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Dr Animesh Mishra

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Personal Details Name : DR. ANIMESH MISHRA Present Position Held : Associate Professor (Head, Dept. Of Cardiology) Name of the employer : NEIGRIHMS (An autonomous institute, Under ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India) Date of Birth : 26/8/1972 Permanent Address in Full : S/o Prof. D K Mishra B-30/2,A/2 Ganga Bag Colony Lanka, Assi Road (Near Bank of Baroda) Varanasi – 221005, Tel: 05422-367909. Present Address in Full : Qt. No. B9A, Mawdiangdiang, Main Campus, NEIGRIHMS, Shillong-18. Mobile No – 09436114330 Email ID – animesh.shillong@gmail.com Nationality : Indian Category : General. 1
  2. 2. 2. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION Post Doctoral (D.M Cardiology) : April 2004 MAMC Delhi University, Performance : Passed in 1st attempt Meritorious Award : GB Pant Hospital & associated MAMC, Delhi University - By Government of NCT Delhi for 2002 -2003. Doctoral (MD) Internal Medicine : December 1997, Institute of Medical Sciences BHU Varanasi Performance : Passed in 1st attempt MBBS : January 1995 (internship Institute of Medical Sciences BHU Varanasi Performance : GPA 56% (0-100) 1st attempt Medical Council Registration No : Delhi Medical Council - 23314. U P Medical Council – 039149 2
  3. 3. Under Graduate Career Institution/ Examination Year of No. of Class/ Division University Passed Passing attempts MBBS IMS BHU Grand Total in All 1st attempt 56.55% The Professional IMS BHU 3rd Professional 1st attempt 54.42% IMS BHU 2nd Professional 1st attempt 60% IMS BHU 1st Professional 1st attempt 56.7% Post Graduate Career & Further Teaching Experience Institution Post Held From Till Duration Certificate NEIGRIHMS Associate 1st May, 27th March, 3 years 10 Attached (An autonomous Professor 2006 2010 months institute under Ministry 27days of Health & Family, Govt of India ) Shillong NEIGRIHMS Assistant 30thAug, 30th April, 1 year 8 Attached (An autonomous Professor 2004 2006 months institute under Ministry Cardiology of Health & Family, Govt of India ) Shillong GB Pant Hospital & Post Doctoral 2nd May, April, 2004 3 Years Teaching Associate MAMC (Delhi Teaching/Resea 2001 completed Experience University) rch Attached Experience DM Cardiology (three years course) Sanjay Gandhi Post Senior Resident 6th August 30th April, 1 year 8 Teaching Gandhi Institute of Doctor in 1999 2001 months & 25 Experience Medical Sciences Cardiology days Attached (Lucknow) IMS BHU Doctor of January December 3 years Teaching Medicine (MD) 1995 1997 completed Experience & Thesis on Attached Follow up study of Patients of Myocardial Infarction by Echocardiology & TMT 3
  4. 4. STANDING IN THE PROFESSION :-  Joined MBBS on 1st January 1990 : - Twenty (20) years 9 months and 3 days of Standing in the profession(as on 27 March,2010)  Total Teaching Experience from different Institutes/Colleges / Universities in India for the purpose of Under Graduate Teaching – Thirteen (13) years 3 months & 22 days (as on 27 March,2010)  Teaching Experience in Cardiology: - Ten (10) years 3months & 22 days (as on 27 March,2010) Contribution in Teaching & Research 1. Project work on “Knowledge Aptitude & Practice Study of Plague in Varanasi” during my internship in 1994 the places Viz. Surat, Latur & Varanasi affected with plaque. 2. MD Thesis on ‘Follow-up study of AMI by echocardiography & TMT’ 3. Regular MBBS Final year evening clinic classes during my MD 1st & 2nd & 3rd year. 4 Seminars presented during MD • Beta-Blockers in CHF • Long term Oxygen therapy. 4
  5. 5. • Atherosclerosis and infection • Management of AMI 5. MD Final year classes during my MD 2nd year. 6. During DM Course Presented five long reviews in conference at the Dep’t on: (-Submitted for the award of DM in Cardiology)  Inflammation & atherosclerosis.  WPW Syndrome: Its Electrophysiology and Management.  Recent advancements in the management of peripheral vascular diseases.  Gene therapy in cardiovascular disease.  Ionotropic support in advanced heart failure. 7. Presented three Short reviews in conference at the Dep’t on:  Evaluation of Pacemaker Malfunctions.  Newer Lipid Modifying Agents.  Myocardial Regeneration. 8. Seminars presented as Assistant Professor at Institute level. 1. Rate Vs Rhythm control in AF. 2. Diet and Coronary artery disease. 5
