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Resource Section

  1. 1. Resource Section Cross References Physician Ordering Guide Nursing Home Facility Ordering Guide
  2. 2. Resource Section 394 CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE
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  17. 17. 409 Resource Section INSTRUMENT GUIDE
  18. 18. INSTRUMENT GUIDE 410 Resource Section
  19. 19. PHYSICIAN / CLINIC EQUIPMENT SUPPLY LIST WAITING ROOM FURNITURE EXAMINING and TREATMENT EMERGENCY FIRST AID CONT. Coat and Hat Racks .ROOM EQUIPMENT Ammonia Inhalants Lamps Aspirator Bite Stick Magazine Racks Adjustable Revolving Stools Burn Care Products Multiple Seating Groups Airways, Oral First Aid Kits Occasional Tables Cabinetry, Modular First Aid Shears Plant Containers/Stands Cardiology Equipment Hot/Cold Packs, Instant Side Chairs Chair Scale Latex Tourniquet Wall Decoration Cryosurgical Unit Scoop Stretcher Waste Baskets/Containers Cubicle Curtains and Tracks Triangular Bandage RECEPTION and BUSINESS Electrosurgical Unit and Stand Wire Splints .AREA FURNITURE Exam Lamps ER RESUSCITATION PRODUCTS Appointment Book Exam Tables, Power/Fixed Height Airways Calculator Flat Top Tables Manual Resuscitator Clock Foot Stools Masks/Cannula Computer Headband/Headmirror Portable Oxygen Unit Copy Machine Headlight SURGERY Desk Accessories Instrument Cabinet Back Table Filing Cabinets/Systems I.V. Stand Caps. O.R. Office Accessories Leap Unit Crash Cart Paging System Magnifier Lamps Drapes, Surgical Reception Desk with “L” Mayo Instrument Stand Electrosurgical Unit Secretarial Chair Narcotic Storage Cabinet Gloves, Surgeon’s Side Chair Ped. Scales, Digital/Balance Beam Gowns Telephone System Pediatric Table Headcovers Typewriter Podiatry Chair-Table Instrument Stand Wardrobe Valet Proctologic Table I.V. Catheters and Sets Waste Basket Scales, Digital/Balance Beam I.V. Stand Nursing Station Side Chair Kick Bucket CONSULTATION ROOM FURNITURE Specialty Tables Lamps Bookcase Suction Catheters/Tubing Masks Resource Section Chairs with or without arms Treatment Cabinet O.R. Table Clock Tubal Insufflator Oxygen Equipment Credenza Utility Cart Packs, O.R. Desk/Accessories Wall Chart Holder Executive Chair Wall Desk Shoecovers Floor and Desk Lamps Waste Baskets/Receptacles Stretchers Hat and Coat Rack EMERGENCY FIRST AID Suction Catheters/Tubing Occasional Tables Air Splints Suction Pump 411
  20. 20. PHYSICIAN / CLINIC EQUIPMENT SUPPLY LIST SURGERY (Continued) DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT INSTRUMENTS (Continued) Sutures and Wound Closures .and INSTRUMENTS (Continued) Rectal Suction Tube Trays, Special Procedure CARDIOLOGY Retractors Wheelchair Defibrillator Scalpels, Disposable SCISSORS SCRUB and PREP ECG Electrodes and Cables Bandage Fingernail Cleaners ECG Mounts Iris Povidone Iodine Solutions ECG Paper Operating Povidone Iodine Swabsticks Electrocardiograph Stitch PVP Iodophor Solution Electrode Conductor Tuning Forks Razors, Disposable Electrode Pads Uterine Sounds Scrub Brush INSTRUMENTS Urethral Sounds Scrub Soap/Dispenser Blades and Handles STERILIZATION, DISINFECTANTS, Shave Prep Tray Cervical Biopsy Punch .and CLEANERS Surgical Recovery Bed Cervical Tenaculum Autoclaves Autoclave Test Record Recovery Recliner Chair Circumcision Clamp Air Deodorizers DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT Cutaneous Punch Dialdehyde Solution .and INSTRUMENTS Ear Curettes Disinfectant/Deodorant Spray Aneroids Ear Spoon and Hook Foam Surface Cleaners Anoscopes, Disposable/F.O. Ear Syringe Germicidal Solution Audiometer Eye Needle and Spud Heat Sealer Black Light Lamp Fingernail Drill Instrument Lubricant Color Blind Test Book Finger Ring Cutter Instrument Sterilization Containers Eye Test Charts, Illumin./Card Type FORCEPS Sterilization Monitors, Strips/Tape/Sheets Fetal Monitoring Equipment Adson Tissue Sterilization Pouches/Tubes/Wraps Inflation Bags/Cuffs Allis Tissue Sterilizer Forceps Sterilizing Record System Neurological Hammer Halstead Mosquito Ultrasonic Cleaners Ophthalmoscopes Kelly Hemostatic Ultrasonic Solutions Otoscopes Splinter SYRINGES and NEEDLES Pocketlight, Professional Sponge Holding Allergist Packs Pulmonary Function Thumb Dressing Destruction Devices Apparatus Towel Hypodermic Needles Resource Section Schiotz Tonometer & Sterilizer Uterine Dressing Syringe/Needle Combinations Sigmoidoscopes, Disposable/Reusable Laryngeal Mirror SYRINGES Sphygmomanometers Laryngoscopes Allergy Stethoscopes Nasal Speculum Control Insulin Stress Testing Equipment Needle Holders Irrigation Vaginal Specula, F.O. Disposable/Reusable Pelvimeter Tuberculin Wartenberg Pinwheel Rectal Probe and Hook Utility Rectal Specula Sharps Containers 412
  21. 21. PHYSICIAN / CLINIC EQUIPMENT SUPPLY LIST DRESSINGS ORTHOPEDIC (Continued) SUNDRIES (Continued) Adhesive Closures Cervical Collar Fracture Bed Pan Adhesive Pads, Sterile Clavicle Strap Gloves, Disposable Examination Adhesive Strips/Patches/Spots Colles Splint Hand Lotion Adhesive Tapes Instrument Trays, SS with cover Elastic Bandages Adhesive Tape Remover, Pads/Spray Irrigation Tray/Syringes Felt Benzoin Spray I.V. Administration Products Fiberglass Casts Burn Spray Markers, Waterproof Butterfly Closures Finger Splints, Assorted Nebulizers Combine Dressings Head Halter Organizers and Bins Conforming Bandages Knee Immobilizers Room Deodorizers Cotton or Rayon Balls PLASTER Sanitary Napkins Cotton Rolls Apron Sigmoidoscope Applicators Elastic Tape Bandages Signs and Signage Eye Pads Knife First Aid Kit Silver Nitrate Applicators Shears Gauze Bandages Soap, Lotion/Bar Splints Straws, Drinking Gauze Dressings Rib Belts Sundry Jars with Lids, Labeled Gauze Packing Strips Shoulder Immobilizer Tape Measures Gauze Sponges Incontinent Cleanser Synthetic Casting System Tapewriter Lubricating Jelly Tubular Bandages/Stockinette Thermometer Holder/Sheaths Merthiolate Spray Wrist Supports Thermometers, Oral and Rectal Non Adherent Dressings SUNDRIES Tubing, Latex Ointment Dressings Alcohol/Dispenser Tongue Depressors Petrolatum Gauze Atomizer Wood Applicators Self Adherent Wrap Bags, Doctors, Nurses, EMT PAPER and PLASTIC PRODUCTS Spray On Dressings Capes, Examination Batteries, General Use Topical Anesthetic Spray Cup Dispenser Catheters Topical Skin Freeze Spray Cups, Paper/Plastic Catherization Trays Transparent Dressing Cotton Tipped Applicators Drapes, Disposable Paper Tubular Gauze Face Masks Wound Closure Strips Diapers, Disposable Facial Tissues ORTHOPEDIC Diaphragms Gowns, Examination Ankle Supports Dilators, Rectal/Vaginal Resource Section Laboratory Coat, Disposable Ankle Wrap Dressing Jars, SS or Glass Liners for Waste Receivers Arm Slings Ear Basin CAST Office Coat, Disposable Emesis Basin Boots Patient Bib, Finger Cots Sheets, Paper Cutter/Vacuum Fire Extinguishers Table Paper Padding Flashlights Toilet Tissue Spreader Walking Heels Forceps Jar Towels, Paper/Dispenser 413
