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Choice Collections Cardiology Collection Pediatric Collection ...


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Choice Collections Cardiology Collection Pediatric Collection ...

  1. 1. United States 11830 Westline Industrial Dr. St. Louis, MO 63146-3318 877-857-1047 - phone 314-997-5109 - fax 11830 Westline Industrial Dr. Choice Collections St. Louis, MO 63146-3318 - email 877-857-1047 International Locations Catalog Asia 3 Killiney Road Cardiology Collection #8-01 Winsland House I Singapore 239519 Joe Lam Marketing and E-Business Development Manager +65 6349-0200 - phone Pediatric Collection +65 6733-1817 - fax - email Australia 30-52 Smidmore Rd Marrickville, Australia, NSW 2204 Jonathan Fredman Business Development Manager Infectious Disease Collection Institutional Electronic Sales Infectious Disease Collection + 61 (0) 2 9517 8994 - phone + 61 (0) 415 843 352 - mobile Canada 1 Goldthorne Avenue Toronto, Ontario Canada, M8Z 5S7 Helen Bowkett, Canadian Account Manager 866-276-5533 - phone 416-255-5456 - fax - email Japan Elsevier Japan KK Higashi-Azabu 1-chome Bldg. 2F 9-15 Higashi-Azabu 1-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo Koichiro Toyomasu (81) 3 3589 6370 South Asia 17A/1, Lajpat Nagar – IV Main Ring Road New Delhi, India – 110024 Ajay Pratap Singh E-Product Manager 91-11-26447160-64 - phone 91-11-26447156 - fax - email United Kingdom 32 Jamestown Road London NW1 7BY United Kingdom Michael Tadman Electronic Business Development Executive +44 (0) 7887 540789 - phone +44 (0) 1582 650208 - fax April 2005 - email
  2. 2. About MD Consult MD Consult is a highly respected source of clinical information within the medical community, helping physicians answer clinical questions and stay abreast of recent developments. MD Consult has been adopted by over 90% of North American medical schools, and over 1,700 healthcare organizations in 46 countries world-wide. Proven Interface – Seamless Access MD Consult presents books in a uniquely usable way that physicians appreciate. When you add a Choice Collection to MD Consult, content is seamlessly integrated with existing selections under the MD Consult interface, giving you simplified navigation and searching capabilities. Users navigate and search across both existing and added resources in a unified way. Search all books simultaneously using MD Consult’s MeSH-normalized searching, view the complete tables of contents and indexes of books, and navigate via our unique, topic-based search results.
  3. 3. MDC Choice Collection Cardiology I Collection An Integrated Family of Resources The Cardiology Collection 1 integrates six complementary reference books � �������� �� ��� � � � ������ ���� The MD Consult Clinical Knowledge System offers comprehensive to meet the needs of cardiologists, family physicians, and other practitioners ��� � �� � ��� �� � Service Editions, add-on MDC Choice Collections, Mobile options, and who treat patients with cardiovascular disorders. This renowned collection ���� covers the spectrum of cardiology, including the following: ��� other resources. �� ���� � ������������ ������ �� ��� ������������� ■ Cardiovascular Diseases ■ Hypertension ��������� ��� � � ��� ■ Cardiovascular Therapeutics ■ Pediatric Cardiology ��� �� ���������� MD Consult Choice Collections ��� � ������� Echocardiography Women’s Cardiovascular �� ■ ■ �� � ��� � �� � � �� �� Enhance any Service Edition with additional content targeted to Health �� � � � �� � � � � � � ���� � practitioner needs. MDC Choice offers a range of additional books and ■ Douglas: Cardiovascular Health and Disease in Women other resources which integrate seamlessly with any MDC Service Edition. This practical resource takes a close look at an emerging issue in woman’s health, the ������� ������ Collections include: gender difference in cardiovascular disease. Health care providers involved in the care �������� of female patients can rely on this extraordinary reference for the latest coverage of ■ Cardiology I & II ■ OB/GYN cardiovascular health and disease. This edition features an expanded scope that offers more The MD Consult Clinical ■ Dental ■ Pain Medicine information on patient care approaches, risk factors, hormones and CAD, and more. New Knowledge System ■ Emergency Medicine ■ Pediatrics chapters cover hot topics such as estrogen, diet and nutrition, first- and second-degree ■ Hemotology-Oncology ■ Pulmonary prevention strategies, managing CAD, and acute coronary syndromes. ■ Infectious Disease ■ Surgery ■ Khan: Cardiac Drug Therapy ■ Neurology An indispensable clinical reference that integrates the basics of cardiovascular therapeutics with practical applications for use. Readers will find in-depth discussions on all major cardiovascular problems...the latest treatment options...and the adverse effects and interactions of the most commonly used cardiovascular drugs. This edition features the most When ordering MD Consult Choice Collections current guidelines from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) on cardiac arrest as well as drug tables organized by class. you can purchase per collection or at a special Mancia: Manual of Hypertension “a la carte price”. ■ A practical manual that gives clearly presented guidelines to the ordinary practitioner about what to do in given circumstances. It is the “bench book” on hypertension, in which its various aspects are dealt with from a clinical perspective, and where the text is constructed, laid out, and illustrated, in such a way as to