  6. 6. 3. Management of Hypertension. 4. Cardiovascular Aging. 5. Obesity, metabolic syndrome & type – 2diabetes: Emerging epidemics & there CV implications 6. Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Embolism. 3. Contribution made towards the development of new units/speciality/Laboratory/programme/therapeutic/ or diagnostic procedures developed. Foundation Stone of North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS) was laid down by our late Prime Minister beloved Rajiv Gandhiji on 6th May, 1986 for the people of North East. On 22nd January 2001. NEIGRIHMS was declared as ‘Institute of National Importance’. Subsequently, in 4th January, 2007, through the ‘Act of Parliament’ NEIGRIHMS was listed in the ‘Institute of Excellence’. NEIGRIHMS was established with an objectives to inter alia, to provide advanced and specialized medical care to the people of the entire region at ‘Super Specialty’ level in selected fields; to provide post graduate education and training in identified fields of super- specialization (Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neurology, etc). 6
  7. 7.  I started my career as the founder member of the department of Cardiology and also the first Super Specialist of the institute on 30th August, 2004 and earnestly started establishing the department, since then dedicated Coronary Care Unit (September, 2004), Cardiology Ward (September, 2004), Echocardiography Lab (January,2005), TMT & Holter Lab (March, 2009), Catherization Laboratory and Mobile Cath Lab Unit (April, 2008) has been established.  Brief Statistic Summary of the Department of Cardiology w.e.f 1st April 2004 to 31st March, 2009 Sl Cardiology Units 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 April No to to to to to 2009 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 to March 2010 (15th Feb) 1 Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) 514 743 794 976 2106 1328 & Cardiology Ward - Admission 2 Echocardiography’s 2114 2921 3563 3970 4628 3893 -Nos 3 TMT/Holter Lab – Nos - - - - 36 755 (Started on 16th March 2009) 7
  8. 8. 4 ECG Lab 5696 6915 7985 10285 10184 5318 5 Catherization/Mobile - - - - 1476 1114 Cath Lab (Started on 22nd April08)- Nos  In the field of preventive and promotive cardiology, department has spearhead in the North Eastern Region by deliberations through Prasar Bharati Shillong Doordarshan, All India Radio (AIR), National Informatics Centre (NIC) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt of India, Workshops, lectures in Government & Private Colleges and University, Para-Military Forces, etc.  Department of Cardiology is catering patients from North East, Eastern India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, etc. On 21st June,2009, it appeared in the Report on the “Visit of the Committee on Papers Laid on the Table Rajya Sabha to Shillong”.  On the Academic side, several publications has come out in the Regional and National journals on the Cardiac problems unique in the region. So far 9 (nine) SRDs and 18 (eighteen) JRDs has joined and worked in the department of Cardiology and submitted the Log Book of all the Academic and Scientific activity they have participated. Work LOG Book of all the units’ year wise are maintained. Daily morning round with bed side teaching for Nurses/SRDs/JRDs is regular feature of our Department. Department has been conducting Seminars, Presentation, Journals Review, etc as a part of routine academic activity. 8
  9. 9.  Mortality meet of the institute was started by us for the first time at IHF- NEIGRIHMS.  Proposal for starting DM/DNB Cardiology (with syllabus)-submitted to the Director, NEIGRIHMS. Discussed with Faculty Members and Chairman of National Board of Examination during his visit at Shillong. 4. Contributions in Community & National Programmes 1. Actively involved and delivered lectures in the “96th Indian Science Congress” organised by North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) at Shillong during 3rd – 7th January, 2009. 2. Actively organised & participate in “Super Speciality Health Camp” in 2009 organized by the Meghalaya Pensioner’s Association (registered under Govt. Of Meghalaya) in Markasa, West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya – for which an appreciation letter was given by Meghalaya Government. 3. Actively organised & participate in the ever big “Health Mela” in 24th October, 2009 organized by the Meghalaya Pensioner’s Association (registered under Govt. Of Meghalaya) in Pdengshakap, Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. 4. Delivered a lecture in St Marys College, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya (2009). 5. Organised and participated at the “Free Health Check Up & Personal Loan Deliver Camp” for the Pensioners & Senior Citizen as Chief Guest 9
