Faculty with Research Interests in Pediatrics

        Name               Division in the                         Research...
Name               Division in the                          Research interests
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Name               Division in the                         Research interests
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Name             Division in the                            Research interests
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Name                Division in the                      Research interests
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Faculty with Research Interests in Pediatrics.doc

  1. 1. Faculty with Research Interests in Pediatrics Name Division in the Research interests Title Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow or Department Abu-Shaweesh, Jalal Neonatology Control of breathing; apnea of prematurity MD, * Assistant Professor Alagramam, Kumar PhD, Department of Hearing and deafness; development, protection and Assistant Professor Otolaryngology regeneration of sensory hair cells in the inner ear Alexander, Sarah MD, Hematology/ Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders Assistant Professor Oncology Auletta, Jeffery MD Hematology/ Reconstitution of innate immunity after bone marrow Assistant Professor Oncology transplant Ballock, R. Tracy MD, Department of Growth of bone and cartilage, particularly the Associate Professor Orthopedic Surgery pathophysiology of the growth plate; regulation of growth (CCF) plate chondrocytes by nuclear hormone receptors Bearer, Cynthia MD, Neonatology Prenatal exposures to environmental stimuli, including PhD, alcohol and lead Associate Professor Berger, Melvin MD, PhD, Allergy and Acute inflammation in the lungs, neutrophil biology; Professor Immunology immunoglobulin therapy Berman, Brian MD Hematology/ Sickle cell disease Professor Oncology Blanchard, Thomas PhD Gastroenterology Helicobacter infections and mucosal immunity Associate Professor Blumer, Jeffrey MD, Pharmacology/ Efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics of drugs in infants PhD, Critical Care and children, particularly anti-microbial agents, sedative Professor agents, loop diuretics, and other drugs; drug metabolism Borawski, Elaine PhD, Department of Epidemiologic evaluation of health behavior interventions in Associate Professor Epidemiology and obesity and diet modification, physical activity, tobacco Biostatistics prevention, and HIV prevention; adolescent health interventions, outcome-based community evaluations Cabrera, Marco PhD, Cardiology Integrated systems physiology, including exercise Associate Professor responses in children with chronic disorders, regulation of energy metabolism in cardiac and skeletal muscle, high- intensity exercise and training in children and adolescents Cheng, Georgiana MD,* Neurology Molecular biology of amblyopia Sr. Instructor Chmiel, James MD, Pulmonology Cystic fibrosis and cytokine regulation Assistant Professor Colabianchi, Natalie Department of Physical and social environmental effects on health PhD, Epidemiology and disparities and health behavior choices, particularly how Assistant Professor Biostatistics neighborhood environments, family environments, and peer groups effect health Cotton, Calvin PhD, Pulmonology Epithelial cell physiology and the regulation of epithelial ion Associate Professor transport, particularly in cystic fibrosis Cromer, Barbara MD Adolescent Health Adolescent medicine Professor (MetroHealth) 1
  2. 2. Name Division in the Research interests Title Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow or Department Cunningham, Carin PhD, Behavioral Quality of life for pediatric and adolescent patients with Assistant Professor Pediatrics inflammatory bowel disease and motility disorders Cuttler, Leona MD, Endocrinology Growth and development, particularly hormonal regulation Professor by growth factors; metabolic syndrome and childhood obesity Dahms, William MD, Endocrinology Diabetes Professor Davis, Ira MD, Nephrology Quality of life issues in pediatrics, chronic kidney disease Associate Professor and its effect on growth and development, hypertension Davis, Pamela MD, PhD, Pulmonology Cystic fibrosis, gene therapy, lung