  22. 22. PHYSICIAN / CLINIC EQUIPMENT SUPPLY LIST PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT LABORATORY EQUIPMENT LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Diathermy Unit .and SUPPLIES .and SUPPLIES (Continued) EXERCISE Automatic Pipettors Hemolysis Applicators Bench Bacteria Identification System Incubator Cycle Blood Chemistry System/Test Kits Inoculating Loop and Holder Mats BLOOD COLLECTION Labels, Precut Parallel Bars Chair Markers Weight Belts Lancets Media, Plated Weights, Disc Needles and Holders MICROSCOPE Flat Top Treatment Table Prep Applicators Cover Glasses Foot Stool Syringe/Needle Slides Goggles, Protective Tourniquet Mixer, Orbital Motion Hotpack and Coldpack Equipment Vacuum Tubes pH Paper Infrared Lamps Blood Glucose Monitor Pipettes Massage Lotion Blood Grouping/Typing Serums Pipette Shaker/Washer Massager, Body Blood Grouping Slides Plastic Labware Muscle Stimulator Cabinetry, Modular Potassium Analyzer Paraffin Treatment Unit/Wax Cell Counter Prothrombinmeter/Supplies Silicone Putty Centrifuges Reagent Strips, Dip and Read Timer Cervical Scraper Refractometer Transfer Board Coagulation Cups/Tips Refrigerator Traction Equipment Coagulation System Rotator Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Counters, Lab Sedimentation Apparatus Stimulator (T.E.N.S.) Culture Collection/Transport System Serum Separation Tubes Ultrasonic Coupling Agent Cytological Fixative Specimen Collectors, Urine/Feces Ultrasonic Unit Detergent, Laboratory Stains and Reagents Ultraviolet Lamp DIAGNOSTIC SCREENING TESTS Stool, Lab Walkers Gonorrhea Thyroid Function Tester Wheelchair Mononucleosis Timers Whirlpool Bath Occult Blood Tray Systems, Lab Whirlpool Cleaner Pregnancy TUBES Resource Section Whirlpool Side Chair Rheumatoid Factor Capillary BIOLOGICALS, INJECTABLES Rubella Centrifuge Biologicals Sickle Cell Hematocrit Chemicals Streptococcus Sedimentation Injectables Glucose Tolerance Test Serum Separation Liquids Hematocrit Tube Reader Urinalysis Reagent Strips/Tablets Ointments and Creams Hemoglobinometer Urinometer Tablets and Capsules Hematocrit Tube Sealer Water Bath 414
  23. 23. PHYSICIAN / CLINIC EQUIPMENT SUPPLY LIST X-RAY EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Aprons Cassettes and Screens Darkroom Safe Light Developer/Fixer Solutions Developing Tank Drip Tray Film Film Dryer Film Filing Cabinet Film Filing Envelopes Film Loading Bin Film Markers Filters, Darkroom Floor Screens Gloves Goggles Hangers, Film Developing Identification Printer Illuminators Interval Timer Paddles, Developing Thermometer, Tank Thickness Caliper MISCELLANEOUS Resource Section 415
