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  1. 1. spring 2010 life    ealth &h Bringing the very best in health care to tooele County newborns until they turn 18. A broader view. While specialists and emergency care physicians usually focus on a single health issue, PCPs take a holistic approach to their pa- tient’s health. By getting to know their patients better and understanding the larger picture of their lives, PCPs gain a wider understanding of someone’s overall health. For example, when one of the young patients of pediatrician Because Allyson Salek, M.D., of the Ali Salari, D.O., shares a laugh with patient PCPs see patients South Jordan Health Center, Stan Weyland during his visit. complained of recurring regularly, they have Primary care stomachaches, Dr. Salek a chance to spot pieced together a number The big picture problems before they become too of variables in the child’s life that could have been contrib- “I serious. uting to the problem, includ- like to get to the root of Dr. Salari. “What ing a mother who was going the problem,” says primary made the difference through breast cancer treatment. care physician (PCP) Ali and empowered me to After ruling out medical possibilities, Salari, D.o., who provides do this was having things explained to Dr. Salek determined the child’s stress family medicine at the Stans- me better regarding how my blood was causing stomachaches. bury Health Center. He recalls system works,” says Weyland, whose “there needs to be someone who a patient who was experiencing fatigue wife is thrilled to see him more ener- understands the whole family dynamic— and sleep loss, was overweight, and had getic. “everyone needs to find a doc not just the health problem,” Dr. Salek high blood pressure. once Dr. Salari they can trust and who will sit you says. “A family needs a home base, diagnosed sleep apnea and treated it, down and talk with you.” where their overall health is the focus.” the patient’s blood pressure and weight In sickness and in health. in addi- decreased and the fatigue subsided. One dOctOr, many benefits tion to offering patients continuity of “Seeing my patients regularly—over Doctors who fall under the primary care and a central place for most of their a period of time—allows me to get to care umbrella include family medicine health care needs, PCPs are also their know them well,” Dr. Salari says. “this and internal medicine physicians, patients’ first line of defense when it helps me figure out the underlying is- pediatricians, and geriatricians. All have comes to addressing health issues and sues that may be affecting their overall specialized training in their respective supporting them in preventive care. health.” areas; however, unlike non-primary And they’re ready to note any red flags Stan Weyland, who has had difficulty care physicians, they provide care for that may arise between visits before they managing his diabetes for years, was able longer periods of time in their patients’ become too serious. For Dr. Salek and to drop his average blood sugar level lives. Pediatricians, for example, often Margaret Solomon, M.D., an internist significantly after six months of seeing treat patients from when they are —Continued on back page INSIDE 2 fit in more fruits and veggies | 3 taKe aCtion for Your Heart
  2. 2. nutritiOn expanded coverage at the stansbury Health center, most insurance plans are accepted. and we now accept selectHealth! Eat up! getting mOre fruits and Introduce 7. let your children veggies in yOur life your kids to cook with you and a variety of fruits choose what fruits or vegetables are served. 10 tOP tiPs and vegetables By Elizabeth Smith, M.D., and everyone is more likely Johanna Greenberg, PA-C try these sug- for a healthy to enjoy food they have Y gestions to help your future. taken part in preparing. ou MigHt remember whole family eat more 8. try making fruits and your mom saying, “eat fruits and vegetables. vegetables fun—dress up sand- your vegetables!” And it 1. keep a bowl of fresh fruits on wiches with faces made of fruits might conjure up a bad the counter so your kids will see and vegetables. memory from your child- them and ask for them. 9. Be persistent! For some foods, hood, but as a parent, you 2. Serve fruits and vegetables at it may take multiple times before know your kids—and you—should every meal. this doesn’t mean you your child acquires a taste for it. eat your fruits and vegetables. have to serve each person a whole 10. think raw. Some kids don’t like they’re an important part of a plate of broccoli! instead, try grat- the smell, flavor or color of certain healthy diet and provide valuable ing vegetables into soups or top- cooked veggies, so small, raw pieces nutrients and fiber. eating more ping off cereal with fresh fruit. may be more appealing to them. fruits and vegetables also makes you 3. Set a good example. kids will eat less hungry for unhealthy snacks, vegetables if you do. Snack on fruit a few OtHer tHings and taking the time to introduce or order vegetables when you go to tO cOnsider your kids to a variety of fruits and a restaurant. Not everyone will like every vegetables can help them develop a 4. Make it easy on yourself. once a type of food. texture can play a lifetime of healthy eating habits. week, refrigerate or freeze cut-up role in the types of foods that chil- fruits and vegetables so you can dren enjoy. if you prepare vegeta- more easily prepare meals at the bles one way and your child doesn’t end of a long work day. like them, you may need to try a 5. Challenge family members to new approach to the same food. reach their daily fruit and vegetable Children are also more likely to eat goal and reward the winner with a new foods when they are combined prize. with old favorites. For example, 6. Ask that fruits and vegetables be vegetables are a great pizza top- offered at school functions and for ping or can be added to pastas and Elizabeth Johanna school lunches—not just french macaroni and cheese, and fruit can Smith, M.D. Greenberg, PA-C fries! be added to yogurt. 2