make the work of maximum utility and readability to the practitioner. ■ Moller: Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine Provides a sound, fundamental basis to pediatric cardiology with extensive input from international experts. The emphasis of this comprehensive text is on modern approaches to cardiology, basic anatomy, physiology, and pathology. There is a practical section on clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. ■ Otto: The Practice of Clinical Echocardiography This text has an emphasis on the clinical roles of health care professionals with specialized expertise in this field. Each chapter provides an advanced level of instruction, written by an expert in the field.. It provides up-to-date, relevant information on not only the qualitative and quantitative interpretation of echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data, but also on how this information might affect clinical decision making. ■ Stack: Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine A practical, how-to approach concentrates on difficult and complex cardiovascular diseases and the most cost-effective and clinically proven approaches for treatment. Expert contributors offer their extensive experience to cover all clinically relevant procedures clinicians need to know. MDC Choice Collection Cardiology I Collection
  4. 4. Cardiology II Collection Dental Collection The Cardiology Collection 2 integrates six complementary reference books The Dental Collection integrates eight complementary reference books to to meet the needs of cardiologists, family physicians, and other practitioners meet the needs of dentists and other dental practitioners. This collection who treat patients with cardiovascular disorders. This renowned collection covers the spectrum of dental medicine, including the following: covers the spectrum of cardiology, including the following: ■ Endodontics ■ Oral Pathology ■ Clinical Diagnosis ■ Electrophysiology ■ Esthetic Dentistry ■ Pharmacology ■ Congenital Heart Disease ■ Heart Failure ■ Oral Diagnosis ■ Prosthodontics ■ Echocardiography ■ Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization The Dental Collection includes eight renowned dental medicine reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: ■ Zipes: Cardiac Electrophysiology ■ Aschheim: Esthetic Dentistry: A Clinical Approach to Techniques Here’s today’s most authoritative and up-to-date information on basic and clinical and Materials electrophysiology. This edition covers everything from fundamental explanations of currents Presents clearly highlighted techniques in step-by-step fashion, with unmistakable and channels, through the theoretical and experimental bases of cardiac electrical activity delineation of armamentarium, for the treatment of esthetic problems. Hundreds of clinical and arrhythmias, to current clinical understandings of arrhythmias and their treatment—and tips are included throughout the book to alert clinicians to potential problems, variations on features the most comprehensive updating and revision to date. techniques, and other treatment considerations. ■ Otto: Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography ■ Cohen: Pathways of the Pulp This edition of Dr. Otto’s benchmark text of echocardiography is a must for everyone learning The latest techniques and materials developed for root canal work, apical surgery, the echo for the first time, or re-learning the essential concepts. Dr. Otto’s writing style engages restoration of endodontically treated teeth, and infection control. Cutting edge coverage the reader and makes difficult concepts easy to understand. New to this edition is a discussion of all requisite topics in endodontics: pulp development, structure and function; pathology; of new echo techniques including contrast and 3D and how they fit into the echo practice. All microbiology; knowledge of instrumentation; diagnosis of pulpal disorders; skills important to echo images are new to this edition and are complemented by new full color drawings of heart cleaning and shaping; obturation; surgery; and retreatment. structures and physical orientation. ■ Dionne: Management of Pain and Anxiety in the Dental Office ■ Topol: Textbook of Interventional Cardiology Presents all the scientific and technical aspects of pain and anxiety control that are A respected resource that provides comprehensive, detailed, up-to-date, and clinically oriented useful in dentistry. In this practical resource, leading authorities explain the principles of coverage of all aspects of percutaneous coronary revascularization. More than 68 leaders in pharmacology and physiology required to properly assess the patient's medical status and the field offer practical, evidence-based guidance on treating a full range of coronary lesions. monitor vital physiologic functions during sedation and anesthesia. They discuss the very latest techniques, devices, and adjunctive therapies, and offer critical appraisals of emerging therapeutic approaches. ■ Gage: Mosby’s Dental Drug Reference The ideal drug reference for the dental office. Detailed coverage of over 2,000 commonly ■ Mann: Heart Failure, A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease used drug products, including the top 200 prescription drugs in the U.S., assists in the rapid World experts in the field offer a focused, clinical approach to heart failure as both a cause identification of drugs that dental patients may be taking. and a result of related cardiovascular problems making this an excellent single