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  1. 1. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. Lansdale, PA 19446 SUMMARY: MEDICAL INFORMATICS PROFESSIONAL with expertise in healthcare information technology for clinical care delivery and biomedical R&D. I possess extensive applied experience in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as academic teaching experience. I completed a formal, NIH-sponsored postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Informatics. I am a pioneer in recognizing EMR safety issues and expert in identification and remediation of biomedical IT design and implementation difficulty. I’ve managed staffs of 50 and budgets of $13 million. I founded and developed the Graduate Certificate Program in healthcare informatics at Drexel University. EXPERIENCE: DREXEL UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, PA 2004 - present Faculty, Institute for Healthcare Informatics (IHI), College of Information Science and Technology, Philadelphia, PA (Adjunct Professor 2004; Assistant Professor and IHI Director, 2005-2007; Adjunct Professor Sept. 2007-). • Established new Healthcare Informatics Graduate Certificate Program via development of online and classroom-based courses in healthcare informatics for healthcare professionals as well as Doctoral and Masters' candidates in Information Systems (MSIS), Software Engineering (MSSE) and Library Information Science (MSLIS). See . • Graduate courses developed and taught:  Introduction to Healthcare Informatics  Organizational Issues in Healthcare Informatics  Special Topics in Healthcare Informatics: Clinical Information Technology  Special Topics in Healthcare Informatics: Social Informatics  Advanced Issues: Planning and Evaluation Methods in Healthcare Informatics • Member, Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Affairs 2005-7 • Maintain internationally-known website on healthcare IT difficulties and causative factors since 1998, now at . • Elected Member at Large, Clinical Information Systems Working Group, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA, 2006-7 and again, 2007-8). • Invited reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) and the journal of Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI). • National Institutes of Health (NIH) invited participant in ZRG1 HOP-B Special Emphasis Panel on Health of the Population, Center for Scientific Review (review and score NIH research funding applications related to public health). 1
  2. 2. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. MERCK & CO., INC., West Point, PA and Rahway, NJ 2000 – 2003 Director of Scientific Information Resources & The Merck Index, Research Information Systems Division, Merck Research Labs Led R&D information support group at West Point, PA and Rahway. NJ sites supporting 6,000 drug discovery scientists worldwide. Managed annual budget of $13 million and staff of 50+ information science specialists, information retrieval experts, IT support, and scientific authors. $100K grant of authority. • Identified and substantially remedied a $4 million annual gap in Merck’s portfolio of informatics tools and resources critical to new drug discovery and development. These tools included CAS SciFinder, Beilstein CrossFire, STN, Dialog, Current Contents, Embase, Biosis, International Pharma Abstracts, and several thousand eJournals. • Realized $500,000 savings through negotiation of global contracts for costly, previously rationed cheminformatics and biomedical informatics applications essential for drug discovery. Tripled user base of these tools, critical to productivity of modern research scientists. • Managed design and implementation of state-of-the-art electronic literature portal and global alerting system under Merck Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies. Increased scientific literature dissemination tenfold over decade-long norms, to over one million articles per year by mid 2000’s, filling longstanding and unmet needs for timely alerting to the latest pharmaceutical scientific developments. • Managed on-time, successful authoring and release of The Merck Index of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals, 13th edition. Authoritative, world-renowned encyclopedia of Medicinal Chemistry, dating to 1889, sold 150,000 copies worldwide. • Conceived and directed development and implementation of web-based training in selective biomedical information retrieval. Successfully trained over 2,000 scientists worldwide. COMDISCO, INC., Rosemont, IL 1999 – 2000 Director of Clinical Information Technology, Eastern U.S. Led Healthcare IT (HIT) business development activities in Fortune 500 IT Services company. • Informatics leader of new business development team for hospital electronic medical records (EMR) infrastructure including enterprise storage devices and disaster recovery strategy. • Supported ongoing sales activities by traveling to customer sites and providing education on process changes essential for successful adoption of HIT in clinical settings. CHRISTIANA CARE HEALTH SYSTEM, Wilmington, DE 1996 – 1998 Chief Medical Informatics Officer Provided clinical leadership of electronic medical records (EMR) and specialized clinical systems implementations in 1,000+ bed multi-hospital health system. Contributed substantially to highest rating from the national hospital accreditation agency JCAHO and to Christiana Care’s reputation for clinical IT excellence. • Clinical manager of highly successful $5M Electronic Medical Record and clinical data repository implementations. Managed staff of twenty and implementation and training 2