  24. 24. NURSING FACILITY EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY LIST Abdominal Pads Bandages (see also Dressings) cont. Carrier, O2, E Size Tank Bandages (see also Dressings) IV H Size Tank Abduction Pillow Rolls Cart Covers Adhesive Sponges Carts Compression Basins Linen Bandages Emesis Unit Dose Conforming Kidney Utility Dressings Wash Catheter Fastener Elastic Basket, Walker Catheters Remover Bath Foley Strips Blankets Irrigation Tape, Size: 1” Mat IV Administration Sets Sitz Male Advanced Wound Dressings Thermometer Suction Aerosol Compressor Tissue Trays, Urology Aids to Daily Living Bath, Body Urethral Alcohol 70% Bathroom Equipment & Accessories Census Forms Alcohol Preps Bathtub Safety Rails Chair Alcohol, Rubbing Batteries Geriatric Alcohol Swabs Bedboard Nurses Station, with quite legs Allergist Tray Bedpans Shower Allergy/Hay Fever Medication Bedroom Furniture Chairs and Recliners Analgesics Belt, Gait Chart Labels Antacids Bench, Tub Transfer Charting Anti-Embolism Stockings Bibs Forms Anti-Gas Products Biopsy Punch Charts, Metal #50 Anti-Nauseants Blankets Circuits, Ventilator Antibiotic Ointments Blood Clotter Spray Clamps, Towel Antifungal Cream Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Cleansing Enema Sets (one patient use) Antiseptic Blood Pressure Equipment Clean-up & Disposal Kits Solutions Body Cleaners Spray Bath Cleanser Wipes Cleanser Body Applicators Lotion Denture Arm Slings Powder Fecal Armboards Shampoo Hand Aspirin Wedges Perineal Autoclave Bracelets, ID Wipes Bags Briefs Clocks, Wall Biohazard/Infectious Waste Brushes, Instrument Cleaning Cloth Tape Drain Burn Spray Coagulation Monitoring Leg BZK Antiseptic Towelette Coats, Lab Resource Section Linen/Laundry Cabinets Cold & Flu Medication Waste Can File Cold Packs Water Soluble Narcotic Control Cold Spray Zip Closure Wall Storage Combs Balls Can Liners Comfort Cushions Cotton Canes Commodes Rayon Quad Compression Bandages (see also Dressings) Canisters, Suction Bandages Adhesive Cannulae, O2 Systems Compression Carafes Compressor, Aerosol Elastic Cardiac Equipment Concentrators, Oxygen 416
  25. 25. NURSING FACILITY EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY LIST Conforming Bandages Disinfectants Facial Tissues Connectors, Infusion Environmental Flashlights Containers Instrument Feeding Feeding Surface Cup Sharps Dispensers Supplements Convoluted Foam Pads Hand/Body Lotion Syringes, Sets & Tubes Cotton Hand Sanitizer Flashlights Balls Lotion Soap Flotation System Tipped Applicators Shampoo/Body Wash Foam Covers Dispensing Pins Cleaner Cart/Equipment Donuts Dressings Mattress Drain Bags Overlays Pillow Draw Sheets Foley Catheters, 30cc 18 French Cream Dressing Foley Catheter Insertion Trays Antibiotic Aides (w/out Foley) Antifungal Change Trays Foot Cradle Hydrocortisone Retention Rolls Forceps Moisturizing Dressings (see also Bandages) Gait Belt Skin Alginates Gauze Bandages Skin Barrier Burn Gauze Sponges Crusher, Pill Cavity Gel Wound Crutches Dry Wound Glove Box Holder Cups Foam Gloves Denture Hydrocolloid Gowns Feeding Hydrogels Isolation Iodine Hydropolymer Patient Medicine Non-adhering Staff Protection Soufflé Transparent Grab Bars Curette Unna Boot Graduates, 500cc Dermal Ear Curettes Guards, Instrument Ear Eating Aides Hammers, Percussion Endocervical ECG Accessories Hamper Stand OB/GYN Elastic Bandages Hampers Cushions, Comfort Electrodes, ECG Hand & Body Lotion Cutlery Elevator, Leg Hand Cleansing Decongestants Emergency Response Kits Lotion Soap Decontamination Kit Emesis Basins Rinse Denture Endocervical Curettes Sanitizer Adhesive Enemas Wipes Cleanser Enteral Headrest Cup Feeding Products Heat Packs Deodorant Irrigation Kits Heating Pad Resource Section Deodorant Tablets Pumps Hemorrhoid Pads Deodorizers Epsom Salt Holder, Glove Box Diabetes Monitoring & Management Equipment Covers Holter Systems Diagnostic Instruments Exam Hot Packs Diagnostic Lights Gloves Hot/Cold Therapy Diarrhea Relief Lamps/Lights Hydraulic Lifters Diet Slips Examination Room Equipment Hydrocolloid Dressings Dietary Supplements Extension Sets Hydrocortisone Cream Dilators/Sounds Eye Products Hydrogel Dressings Disinfectant Wipes Face Masks Hydrogen Peroxide Face Tents Ice Packs 417