volume buy. All ■ Little: Dental Management of the Medically Compromised Patient aspects of this problem are addressed —from its molecular mechanisms through assessment to Describes the dental management of patients with selected medical problems. The book treatment, including drug therapy, implantable devices, and emerging strategies. offers the dental provider an understanding of how to ascertain the severity and stability of common medical disorders, and make dental management decisions that afford the patient ■ Braunwald-Goldman: Primary Cardiology the utmost health and safety. This authoritative, practical, and user-friendly presentation helps the non-specialist meet the health care system’s evolving need for the management of heart disease by primary care ■ Regezi: Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathologic Correlations providers. Useful diagrams, flow charts, and algorithms guide the diagnosis, treatment of Presents a practical approach to over 350 diseases of the oral mucosa and jaws. It offers presenting complaints, and established conditions typical to primary care. This new edition detailed guidance on etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, histopathology, differential has been completely updated, with special attention paid to the inclusion of evidence-based diagnosis, and treatment, as well as discussions of molecular disease mechanisms, the summaries. etiology of oral cancer, and common skin diseases. ■ Stefanac: Treatment Planning in Dentistry ■ Gatzoulis: Diagnosis and Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease A comprehensive text that works as both an educational tool and a reference source for Provides essential guidance on the anatomic issues, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and clinical dental students, residents, and practitioners. The textbook includes the essentials of data management of adults with congenital heart disease. Each consistently structured, disease- collection, diagnosis and treatment planning. Also included in the text are the emerging oriented chapter discusses incidence, genetics, morphology, presentation, investigation and concepts in risk management. imaging, treatment, and intervention. A wealth of illustrations—including line drawings, EKGs, X-rays, and echocardiograms—clearly depict the clinical manifestations of congenital defects. ■ Weiss: Principles and Practice of Implant Dentistry Offers a completely new approach to the study of implant dentistry. In this highly procedural text, each surgical technique is presented clearly and distinctly in a step-by-step fashion. Cardiology II Collection Dental Collection
  5. 5. Emergency Medicine Collection Hematology-Oncology Collection The Emergency Medicine Collection integrates six complementary The Hematology-Oncology Collection integrates eight complementary reference books to meet the needs of emergency medicine physicians, reference books to meet the needs of hematologists, oncologists, family family physicians, and other practitioners. This renowned collection covers physicians, and other practitioners. This renowned collection covers the the spectrum of emergency medicine, including the following: spectrum of hematology-oncology medicine, including the following: ■ Signs of child abuse ■ Emergency radiology ■ Cancer treatment ■ Leukemia ■ Emergency medicine ■ Medical Spanish in pediatrics ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ Oncologic imaging ■ Emergency pediatrics ■ Trauma management ■ Hematology principles ■ Pediatric oncology The Emergency Medicine Collection includes six renowned emergency The Hematology-Oncology Collection includes eight renowned hematology- medicine reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: oncology medical reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: ■ Ferrera: Trauma Management: An Emergency Medicine Approach ■ Rubin: Clinical Oncology: A Multidisciplinary Approach The only trauma management book written by emergency physicians for emergency This respected oncology textbook has been exhaustively updated to offer readers all of physicians. Using illustrations, algorithms, and radiographs, this text highlights the most the latest clinical, technologic, and scientific developments in the field. This text explores salient features and treatments of the various injury conditions. The goal of this text is to epidemiology and etiology, presents new insights into the biology and causes of various help readers answer the important question, "What should I do and when?" Pre-hospital cancers, and emphasizes today’s improved prognoses for cancer patients. care, resuscitation, emergency department management, and disposition of the trauma ■ Bragg: Oncologic Imaging patient are thoroughly covered. Completely updated to reflect the latest developments in science and technology, the second ■ Johnson: Atlas of Emergency Radiology edition of this reference presents the diagnostic imaging tools essential to the detection, This timely new atlas of emergency radiology offers practical guidance to help the reader diagnosis, staging, treatment planning, and post-treatment management of cancer in both make efficient and accurate clinical decisions. The highly visual format provides a unique adults and children. look at challenging cases that involve the radiographic interpretation of plain films of ■ Lewis: Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology multiple body systems. This is a highly successful, practical manual with a worldwide reputation that describes all