  10. 10. (Nov,2008) jointly organised by Cardiology Department, NEIGRIHMS and United Bank of India, Shillong, Meghalaya. 6. Delivering lectures on “ Awareness Programme on Hypertension” at 67 Bn CRPF, Polo Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya in Aug, 2008. 7. Regularly delivering lectures and demonstration on the Workshop “On Changing Lifestyle” & Health Programme at Regional Training Center (RTI) All India Radio in the programme “Doctors Se Mileye”, since 2005. 8. Director, NEIGRIHMS permitted for delivering lectures (from March 2005 onward) on cardiovascular diseases through “Health Teleconferencing through Community Information Center” in 130 districts of all the North Eastern states from Shillong (-By Govt. Of India, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, National Informatics Centre), Shillong . 9. Participated in “All India Health Mela” organized by Govt. Of India, Ministry of Health, in Lucknow, December, 2000. 10. Actively participated in health education program at various places in UP, India. 11. Deputed by NCT, Delhi Government in “National Pulse Polio Program” As Medical Supervisor for over five years. 12. World Youth Peace Summit, Bangalore 2003(UNO). 13. Actively involved in village health programmes under the aegis of “Village Health Revolution” at various places in India. 10
  11. 11. 5. International/National/Regional Conference Attended & Paper Presentations. 1. Presented a paper on Laser Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma Face in the Joint Conference Of Surgical Oncology, Kathmandu 8 – 10th of June, 1994. 2. Participated in the First Workshop On Peripheral Nerve Surgery 1995, as organising Committee Member held at Division of Hand, Microsurgery and Lymphocology. 3. Guest Speaker in Apicon 96 organised by the Association of Physicians of India on 16th – 21st January 1996 on Immunological Markers of Viral Hepititis. 4. Presented a Paper on Trans Catheter Occlusion of ASD GB Pant experience (CSI November 2002). 5. Participated in Basic & Beyond in Coronary Interventions, The Angioplasty Teaching Course’2003 on 31st Oct – 2nd Nov, 2003. 6. Participated and presented a paper on Efficacy of Navibalol in Hypertension compared to Atenlol in the 55th Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India on December 2003. 7. Conducted EPS Quiz. March 2004 (Department of Cardiology, GB Pant Hospital & Associated MAMC). 11
  12. 12. 8. Participant/Resource Person in Live Web Cast of XV International AIDS Conference 2004 (Bangkok) from 11/7/2004 to 16/7/2004 organised by Delhi State AIDS Control Society, NACO & World Bank. 9. Participated in the XVI North-Eastern Regional Conferrence-Cum-CME Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists dated 10th & 11th Sep 2004. 10. Participated in the Trans-Radial Intervention Course January 2005. 11. Participated and presented a paper on IAS Aneurysm in the 10th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Echocardiography on 11th to 13th February 2005. 12.Participated in CME on Research Methodology-June, 2005. 13. Participated as Resource Person in WHO-ICMR Regional Workshop on Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases held at Shillong from 29th to 30th September,2005. 14. Guest Lecture on Management of Hypertension in the 15th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Hypertension and International CME on Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Coronary Artery Disease – 2005, on 12th and 13th Nov 2005. 15. Percutaneous Patent Foramen Ovale Closure (CSI-Eastern-Zonal Conference-2005 4th, 5th, 6th, Nov 2005.)-30 min- Presentation. 16. AF: Restoring & Maintaining Sinus Rhythm. (CSI-Eastern-Zonal Conference-2005 4th, 5th, 6th Nov2005.)-30 min –Presentation. 12