  26. 26. NURSING FACILITY EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY LIST Identification Bracelets Kits (see also Sets and Trays) cont. Measure, Tape Incident Reports Nebulizers Medication Dispensing Incontinence Oral Care Medicine Cup Briefs Shroud Menstrual Relief Caplets Liners/Pads Suction Catheter Meters, Diabetes Perineal Cleansers Knee Immobilizers Micropore Tape, Sizes: 1” Perineal Cream Knitted Tape Mobility Aides Undergarments Lab Coats Mouth Care Products Underpads Labels Mouthwash Immobilizers, Knee Applicator Gun Nail Nippers Infectious Waste Bags/Liners Charge Nail Polish Remover Pad Infusion Chart Narcotic Control Cabinets, w/ Lock Devices & Accessories Circle Nasal Needles Tape Cannulae Instrument Lamps (See also Lights) Decongestants Care Products Heat Specula Cleaning Brushes Lancets Naso Gastric Tubes, (Vinyl) Guards Laundry Bags Nebulizers Rack Laxatives Needle Holders Stands Leg Bags Needleless Accessories Instruments, Surgical Leg Elevator Needles Insulin Syringes Lemon-Glycerine Swabs Hypodermic Iodine Cup Lift, Hydraulic Infusion Irrigation Lifters Introducer Kits Lights Needles & Syringes Solutions Exam Neurological Pinwheel Instruments Flash Non-Sterile 4 x 4 Gauze Pads Syringes Pen Nursing Supply Requisition Slips Island Dressings Linen OB/GYN Curettes Isolation Gowns Bags Obstetrical Towelette Isopropyl Alcohol Cart Ointment IV & Irrigation Solutions Liners A+D IV Can Antibiotic Armboards Carafe Povidone Administration Sets Incontinence Skin Barriers Catheters, Cannulae Suction Ophthalmoscope Dressings Lotion OR Table Pad Extension Sets Lotion Soap Oral Gowns Lotion, Moisturizing Care Kits Needleless Accessories Lubricant Swabs Pole Instrument Ostomy Care Products Sponges Jelly Over the Counter Medications Resource Section Stand Male Catheters Overbed Table Start Kits Masks Oximeters, Pulse Jelly, Lubricating Procedure Oxygen Kidney Basin Respiratory Cannulae Kits (see also Sets and Trays) Surgical Face Concentrators Biohazard/Decontamination Massager Equipment Catheter Mat, Bath Masks Clean-up Mattress Overlays Tubing Emergency Response Mattress/Pillow Protectors Packing Strips Enteral Irrigation Mattresses IV Start Mayo Trays 418
  27. 27. NURSING FACILITY EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY LIST Packs Pressure Screens, Privacy Cold/Ice Bandages Seat, Toilet Heat Relief Sequential Vascular Compression Hot Privacy Screens Sets Pads Probe Covers IV Administration Abdominal Procedure IV Extension Foam Masks Tracheostomy Care Heating Trays Shampoo Hemorrhoid Proctoscope Swabs Sharps Containers Nail Polish Remover Protection Sheets/Pillowcases/Pillows Sanitary Clothing, Masks and Eye shields Shower Chair Table Gowns Shroud Kits/Paks Underpads Ointment Sitz Bath Paper Medicine Cups, 3⁄4 oz., Protectors Basin sets Cups, 1oz. Heal & Elbow Skin Paper, Recording Mattress Barriers Paste, Ostomy