Product Grouping Sample Items Respiratory Suction Catheters, Oxygen Masks, tubing, CPR Boards, Nebulizers, Tracheostomy Care, Respiratory therapy Equipment Skin Care Perineal Wash, Soothe and Cool System, Body Wash, Soaps, Pressure Reduction Products, Patient Positioners Surgery and O.B. Patient Prepping, Surgical Scrubbing, Sponges, Bandages, Footwear, Face Masks, Protective Gear, Sterile Instruments, Gowns, Cytoscopy Packs, Anesthesia Urology Foley Catheters, Urine Meters, Leg Bags, Irrigation trays/syringes, Specimen Collectors Wound Care Hydrogels, Packing Strips, Bandages, Dressing Change Trays, Specialty Dressings, Skin Closures and Strips Apparel Protective Attire, Face Masks, Gloves , Glove Box Dispenser, Aprons Instruments Scalpel, Scissors, Infant Catheter, Safety Goggles, Forceps, Needles, Instrument Trays Equipment Utility Carts, Cots Linens Sheets, Pillowcases, Bedspreads Supplies First Aid Kit, Tape, Hand Brush, Bags for Biohazard Waste, Bandages, Nail Supplies, Sewing Thread, Tissue Disposables Linens, Face Masks, Aprons, Apparel Skin Care Hand Wash, Lotions, Soaps, Disinfectants Nursing Home Supplies Dietary, Pads, Needles/Syringes, Care Thermometers, IV Administration, Enteral Feeding, Patient Safety Devices, Sharps Disposal, Cups Hospitality Supplies Can liners, Laundry Bags, Gloves, Toilet Tissue, Cleaning Supplies, etc. Janitorial Supplies Various supplies, incl. Mops and Brooms Deli Bags Grape Bags, sandwhich bags, Ziploc bags, etc Corrugated Boxes Variety of Corrugated Boxes Can Liners All Types of Garbage Can Liners First Aid Kits Office First Aid Kits, Disaster (hurricane, earthquake), Auto First Aid Kits, Home, Wound Care First Aid Kits, Travel First Aid Kits, etc. Uniforms Work and hospital uniforms and apparel
  6. 6. Supporting Documents. Omar Medical Supplies has a stellar record in the professional community. Please feel free to contact any of the following references below. Professional References: Maura Havenga Vice President, North America and US Supply Chain McDonald’s Corporation 2111 McDonald’s Drive Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 (630) 623.8273 Larry Taylor Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Sourcing Carlson Companies Mail Stop 8211 701 Carlson Parkway Minnetonka, MN 55305 (763) 212-2874 Dan Musachia CFO / COO, Perseco 3075 Highland Parkway Suite 200 Downers Grove , IL , 60515 (630) 623-4576 Bank References: Mark W. Hansen Vice President, Commercial Banking Harris Bank 28 West Nebraska Street Frankfort, IL 60423 (815) 469.3599 ext# 126