  13. 13. 17. Participated on the 15th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology and 57th Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India from 1st – 4th December 2005. 18. Participated in the 2nd International Trans-Radial Intervention Course Coronary and Peripheral on the 20th & 21st January 2006. 19. Participated in the IndiaCLEN Program Evaluation Network (IPEN) Model Injection Centres-(MICs), A Program to Improve Injection Practices in the Country (2005-2006) on 1st April 2006. 20. Participated in the First Annual Conference of Indian Society of Cardiology as one of the Founder Members on 10th – 12th Nov,2006. 21. Attended the Vascular Interventions 2006 Meeting organised by Interventional Technologies Ltd at Istanbul, Turkey (2006). 22. Participated in the 58th Annual Conference Cardiological Society of India as Delegate on 7th – 10th Dec, 2006. 23. Participated in the Conference on Academic Venture in Interventional Cardiology in Hongkong (2007). 24. Participated in the Advances in Cardio-Thrombosis as a Faculty at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (July, 2007). 25.Invited for delivering lecture and sharing experience on Acute Coronary Syndrome in FACHARZT FOR INNERE MEDIZIN & KARDIOLOGIE, HERNALSER HAUPSTRASSE 99, 1170 WIEN at the ESC Congress 2007 Vienna, Austria (Sept,2007) at Sophia Antipolis, France. 13
  14. 14. 26. Invited at the Indo-French Research Institute for Carotid & Peripheral Vascular Disease (March, 2007) organised by National Interventional Council, Ahmedabad. 27. Attended the 3rd Annual Conference, Indian Society of Cardiology at Sher-I –Kashmir International Conventional Centre, Cheshma Shati, Srinagar (August,2008) as Delegate. 28. Attended the 18th Annual LIVE Interventions in Vascular Endotherapy (Feb,2009) at Suntec, Singapore as Guest Faculty. 29. Invited at the Euro PCR Congress at Forum CCIB Conventional Center, Rambla Prin, 1-17,08109 Barcelona, Spain. 30. Invited at the Indo-Malaysia Cardiology Programme at Kuching, Malaysia (2009) as Faculty Member. 31. Attended the 3rd Indo-European Course on Revascularization (IECR 2009) held at George Pomidou Hospital, Paris, France in 2009 as Guest Faculty 32. Attended at the 7th Annual National Conference of the Indian Academy of Geriatics (Nov, 2009) GERICON held in Kolkata as Guest Faculty. 6. Scientific Session Chaired 1. Attended the 60th Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India (CSI) as Chairperson in Chennai (December, 2009) Session- Clinical Cardiology; Special Issues. 14
  15. 15. 2. 96th Indian Science Congress Association on Occupational Health Management & Inductivity on Jan 05, 2009 Chairman at NEHU. 3. Indian society of hypertension International Conference on hypertension. 11th – 12th Nov 2005 Chair/Reporter the Session. 4. Coronary Artery Disease Session in Eastern Zonal Cardiological Society of India Conference – Nov 2005 chaired the Session. 5. Diastolic Heart Failure: Prevalence Prognosis & Management in X Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Echocardiography during 11th – 13th February, 2005. 6. National Conference of Indian College of Intervention Cardiology (26th Feb to 1st March 2006). 7. WHO-ICMR Regional Workshop on Prevention and Control of Non- Communicable Diseases as Resource Person. 8. Ischemic Heart Disease with a special reference to the ECG Changes, Meghalaya Medical Services Association organized by the Meghalaya Medical Service Association. 9. Chaired several Cardiological Scientific session in the regional Conferences/Workshops and Seminars in the North Eastern Region. 10. Chaired at the 1st Medical CME 2007 (4th August,2007) on Alcohol Liver Disease at NEIGRIHMS, Shillong-18. 7. Publications (In National Journals) 15
  16. 16. 1. Trans-Catheter Closure of ASD using Various Occlusion Devices – GB Pant Experience on 192 ASD Patients. Ramesh. A, V Trehan, Thakur A, Animesh Mishra, Nigam. M. Indian Heart J ; Sep-Oct02;54;(5) Art No K40. 2. Favourable Effects of Navebalol on Lipid Profile of Hypertensive Patients As compared to Atenolol; Sanjay Tyagi, V Rastogi, S Suryavanshi, Animesh Mishra, U S Rangasetty, Jamal Yusuf, D S Gambhirand UA Kaul. Indian Heart Journal: 2003 Sep-Oct;55(5); Art no 310CSI-2003. 3. Trans-Catheter Closure of Post myocardial infarction Ventricular Septal Defect. Ramesh A,V Trihan, Saibal Mukhopadhyay, Jamal Yusuf, Uma Mahesh CR, Amitabh Yaduvanshi A, Animesh Mishra. Indian Heart J; Sep- Oct-02;C97-C108/C105. 4. Prevalence of Rheumatic Fever/ Rheumatic Heart Disease in Meghalaya State: A Hospital based study. Animesh Mishra, Pranjal, Bupendra in Indian Journal of Cardiology, Vol.9, Jul-Dec2007. 5. Streptococcal Group A infections and its Sequel : Epidemiology and Prevention (Review Article). Mishra A, Phukan A C, Mishra J; I J Prevt Med, 2006; 37:3-8. 6. Cardiovascular aging & Pathophysiological Changes : Dr. Animesh Mishra, Dr. J. Mishra, Anjan Talukdar, P. Boruah, Sheela. In Indian Journal of Cardiology, Vol. 9, Jul-Dec 2007. 7. Aortic Regurgitation in morphological normal valve in isolated left ventricular non-compaction : A. Mishra, M Kapoor, P Boruah, B Barman. Indian Journal of Cardiology, Vol. 10, p – 46-48, Jan – June 2007. 16