inflammation, Professor Pseudomonas Dearborn, Dorr MD, PhD, Pulmonology Effect of mold exposure on the health of children, Professor particularly pulmonary hemorrhage induced by Stachybotrys chartarum Dell, Katherine MD, Nephrology Polycystic kidney disease Assistant Professor Doerschuk, Claire MD Integrative Biology Host defense during bacterial pneumonia Professor Dorostkar, Parvin MD, Cardiology Pediatric cardiology and electrophysiology; arrhythmias Associate Professor Drotar, Dennis PhD, Behavioral Adherence to treatment in pediatric chronic illnesses, Professor Pediatrics health-related quality of life Drumm, Mitchell PhD, Pulmonology Genetics of lung inflammation in cystic fibrosis Associate Professor Esper, Frank MD, Infectious Diseases Clinical investigations of viruses that induce respiratory tract Assistant Professor infections, particularly a new human coronavirus Fanaroff, Avroy MD, Neonatology Development and clinical course of very low birth weight Professor preterm infants Gerken, Thomas PhD, Pulmonology Biosynthetic processes that regulate unique glycosylation Professor patterns of important heavily O-glycosylated mucin-like glycoproteins Green, Carolyn MD, Neurology Barriers to health care for pediatric patients with disabilities Associate Professor Gubitosi-Klug, Rose, MD, Endocrinology Eicosanoid biology; diabetes-induced retinal disease PhD,* Assistant Professor Hack, Maureen MD, Neonatology Growth and development of premature infants, perinatal Professor outcomes, very low birth weight outcomes, behavior of preterm children, school age outcomes of premature children Haxhiu, Musa MD, PhD, Neonatology Central autonomic control of respiration and cardiovascular Professor systems Hirose, Keiko MD, Department of Auditory physiology and cellular mechanisms of hearing Assistant Professor Surgery (CCF) loss and deafness; cochlear implantation Horwitz, Sarah PhD, Department of Children’s mental health services and their delivery Professor Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2
  3. 3. Name Division in the Research interests Title Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow or Department Ievers-Landis, Carolyn Behavioral Dietary adherence for children with chronic conditions PhD, Assistant Professor Pediatrics requiring a special diet; prevention of osteoporosis among pre-adolescent females Kalhan, Satish MD, Department of Metabolic adaptation of the mother to pregnancy and the Professor Pediatrics (Metro) metabolic/nutritional regulation of fetal growth Kelley, Thomas PhD, Pulmonology Regulation of and interactions between epithelial cell Assistant Professor signaling cascades during the inflammatory response; cell signaling in cystic fibrosis; lipid-mediated regulation of inflammatory signaling; regulation of TGF-β1/SMAD3 signaling in lung disease Kercsmar, Carolyn MD, Pulmonology Asthma, Professor Kerr, Douglas MD, PhD, Endocrinology Metabolism, nutrition and diabetes Professor Kodish, Eric MD, Hematology/ Ethical issues in the process of informed consent Professor Oncology (CCF) Konstan, Michael MD, Pulmonology Cystic fibrosis, particularly therapeutic interventions aimed Associate Professor at reducing the excess inflammation in the lungs and gene therapy targeting the basic genetic defect Letterio, John MD, Hematology/ Biology and pathophysiology of TGF-β, particularly in the Professor Oncology development of the immune system Levine, Michael MD, Endocrinology Metabolic and genetic bone diseases; mineral metabolism Professor (CCF) Lewis, Barbara PhD, Behavioral Genetics of learning disabilities; speech and language Associate Professor Pediatrics disorders; dyslexia Liedtke, Carole PhD, Pulmonology Regulation of airway secretion, both the basic biology of Professor epithelial cell secretion and translational studies using potential therapies to modulate Cl transport; cystic fibrosis and its impact on Cl transport function Luciano, Mark, MD, PhD, Department of Hydrocephalus, particularly its effect on cerebral blood flow; Professor Neurological neuroendoscopy Surgery (CCF) Mandalakas, Anna MD, Epidemiology International child health; international adoption; global Assistant Professor effects of tuberculosis Martin, Richard MD, Neonatology Respiratory control during development; neonatal apnea; Professor development of airway reactivity; esophageal reflux McComsey, Grace MD Infectious Diseases Metabolic complications of HIV therapy, particularly Associate Professor mitochondrial effects of therapy & antioxidant stress McDavid, Lolita MD, General Academic Child advocacy; prevention of child abuse Associate Professor Pediatrics Miller, Martha MD, PhD, Neonatology Myelinated neural pathways in the caudal brain stem and Associate Professor their role in the ventilatory response to oxygen deprivation or hypercapnic stimuli Olness, Karen MD, Behavioral International child health; disaster management 3