  3. 3. Heart attack Know the signs the back, neck, or jaw. ■■■Shortness of breath (with or with- out chest discomfort). ■■■Breaking out in a cold sweat, nau- sea, palpitations or light-headedness. wHat sHOuld i dO if i am Having a Heart attack? By Brent D. Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., at university of utah Health Care Dial 911 immediately. often, and Jack Morshedzadeh, M.D. have access to all the advanced people aren’t sure what’s wrong and D methods of detecting coronary wait too long to get help. the Ameri- iD you kNoW heart disease. can Heart Association has launched disease is the leading the “Act in time” campaign to in- cause of death for both wHat can i dO tO reduce crease awareness of heart attack men and women in my risk Of Heart attack? and the importance of calling the united States? every ■■■eat healthy, including plenty of 911 at the onset of heart attack 25 seconds, an American fruits, vegetables and whole grains. symptoms. has a heart attack, and about one Avoid foods high in fat, cholesterol every minute dies from one. the and salt. vast majority of these individuals never knew they were at risk for ■■■exercise. Start slowly and build up to at least 30 minutes of mod- meet dr. sheets heart disease. erate exercise five or more days a week. Walking is a good start. wHat are tHe risk factOrs ■■■Maintain a healthy weight. michael sheets, m.d., fOr Heart disease? ■■■Quit smoking. is a professor in the traditionally, these have in- ■■■Check your blood pressure and division of cardiology cluded high blood pressure, high cholesterol regularly. at the university of utah cholesterol, diabetes, tobacco school of medicine. He use, physical inactivity and fam- wHat are tHe symPtOms Of specializes in diagnosing ily history. We now know that a Heart attack? and managing a broad sleep apnea, obesity, rheumatoid Some heart attacks are sudden Michael spectrum of heart arthritis, kidney disease, erectile and intense, but many are subtle— Sheets, M.D. disease conditions. dysfunction and peripheral arte- with only mild discomfort. Com- rial disease also increase your risk. mon signs include: aPPOintment ■■■Chest discomfort that lasts HOw dO i knOw if more than a few minutes. usually time fOr a Heart-tO-Heart? i Have Heart disease? located in the center of the chest, If you would like to schedule an New tools allow us to detect this can be an uncomfortable appointment with cardiology specialist heart disease at an early stage, en- pressure, squeezing, fullness or Michael Sheets, M.D., at the Stansbury abling us to take action that can ache, and it often gets worse with Health Center, call 435-843-3008. prevent heart attacks and heart activity. failure. the cardiology specialists ■■■Discomfort in one or both arms, 3
  4. 4. Nonprofit Org. info to know U.S. Postage Paid Tacoma, WA Permit No. 1066 stansbury Health center ✁ stansbury 220 millpond road, #100 stansbury Park, ut 84074 Health center CLIP AND SAVE 220 millpond road, #100 stansbury Park, ut 84074 eXtended HOurs On weekdays! Health center: 435-843-3008 M – F: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. s Saturday: 8 a.m. to noon Pharmacy: 435-843-3050 M – F: 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to noon The big picture understand what they are being told by specialists,” Dr. Salari explains. moran eye center: 435-843-3040 —Continued from front page At the Redwood Health Center, M – F: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and pediatrician, it means they can one of Dr. Solomon’s elderly patients keep an eye on the development of who has atrial fibrillation (an abnor- Our sPecialties children and provide ongoing care mal heart rhythm) and osteoporosis ■■■family medicine such as immunizations and blood was advised by her bone specialist screenings. to receive medicine to strengthen ■■■cardiology “We also are strong advocates for her bones—but this same medicine ■■■dermatology our patients and remind parents could trigger atrial fibrillation. that health needs to be a priority,” Dr. Solomon spoke to both of her ■■■Optometry says Dr. Salek, who knows that busy patient’s specialists to make sure ■■■Pediatrics families under a lot of stress some- they were aware of the patient’s ■■■Podiatry times need someone to follow up on multiple conditions and the risks their children’s care. involved. Dr. Solomon, in turn, ✔ explained it all to the patient. “Pa- o■Highly skilled, caring physicians ✔ On yOur side tients who have chronic conditions o■same-day appointments available ✔ o■most insurance plans accepted the ability to coordinate care and multiple specialists really need among several doctors is another key someone who has their eye on the benefit of having a PCP, especially big picture concerning their health,” stansbury when a patient needs multiple Dr. Solomon says. specialists for complex health issues. “She takes care of everything the PCP can make sure unnecessary i need to be healthy and sees me tests aren’t repeated, keep an eye on even when her schedule is full,” says potential medication problems, 82-year-old Mildred Stevens, who prioritize medical issues, and smiles when she talks about her PCP, develop an ongoing health plan, Dr. Solomon. “She is really thorough according to Dr. Salari. and kind about making sure i’m ok.” LIFE & HEALTH is published as a community service “We have a responsibility to make Need a PCP of your own? Visit for the friends and patrons of STANSBUry HEALTH CENTEr, 220 Millpond road, #100, Stansbury Park, sure our patients’ health dollars are to UT 84074, 435-843-3008, being used wisely,” he says. “As primary learn more about the doctors and Jared amerson, m.H.a. care physicians, we can help coordi- services available at the Stansbury Center Manager nate all of this and help our patients Health Center. Information in LIFE & HEALTH comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your health care provider. University of Utah Health Care wants to do its part to Models may be used in photos and illustrations. help preserve our planet’s valuable resources. FSC certification means that we comply with the highest Copyright © 2010 Coffey Communications, Inc. social and environmental standards. That’s why we’re Contains post CUN25023c using 10 percent recycled paper that is FSC certified. consumer And we print Life & Health at an FSC-certified press. recycled material