  17. 17. 8. Animesh Mishra, Manish Kapoor, Pranjal K Boruah, Submitral Aneurysm: A Case Report, Indian Heart Journal 2009, 61 : 95-96. 8. Publications in Cardiology Updates & Scientific Souvenirs 1 Animesh Mishra, Manish Kapoor, Bhupen Barman, Pribox R Hussain, L Lalit Kumar, Bhaskar Jyoti Nath : Percutaneous Coronary Interventions for Ostial Lesions : Meghalaya Medical Services Association XVI, Scientific Conference cum General Body Meeting 27th -28th February, 2009, 52-55. 2 .A Mishra, M Kapoor, B Barman, Hussain PR, Kumar Lalit L : Neotic Therapy, Spirituality and Prayer : Meghalaya Medical Services Association XVI, Scientific Conference cum General Body Meeting 27th -28th February, 2009, 56-63. 3 M Kapoor, Animesh Mishra, B Barman : The Emotional Basis of Coronary Heart Disease : Meghalaya Medical Services Association XVI, Scientific Conference cum General Body Meeting 27th -28th February, 2009, 56-63. 4 Dr. Manish Kapoor, Dr. A Mishra, Dr B Barman, Dr. S Saha : Medical Management of Valvular Heart Disease : Assam Cardiological Society & Cardiological Society of India (NE Chapter), ACSCON - 2009. 5 Dr. Animesh Mishra, Dr. M Kapoor, Dr P Baruah, Dr. Lalit K Singh : Drug Eluting Stent – Unsettled Indications : Assam Cardiological Society & Cardiological Society of India (NE Chapter), ACSCON - 2009. 6 Dr Animesh Mishra MD DM : Angioplasty & Stenting in Chronic Total Occlusion ; Medicine Update Vol. XI 2008, API Assam Update (Page 52-55) 7 Mishra A, Barman B, Boruah PK, Deka UJ, Sheila L, Department of Cardiology, NEIGRIHMS : Resistant Hypertension – A Reappraisal, 17
  18. 18. Meghalaya Medical Services Association (MMSA) XIth Scientific Conference Cum GeneraL Body Meeting (9-10 February,2007). 8 Mishra A, Boruah PK, Talukdar AJ, Phanbuh S : Management Strategies for Severe Hypertension In The Emergency Department, Meghalaya Medical Services Association (MMSA) XIth Scientific Conference Cum GeneraL Body Meeting (9-10 February,2007). 9 Mishra Animesh;DM; Barman Bhupen;MD; Talukdar Anjan MD, Sangma Natasha; MBBS : Hypertension Management – Recent Advances, Meghalaya Medical Services Association (MMSA) XIth Scientific Conference Cum GeneraL Body Meeting (9-10 February,2007). 10 Pathophysiology & Mechanism of Hypertension in Elderly, Geriatics Conference (2009), Kolkata & accepted. 11.Dr.A Mishra, Dr. M Kapoor, Dr. Swapan kr Saha - Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism (PTE) in the Setting of Orthopedic Surgery and Related Procedures: Prophylaxis and Management Issues 12.Numbers of articles are published in different national and regional conferences, souvenirs in the last three years. 9. Special Training and Courses In Interventional Cardiology. 1. Angioplasty Teaching Course’ 2003-October 31-November2,2003 2. Trans radial intervention course - Jan2005. 3. Trans radial intervention course – Jan 2006. 4. Trans radial intervention course – Jan 2007. 18
  19. 19. 5. Training for interventional Cardiology at Frontier Lifeline from 5th February to 20th February, 2008 for starting the interventional work at NEIGRIHMS from Govt. Of India (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare). 6. Active contribution & excellence in the field of Interventional Cardiology during the 3rd Indo-European Course on Revascularization (IECR 2009) at George Pompidou Hospital, Paris, France (November,2009). 10. Professional Membership 1. Member of the ASIAN PACIFIC SOCIETY OF INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY. 2. Associate Fellow and Member of Indian Society of Cardiology. 3. Member, National Advisory Board of Indian Academy of Geriatrics. 4. Joint Editor of Indian Society of hypertension (from 2005 to 2008). 5. Endovascular Intervention Society of India. 6. Cardiological Society of India. 7. Indo-European Intervention Council (IEIC) :2009, at Paris, France – Membership. 8. Fellow of Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare (2007). 9. Associate of Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare (2007). 11.Conference /National Seminars Organised. 19