  3. 3. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. budgets in matrixed environment. Utilized products from Medicalogic/GE, Cerner, and HBOC/McKesson. Substantial improvements attained in health outcomes, preventive care delivery and medical error prevention. • Remediated a contentious, failed $500K Invasive Cardiology information system project in regional facility performing over 6,000 cardiac procedures per year (providing ~ 25% of organization’s revenue) through intensive workflow and data remodeling, personnel changes, and application of state-of-the-art medical informatics science. Success enabled $1M annual cost reduction while enhancing quality improvement (QI), outcomes assessment, and accreditation via participation in major national registries including the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and Society for Thoracic Surgery (STS). • Chaired multidisciplinary committee of clinical, legal, operations, and IT personnel that developed Electronic Information Security Policy in compliance with HIPAA Act of 1996. • As a consultant to the Delaware Health Care Commission, authored key foundational plan for development of the Delaware Health information Network (DHIN) for improvement of state healthcare resource allocation and reduction of administrative costs. YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Connecticut 1992 – 1996 Faculty, Yale Center for Medical Informatics, School of Medicine (1994-1996) • Informatics leader in a pioneering international collaboration in clinical genetics in the Middle East. Designed and developed a database system, field electronic data capture (EDC) tool and analytical application for capture and integration of clinical, genetic and genealogical information in Saudi Arabian genetics clinics. Improved understanding of intermarriage-related birth defects common in the Middle East. • An advanced user interaction design was extremely well received, including a unique information capture system of my invention (Virtual Pedigree Template™) for real-time collection of complex familial relationships typical in tribal cultures, essential in genetics. • Supported electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) implementation and customization, and clinical decision support initiatives in acute-care and ICU settings at Yale-New Haven Medical Center. • Instructor, postdoctoral seminar in Medical Informatics. Taught postdoctoral fellows utilizing the text “Medical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care” by Shortliffe and readings I selected from the medical informatics literature. NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Center for Medical Informatics (1992-1994) Conducted research in innovative use of IT in clinical medicine, molecular biology and other areas of biomedicine. Participated in research projects including: • Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). Acquired experience in development of biomedical ontologies and in data modeling as part of UMLS-related research. • Yale IAIMS (Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems) Project. Assisted in National Library of Medicine project to develop an integrated approach to clinical information systems within Yale New Haven Medical Center. • Clinical Computing Within Yale New Haven Medical Center. Participated in implementation of a hospital-wide computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system. • Biomedical Information Retrieval. Developed an information sources mapping tool (ISM) to provide active assistance in determining which of many information resources on the network are relevant to specific research questions. Also assisted in building a "network 3
  4. 4. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. menu" that helped the user connect easily to network-based information resources located anywhere in the world, targeted to specific scientific needs. • Internet-Based Support of Research Collaboration in the Human Genome Project. Supported gene-mapping collaborations involving laboratories at Yale and at several other institutions. • Clinical Applications of Mobile Computing Technologies. Helped develop PDA-based applications to provide real-time decision support and workflow support for clinicians in various specialties. JEANES HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, Philadelphia, PA 1990 - 1991 Director, Department of Occupational and Industrial Medicine • Directed Occupational and Industrial Medicine (OEM) department for a 300 bed Philadelphia hospital. • Managed staff of 10, including physicians, physician’s assistant (PA), physical therapy and administrative personnel in supporting client employers’ medical needs. • Obtained and managed contracts with the City of Philadelphia for care of employees injured on duty (police, fire, streets, etc.), and with local companies as well. • Also managed a satellite urgent care and occupational medicine facility. • Preferred provider of IME’s (independent medical exams) for the city of Philadelphia in complex Worker’s Compensation cases. SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY, Phila., PA 1988 - 1990 Staff physician and Manager, Medical Programs • Managed Workers’ Compensation and Federal Railroad Administration injury/disability cases for the third largest (at the time) municipal transit authority in the U.S., in collaboration with line management, case managers, authority attorneys and labor union representatives. • Gave depositions and attended arbitration hearings as needed. • Managed preventive health programs including asbestos, PCB, hearing conservation as well as fitness for duty determinations for safety sensitive positions. • Medical Review Officer for the Authority’s random drug testing program under DOT and NIDA guidelines. Liaison to employee assistance program for employees under stress from accidents, fatalities, and other causes. EDUCATION: MEDICAL RESIDENCY Internal Medicine: Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Abington Memorial Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. COMBINED SEVEN YEAR PREMEDICAL/MEDICAL PROGRAM Boston University and Boston Univ. School of Medicine • M.D. degree • B.A. in Biomedical Sciences with minor in Computer Science • Advanced courses in scientific computer programming. • Formal medical school clerkship in Biomedical Engineering, Boston Medical Center. 4