of the techniques used in the investigation of patients with blood diseases. It discusses ■ Hobbs: Physical Signs in Child Abuse the principles of each test, possible causes of error, and the interpretation and clinical This title is a full-color, photographic atlas that illustrates all of the major forms of abuse significance of the results. and neglect in a single unique volume. It provides a detailed account of the common ■ Mendelsohn: The Molecular Basis of Cancer physical signs seen in abused children and focuses on the visible clinical findings. Each This acclaimed reference explains the principles that form the scientific basis for our color photograph is accompanied by a brief caption to guide the reader in cases involving understanding of malignant transformation and the pathogenesis and treatment of borderline clinical signs, and case histories are given where appropriate. cancer. You will find a broad update on the scientific principles of new diagnostic tests and ■ Hamilton: Emergency Medicine: An Approach to Clinical Problem Solving therapeutic interventions now being used in clinical trials and practice. This book covers the most common disorders seen in the emergency department in a handy ■ Haskell: Cancer Treatment outline format. It explains the responsibilities of the emergency physician, along with the This thoroughly updated new edition of Dr. Haskell’s highly acclaimed resource delivers in- decisions that need to be made. depth guidance regarding the etiology, epidemiology, biology, and treatment of specific cancers. New coverage explores the latest information about breast cancer, gene therapy, soft- ■ Nasr: Medical Spanish in Pediatrics: An Instant Translator tissue sarcomas, bone tumors, hematologic growth factors, patient support, and much more. This volume serves as a guide to communicating effectively with Spanish-speaking pediatric patients and their caregivers. Spanish questions and phrases with phonetic pronunciations ■ Henderson: Leukemia and English translations equip readers to take a patient history, perform a physical This classic provides comprehensive guidance that covers all aspects of leukemia, from examination, and relay instructions. etiology and biology to clinical features and therapy. The current edition also provides the molecular basis of several leukemias, and it reflects the most exciting period of research ■ Barkin: Emergency Pediatrics: A Guide to Ambulatory Care in the field in a quarter century, including featured information about molecular biology, This invaluable reference supplies concise information about all aspects of emergency care molecular genetics, and biologic therapy. for children. Built to move swiftly from initial diagnosis to successful treatment, this book is ■ Hastings: The Children's Hospital Oakland Hematology/Oncology Handbook organized by symptoms such as apnea, coma, joint pain, and cough. Each chapter contains A quick reference to common problems encountered when treating children with cancer extensive differential diagnosis lists followed by treatment guidelines. or blood disease for students, residents, and fellows. The information presented can help with the organization and evaluation of care and the incorporation of psychological needs, clinical studies, medical treatments, and science. ■ Detterbeck: Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer: An Evidence-Based Guide for the Practicing Physician This text addresses the full range of clinical issues in diagnosis, staging, and treatment, as well as the latest scientific data and evidence-based guidelines. Emergency Medicine Collection Hematology-Oncology Collection
  6. 6. Infectious Disease Collection Neurology Collection The Infectious Disease Collection integrates five complementary reference The Neurology Collection integrates eight complementary reference books books to meet the needs of infectious disease specialists and other to meet the needs of neurologists, family physicians, and other practitioners practitioners who need the latest information on infectious disease. This who treat patients with neurologic disorders. This renowned collection renowned collection covers the spectrum of infectious disease medicine, covers the spectrum of neurology, including the following: including the following: ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ Sleep disorders ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ International travel ■ Neuromuscular disorders ■ Stroke diagnosis and ■ Current therapy ■ Tropical medicine treatment ■ Infection control ■ Vaccines ■ Pediatric neurology ■ Treatments and therapy The Infectious Disease Collection includes five renowned infectious disease The Neurology Collection includes eight renowned neurology medical reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: ■ Bradley: Neurology in Clinical Practice ■ Abrutyn: Saunders Infection Control Reference Service This classic text is the authoritative standard for the diagnosis and management of neurologic This text presents the most up-to-date and officially endorsed guidelines for infection control, disorders. It successfully integrates basic neuroscience with clinical neurology while providing a collected together and organized for easy reference and use in any health care facility. practical approach to differential diagnosis and treatment that only years of experience can offer. Where applicable, the guidelines are reproduced at the end of the chapter either in full or in extract format. ■ Chokroverty: Sleep Disorders Medicine A comprehensive textbook