  20. 20.  Workshop on “Paediatric Intervention Cardiology” at Department of Cardiology, NEIGRIHMS, Shillong (2008).  National Seminar on ‘Behavioural modification for the prevention of Non-communicable disease- A sustainable means for the control of this Global epidemics’ (26th September 2006).  Dr. Prabhakaran Additional Professor (Cardiology) AIIMS, visited Department of Cardiology, NEIGRIHMS on 10-11 March, 2005. Delivered a lecture on Hypertension- Management.  Performed as Organising Secretary of National Seminar on “Health for All Responsibilities & Role of young Medical Professional”- partially sponsored by WHO and BHU during 8th – 9th December, 1996. 12.Administrative Contribution to the Institute 1. Heading the Department of Cardiology since2005 June. 2. Nominated by Govt of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as Technical Expert for the Inspection Team for the enhancement of seats in Super Speciality MCh CTVS Course at VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi (2009). 3. Nominated by the competent authorities (NEIGRIHMS) to submit the report on Evaluation – Cum Impact Study of NEC funded Schemes / Projects – Support for Establishment of 6 (six) Bedded Cardiac Care Unit and 14 (fourteen) Bedded Intensive Care Unit At Naga Hospital, Kohima, Nagaland (2010). 20
  21. 21. 4. Member of Screening Committee for Group – A (Dated 30th March 2006). 5. Member of several Selection Board for Group B & C post in the institute (NEIGRIHMS) on different occasions. 6. Paper Setter/Examiner for different Public Service Commission Examination (Main & Preliminary) on the subject; - Medical Science, 2008. 7. Member of the Committee for recommending the number of Junior Residents for different departments. 8. Member of the Hospital Committee since 10th February, 2006 9. Member of the Library Committee, NEIGRIHMS (27TH October, 2004). 10.Member of the Inter-Departmental Academic Consultative Group of NEIGRIHMS. 11.Member of the Institute Medical Board Committee for reimbursement. 11 Member of the Technical Evaluation Committee of different disciplines. 12.Member of the Technical Assistant Committee (2009 21
  22. 22. 12.Accolades from Government of Meghalaya, Parliamentary Committee, National Human Right Commission-North East, Public Representative’s, Executive’s from the Union of India, HODs of National Institutes, Pioneers in Interventional Cardiology Spiritual Heads, Senior Respected citizens and from Patients, 1. Letter of compliment from Honourable Vice Chancellor BHU for Organising National Seminar to mark the 50th Anniversary of The World Health Organisation (dated 9th Oct 1996). 2. Letter from Dr. Samlee Pilanbangchang Director, Programme Management for Regional Director (WHO), for Best wishes for a successful Organisation of “National Seminar On Health for All 2000 AD” (dated 11th Nov 1996) 3. Letter for Organising a successful Seminar by Dr. S.P Tripathy, Director, Family Health & Research for Regional Director(WHO) for organising the National Seminar On Health For All 2000 AD (dated 9th Dec 1996). 4. Message from the Regional Director, Dr. Uton Muchtar Rafei (WHO/SEARO) wherein he hoped that young medical professionals can, given their idealism and dynamism, contribute to the achievement of 22
  23. 23. the goal of HFA by reviving the spirit of service to the poor and the vulnerable sections of the population(dated 9th Dec 1996). 5. Letter of Compliment from Honourable Vice Chancellor BHU for Organising a National Seminar on “Health for All” by 2000 AD, Responsibilities and Role of Young Medical Professionals. Wherein he hoped that our constructive activities will further lend laurels to the Institute of Medical Sciences and the University at large.(Date 11th Dec 1996). 6. Certificate from Institute of Medical Sciences for Good Moral Character (dated 26th Dec 1997). 7. “Certificate - of – Merit” (Award)from G.B Pant Hospital Govt. of NCT Delhi, Super Speciality Institute, Affiliated to University of Delhi in recognition of dedicated and meritorious services to the care of patients for the year 2002 – 2003. 8. Certificate from MAMC and Associated LNJP and GB Pant Hospital New Delhi, from the office of the Director for conduct and work during the tenure of Senior Residency in Cardiology (dated 28 May 2004). 9. Certificate of Good Standing from Delhi Medical Council Govt. of NCT of Delhi (dated 27th May 2004). 23