Pillow Care Products Patient Pulse Oximetry Slings Chart Labeling Pumps Arm Charting Enteral Patient Lifting Gowns Infusion Soaps Handling Q-tips Antibacterial Identification Rack Dish Polishing Products Instrument Liquid Bath Restraints Sterilization Lotion Penlights Rails, Tub Safety Sock and Stocking Aide Percussion Hammers Rayon Balls Solidifier Perineal Wash Solutions, IV & Irrigation Reachers Petroleum jelly Souffle Cups Reagent Strips, Urinary Petrolatum Ointment Sounds Receptacles, Waste Pill Crusher Specimen Measure Recliners Pillow Specula Recording Paper Abduction Nasal Refrigerator (for Nurses Station) Cases Vaginal Remover, Adhesive Covers Sphygmomanometers Respiratory Pillows Spill Kit Care Trays Plastic Bibs Splints Plates Masks Sponge Forceps Podiatry Restraints Sponges Pole, IV Resuscitator Sprays Positioning Products Retractors Analgesic Post Mortem Bag Kits Rockers Antiperspirant Pouches, Ostomy Rolled Bandages Antiseptic Resource Section Povidone Ointment Rolls, Dressing Retention Blood Clotter Powder Safety Pins Body Cleanser Baby Safety Rails Disinfectant Body Saline Wipes Fecal Cleanser Stomahesive Sanitary Napkins Perineal Wash Premoistened Towlettes Scales Skin Prep Preps Chair Wound Alcohol Free Standing Staff Gowns BZK Scalpels Stand Obstetrical Scissors Hamper Skin Scooters Instrument 419
  28. 28. NURSING FACILITY EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY LIST Sterile Irrigation Trays with Telephone Order Slips Urinal 50cc Bulb Syringe Therapeutic Mattress Urinalysis Sterile Telfa Pads Thermometers Urine Sterile Closed Urine Drainage Oral Drainage Bag Bags w/tubing Rectal Leg Bag Sterile Cotton-Tipped Applicators Tissues Meter Foley Trays Sterilization Toilet Test Strips Rack Cleaner Urology/Irrigation Solutions Trays Seats Urostomy Pouches Stethoscopes Tissue Utility Carts with Diaphragms Tongue Depressors Vascular Compression Stockings, Anti-Embolism Toothbrushes Ventilator Circuits Storage Cabinets Toothpaste Vest Restraint Strips Torso Supports Vinyl Gloves Packing Tourniquets Vital Signs Monitoring Reagent Towel Clamps Vitamins Wound Closure Towelette Wafers Suction Beach Walker Basket Canisters BZK Antiseptic Walkers Catheters Obstetrical Wall Clocks Liners Towel Wall Storage Cabinets Tubes Clamps Wash Basins Supports, Lumbar Cleaning Wash, Perineal Surgical Paper Washcloths Instruments Towels/Washcloths Waste Lubricants Tracheostomy Care Set Can Liners Masks Trash Cans Receptacles Tapes Trays (see also Kits and Sets) Water Massager Suture Strips Allergist Water Soluble Bags Swabs Catheter Waterproof Tape Lemon-Glycerine Dressing Change Wedge/Positioner Oral Foley Catheter Wheelchairs Proctoscopic Irrigation Wipes Syringes Mayo Adhesive Remover Feeding Procedure Alcohol Preps Insulin Sterilization BZK Irrigation Tracheostomy Disinfectant Tuberculin Urethral Catheter Hemorrhoid Table Pad Tub Nail Polish Remover Table, Overbed Safety Rails Obstetrical Tape Transfer Bench Personal Cleansing Resource Section Dressing Tuberculin Syringes/Needles Skin Barrier Labeling Tubes Sterile Saline Measure Feeding Wood Applicators Surgical Suction Wound Tapes Tumblers Closure Strips Cloth Undergarments Dressings Knitted Underpads Gels Porous Unit Dose Cart Skin Prep Wipe Transparent Unna Boot Sprays & Creams Waterproof Urethral Catheter Procedure Trays Wrist Splints 420