on the fundamental aspects of the science of sleep, the technical ■ Plotkin: Vaccines methods of recording for diagnosis and classification of sleep disorders, and a clinical approach This text covers all vaccines currently in use as well as those about to be licensed. to patients with sleep complaints. Also emphasized are in-depth descriptions of a variety of sleep International contributing authorities provide a well-rounded perspective on individual disorders and sleep disturbances following neurologic, medical, and psychiatric events. vaccines, the history of vaccination, immunology, and legal issues. New chapters include ■ Samuels: Office Practice of Neurology information about vaccine production, immunology, cost-benefit analysis, safety, foreign This title’s practical and applicable information makes it a perfect clinical resource for the travel, immunization of immunocompromised persons, and specific vaccines. practicing neurologist. It focuses on common problems and chronic problems that require long- ■ Schlossberg: Current Therapy of Infectious Disease term management, and it provides guidelines and pathways through the decision-making process This well-respected text provides current, readable descriptions of a full range of infectious that prove invaluable in practice. diseases as well as the latest recommendations for therapy. The current edition includes ■ Fenichel: Clinical Pediatric Neurology: A Signs and Symptoms Approach many new chapters, thoroughly updated drug information, and numerous other revisions to This reference provides a problem-oriented approach to most of the neurologic problems reflect the latest advances in the specialty. encountered in childhood. The common signs and symptoms of pediatric neurologic problems ■ Strickland: Hunter's Tropical Medicine and Emerging Infectious Diseases are well classified, providing a quick and comprehensive reference for clinical practice. This book This volume is considered today’s most comprehensive and clinically detailed resource about is a popular bedside companion for neurology residents in training and a useful resource for tropical medicine. International authorities present the common characteristics and methods neurologists needing a comprehensive list of differential diagnoses. of transmission for each disease and then guide the reader through diagnosis, treatment, ■ Mohr: Stroke: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management control, and prevention. The definitive book in a fast-moving field, where there are always new developments and treatments. ■ CDC: Health Information for International Travel Included is more important information about current diagnostic tools, the latest developments in This title is a comprehensive reference for those who advise international travelers of health molecular biology, and more of the newest pharmacologic and surgical treatment that is found in risks. The book focuses on the prevention of infectious diseases, but new sections on altitude any other text. This is an essential reference for stroke diagnosis and treatment. sickness, international adoptions, and cruise ship travel have been added. ■ Katirji: Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice Inclusive and authoritative, this outstanding text encompasses all disorders of the peripheral nervous system in one easy-to-use volume. Unlike other texts that deal separately with motor neuron diseases, peripheral neuropathies, neuromuscular junction disorders, and myopathies, this unique reference covers all aspects of neuromuscular disorders, from diagnosis to treatment. ■ Ettinger: Managing Epilepsy and Co-Existing Disorders This comprehensive clinical reference focuses on the challenges faced by neurologists in the management of epilepsy patients with concomitant medical conditions. This is the only book available that provides information about how to treat the unique problems of epilepsy patients in this situation. ■ Kirshner: Behavioral Neurology: Practical Science of Mind and Brain This title offers updates in a field that has had many advances in recent years. The author provides a straightforward approach and excellent clinical insights. Clinical aspects are derived from more recent findings and research. Infectious Disease Collection Neurology Collection
  7. 7. OB/GYN Collection Pain Medicine Collection The Ob/Gyn Collection integrates five complementary reference books to The Pain Medicine Collection integrates six complementary reference books meet the needs of gynecologists, family physicians, and other practitioners to meet the needs of pain specialists, surgeons, family physicians, and other who treat women. This renowned collection covers the spectrum of ob/gyn practitioners who deal with pain management. This renowned collection medicine, including the following: covers the spectrum of pain medicine, including the following: ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ Operative gynecology ■ Anesthesia techniques ■ Pain management ■ Fetal anomalies ■ Pediatric/adolescent ■ Back pain ■ Pain research gynecology ■ Geriatric pain ■ Pediatric pain ■ Gynecologic oncology ■ Perinatology The Pain Medicine Collection includes six renowned pain reference books, The Ob/Gyn Collection includes five renowned ob/gyn medical reference automatically updated with each new edition: books, automatically updated with each new edition: ■ Brown: Atlas of Regional Anesthesia ■ James: High Risk Pregnancy: Management Options Using photos and color illustrations of cross-sectional, gross, and surface