  24. 24. 10. Appreciation notes from Hon’ble Union Minister for Programme Implementation, Shri. Oscar Fernandes on 02.07.2005 on his visit to the department of Cardiology, NEIGIRHMS. 11. Appreciation notes from Joint Secretary (NE), Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India, Shri. K Ramamoorthy on 02.08.2005 on his visit to the department of Cardiology, NEIGIRHMS. 12. Letter of Appreciation from Honourable NEC Member Shri. P. P Srivastav (29th Sept,2006) for organising Workshop on Behavioural Modification for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease. 13. Letter of Appreciation from Prof. Vinod Kochupillai (AIIMS New Delhi) for organising Seminar on Behavioural Modification for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease. (Sep,2006). 14. Appreciation notes from Hon’ble Chairman, PLOT Committee, Lok Sabha, Shri. Hannan, Mullah on 08.11.2006 on his visit to the department of Cardiology, NEIGIRHMS 15. Shri. L Keivom (IFS) – Former Ambassador and noted writer from the North East has appreciated the work in Cardiology through an article “ A Date With NEIGRIHMS” in the North East Sun Magazine. (September 2008) 24
  25. 25. 16. Appreciation letter from Dr Anjan Kumar Bhattacharya, Professor & Head Department of Cardiology, Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), Guwahati, Assam, India (1st August, 2008). 17. Appreciation letter from Dr. Prof. Paul V George, MD DM (cardio), Professor & Ag. Head Cardio Unit II, Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC – Vellore – 632 004, Tamil Nadu, India (11th August, 2008). 18. Appreciation letter from Spiritual Head, Dr. Prof. Sebastian Karotemprel, SDB, Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong-08 (Dated : 22nd August,2008). 19. Appreciation letter from Dr. Nakul Sinha, Professor & Head, Convener- National Interventional Council, Cardiological Society of India, Department Of Cardiology, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Raebareli Road, Lucknow-226 014, India ( 25th August,2008). 20. Appointment with President of India, Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil at Raj Bhawan 23rd October, 2008 for bringing the Scientific & Academic activity of the department. 21. Appreciation letter from Dr. S Radhakrishnan, Assoc Director: Paediatric & Congenital Heart Disease, Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (20th November, 2008). 25
  26. 26. 22. Appreciation letter from Dr. Ashok Seth, Padma Shri, Chairman Cardiac Sciences, Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (30th December, 2008). 23. Appreciation letter from North Eastern Hill Univeristy – (NEHU), Shillong for participating in 96th Indian Science Congress from 3-7 January,2009. 24. Appreciation letter from Prof. S P Ojha, President Indian Science Congress Former Vice - Chancellor CCS University: Meerut, Department of Applied Physics, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 5.( February 2009) 25. Appreciation letter from Naitonal Human Rights Commission - NHRC (Dated : 10 February, 2009) through Shri. S K Tiwari, Special Rapporteur, North East Zone, Shillong. 26. Appreciation letter from Member Legislative Assembly & Chairman MEDC, Shri Founder Strong Cajee (Dated : 23rd March, 2009). 27. Appreciation from Meghalaya Pensioners Association (No MPA/93/09/5) (Dated 27th March,2009) through Shri BE Wahlang,General Secretary, MPA. 28. Appreciation letter from Government of Meghalaya, Health & Family Welfare Department (No. Health 30/2008/13, Dated : 6th May,2009) 26
  27. 27. 29. Appreciation notes in the report to the Visit of the Committee on Papers Laid on the Table Rajya Sabha to Shillong on 21st June,2009 (Page 2: Pt No -1). 30. Appreciation from Advisor, Border Affairs, Government of Nagaland,Kohima, Shri. V Shekhose (IAS Retd) on 27/6/09. 31. Hundreds of Appreciation notes from patients on “Visitor’s Diary” maintained by the Department of Cardiology, NEIGRIHMS. * I hereby declare that entries in this form are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (DR. ANIMESH MISHRA) 27