  4. 4. Name Division in the Research interests Title Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow or Department Professor Pediatrics Palmert, Mark MD, PhD, Endocrinology Disorders of puberty; genetic factors that regulate the onset Assistant Professor of puberty Plautz, Gregory, MD Hematology/ T cell immunotherapy of pediatric brain tumors Professor Oncology (CCF) Redline, Susan MD, Epidemiology Epidemiology of asthma, sleep-disordered breathing MPH, Professor Reed, Michael PharmD, Pharmacology/ Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in Professor Critical Care pediatric populations Robinson, Shenandoah Department of Central nervous system development; perinatal brain injury MD, Neurosurgery Assistant Professor Rosen, Carol MD, Epidemiology Diagnosis and therapy of pediatric sleep disordered Associate Professor breathing Scalzi, Lisabeth MD, Rheumatology Systemic lupus erythematosus and other collagen diseases Assistant Professor Scher, Mark MD, Neurology Prenatal and perinatal neurological development Professor Schluchter, Mark PhD, Epidemiology Biostatistics, epidemiology, clinical trials, and clinical Professor research, particularly in pediatric asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and environmental health issues Sices, Laura MD, Behavioral Identification and management of developmental delays in Assistant Professor Pediatrics children, including autism, mental retardation and learning disabilities Singer, Lynn PhD, Division of General Effects of high-risk conditions of infancy on child Professor Medical Sciences development Singer, Nora MD Rheumatology Expression and function the role T-cell protein CD6 in Assistant Professor thymocyte selection and in T-cell responses Smith, Paul DO, Pharmacology/ Airway smooth muscle contractility; mechanical ventilation Associate Professor Critical Care of pediatric patients and lung damage; effects of mechanical stress on cell function; palliative care and end-of-life issues in children Taylor, G. Gerry PhD, Behavioral Behavioral effects of traumatic brain injuries in children Professor Pediatrics Toltzis, Philip MD, Pharmacology/ Prevention of hospital-acquired infection Associate Professor Critical Care VanHeeckren, Anna Pulmonology Regulation of the inflammatory response in cystic fibrosis DVM* Research Associate Villella, Anthony MD, Hematology/ Sickle cell disease Assistant Professor Oncology Vogt, Beth MD, Nephrology Hypertension in the pediatric population Associate Professor Walsh, Michele MD, Neonatology Neonatal lung diseases; health services research and Professor quality improvement in neonatology 4
  5. 5. Name Division in the Research interests Title Department of Pediatrics at Rainbow or Department Warman, Matthew MD, Genetics Role of the extracellular matrix in determining the structure Associate Professor and function of the skeletal and vascular systems, particularly the role of WISP3, LDL receptor-related protein 5, and the glycoprotein lubricin Watanabe, Michiko PhD, Cardiology Cardiac development, particularly the role of cardiomyocyte Associate Professor apoptosis and of microenvironmental hypoxia in normal and abnormal heart development Wilson, Christopher PhD, Neonatology Central nervous system control of respiratory rhythm; Assistant Professor development of brain stem neural circuitry Wiznitzer, Max MD, Neurology Seizure disorders, autism Associate Professor Yang, Yu-Chung PhD, Department of Regulation of cardiovascular development by transcription Professor Pharmacology factors, including Cited2 Ziady, Assem PhD,* Pulmonology Oxidant stress in cystic fibrosis and the regulation of Assistant Professor inflammation *Junior faculty member 5