  5. 5. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. MISCELLANEOUS - Practical skills in applied technology • Electronics and telecommunications expertise. FCC licensee by government examination, 1984, amateur Extra class (highest license class achievable). Licensed as KU3E. Facilitates conversing with medical and technical professionals with equal ease. Publications: Book: Associate Editor. H.I.T. or Miss: Lessons Learned from Health Information Technology Implementations. American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), 2010 Papers: Silverstein S, Miller P, Cullen M. An Information Sources Map for Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Guidance to Network-Based Information Through Domain-Specific Indexing. Proceedings of the 17th Annual Symposium for Computer Applications in Medical Care. Washington, D.C.: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1993. Silverstein S, Weissman S, Gruen J, Nadkarni P, Miller P. A Database and Relationship Visualization Tool for cDNA Hybridization Selection Data. Proceedings, Genome Mapping & Sequencing, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 1994. Kannry J, Wright L, Shifman M, Silverstein S, Miller P. Portability Issues for a Structured Clinical Vocabulary: Mapping from Yale to the Columbia Medical Entities Dictionary. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 3:66-78, 1996. Cheung K, Nadkarni P, Kidd J, Pakstis A, Silverstein S, Miller P, Kidd K. A Pilot Database for the Human Genome Diversity Project. Proceedings, Genome Mapping & Sequencing, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 1995. Cheung K, Nadkarni P, Silverstein S, Kidd J, Pakstis A, Miller P, Kidd K. PhenoDB: An Integrated Client/Server Database for Linkage and Population Genetics. Computers and Biomedical Research, August 1996, 29(4):327-37. Miller P, Shiffman R, Silverstein S, Frawley S, Nadkarni P. Medical Informatics Training at Yale University School of Medicine. Yearbook of Medical Informatics, International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), 1996. Chen Y, Silverstein S, Weber R. A Lessons Learned System in Healthcare IT Implementation. Proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2007. McCain K, Silverstein S. Using Historiographic Mapping to Trace Persistent. Highly Visible Research Themes in Medical Informatics. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, 2007 5
  6. 6. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. Presentations: April 1994 “A database and entity relationship visualization tool for cDNA hybridization selection data”, S. Silverstein, S. Weissman, J. Gruen, P. Nadkarni, P. Miller. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Mapping Conference Cold Spring Harbor, NY May 1994 “A database and entity relationship visualization tool for cDNA hybridization selection data” Stanford University CAMIS Symposium Palo Alto, Calif. Dec. 1995 SAYGR: A Database to Support International Clinical Genetics and Genomics Collaboration King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Nov. 1996 Medical Informatics Education Day Medical Center of Delaware (now Christiana Care Health System) Newark, DE Nov. 9, 1999 Informatics in the Real World: Applied Informatics in the Nonacademic Setting (panel member) American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium Washington, D.C. Sep. 29, 1999 Medical Informatics: the Gateway to Advanced Clinical Computing. Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington, PA, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds. Feb. 20, 1999 The Benefits and Challenges of the Electronic Medical Record American College of Physicians/American Society of Internal Medicine Scientific Meeting DE chapter Nov. 17, 1998 A Challenge for Y2K and Beyond: Improving Healthcare through Integrated Information Capitol Hill Conference on Medical Freedom and Integrated Patient Care Ethics and Public Policy Center Washington, D.C. Sept. 29, 2005 iSchool Consortium iConference 2005 Penn State University Presented “The iSchools and Health Information Technology” Feb. 28, 2006 iSchool Consortium Dean's meeting, Washington, D.C. 6
  7. 7. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. Presented “A Grand Challenge in Medical Informatics: Pharmaceutical Post-Marketing Surveillance as a Pilot Environment Towards Broad National Health Data Initiatives” March 14, 2006 Invited presentation, “Medical Informatics Perspectives on Pharma eClinical: Leveraging EMR Expertise” eClinical Trials: Managing implementation of EDC and other eClinical Processes, Hilton Philadelphia. Sponsored by Center for Business Intelligence. April 20, 2006 Invited presentation "Medical Informatics perspectives on Electronic Medical Records" Amer. Records Management Association (ARMA) Liberty Bell chapter, Philadelphia, PA. May 19, 2006 Invited visiting professor, Scottsdale Health System, Arizona Presentation: “Medical Informatics: Friend or Foe” Nov. 8, 2006 Merck Research Labs Clinical Risk Management & Safety Surveillance Invited presentation, “Medical Informatics Perspectives on Leveraging the EMR in Pharma” Nov. 2006 AMIA 2006 Annual Meeting Poster presentation Access Patterns to Website on Health IT Failure Jan 12, 2007 Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia, PA Invited presentation, “Novel human-computer interaction for capture and management of genealogical data: the Saudi Arabia-Yale Genetics Research Database” March 2007 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) “Introduction to Healthcare Informatics” Invited kickoff presentation, Center for Biomedical Informatics June 19, 2007 American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Legal EHR Conference: Ensuring Health Record Integrity “Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Modify: Fidelity in EHR Output Reports” Sept. 27, 2007 Beaumont Hospital Royal Oaks, MI Invited presentation, Healthcare IT in the 21st Century: A Medical Informatics Vision Dec. 10, 2007 IEEE Medical Technology Policy Committee Washington, DC Invited presentation - To The Moon In A Hot Air Balloon: Why Is Clinical IT Difficult? 7
  8. 8. SCOT M. SILVERSTEIN, M.D. Dec. 17, 2007 The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Invited Presentation - SAYGR: A Database With Novel Human Computer Interaction Supporting International Clinical Genetics Collaboration May 21, 2009 Avoiding the Next Vioxx: Medical Informatics Perspectives on Leveraging Electronic Medical Records for Earlier Detection of Drug Adverse Events University of Texas Health Sciences Center – San Antonio Department of Biostatistics San Antonio, TX Oct. 1, 2009 Health IT Promises and Threats American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Annual Meeting Nashville, TN 8