anatomy, as This ambitious textbook covers the entire scope of clinical maternal-fetal medicine. It well as CT and MRI scans, residents, fellows, and practitioners receive a three-dimensional distinguishes itself from other standard perinatology textbooks in presenting clinical understanding of anesthesia techniques. Organization of blocks by region provides quick and information almost exclusively and omitting much basic science information. easy access to techniques. ■ DiSaia: Clinical Gynecologic Oncology ■ Raj: Practical Management of Pain The leading reference for the diagnosis and treatment of common gynecologic malignancies, This text provides the contemporary knowledge on pain management for trainees and this “gold standard” resource includes an impressive list of internationally renowned authors physicians entering pain practice, with over 100 new illustrations. With an emphasis on a and contributors. In addition to discussing cancers of the female reproductive tract, the text multidisciplinary approach to pain management, pediatric and geriatric patients, advanced also covers breast and colorectal disease. interventional techniques, and outcome studies are all discussed. ■ Gershenson: Operative Gynecology ■ Waldman: Interventional Pain Management This text includes comprehensive coverage of current technologies such as laser procedures, This clinically focused text has the most up-to-date information on the anatomy and techniques in tubal surgery, and surgical aspects of reproductive technologies. It contains physiology of pain, patient evaluation and selection, pharmacology, and treatments. clear illustrations and detailed photographs of operative procedures. “This up-to-date, detailed, and authoritative book provides a superb reference for the ■ Sanders: Structural Fetal Abnormalities: The Total Picture techniques of various blocks and percutaneous interventions used in pain management,” This book presents a comprehensive, integrated approach to the detection and treatment states The New England Journal of Medicine. of 100 of the most common fetal anomalies, including those anomalies of the limbs, heart, central nervous system, genitourinary system, and gastrointestinal system, as well ■ Waldman: Atlas of Interventional Pain Management as alphafeta-protein, multisystem, and chromosomal abnormalities. Using a step-by-step approach, full-color illustrations, and bulleted text, this clinically oriented atlas helps readers perform common interventional pain management techniques for all major ■ Sanfilippo: Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology anatomic sites. Potential pitfalls and clinical pearls make this an ideal teaching volume. An outstanding team of contributors explores the broadest areas of this subspecialty, from the appearance of gender abnormalities in the delivery room through the trials ■ Waddell: The Back Pain Revolution of pubescence, early maturation, and precocious childbearing. The diversity of subjects The culmination of 20 years of effort, this handbook presents the latest British and American covered will help the reader understand both the physical and psychological problems that guidelines for the management of nonspecific low back pain, together with a summary of beset the female from birth to adolescence. the biologic, psychologic, and sociologic research in the field. ■ Wall: Textbook of Pain The new edition of the most comprehensive and scholarly reference book on pain research and management has been completely revised and updated. According to the American Pain Society, “This is the fourth edition of a superb book.... It will be a classic.” OB/GYN Collection Pain Medicine Collection
  8. 8. Pediatric Collection Pulmonary Medicine Collection The Pediatric Collection integrates six complementary reference books to The Pulmonary Medicine Collection integrates six complementary reference meet the needs of pediatricians, family physicians, and other practitioners books to meet the needs of pulmonary specialists, pediatricians, family who treat children. This renowned collection covers the spectrum of pediatric physicians, and other practitioners who treat patients with pulmonary medicine, including: conditions. This renowned collection covers the spectrum of pulmonary ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ Infectious disease medicine, including the following: ■ Endocrinology ■ Behavior and development ■ Asthma therapy ■ Pulmonary function tests ■ Neonatal and perinatal medicine ■ Current pediatric therapy ■ Clinical diagnosis ■ Sleep disorders ■ Pediatric respiratory medicine The Pediatric Collection includes six renowned pediatric medical reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: The Pulmonary Medicine Collection includes six renowned pulmonary ■ Burg: Gellis and Kagan’s Current Pediatric Therapy medicine reference books, automatically updated with each new edition: The new edition of this popular resource presents the most recent advances in the therapeu- ■ Albert: Clinical Respiratory Medicine tic care of infants, children, and adolescents in all areas of pediatrics (including medical ther- Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and presents an international perspective on apy, surgery of all types, preventive medicine, adolescent gynecology, and behavioral issues). the subject. The first section covers examination of the patient, signs and symptoms to look ■ Dixon: Encounters with Children: Pediatric Behavior and Development for, and how to make the best use of modern assessment techniques. The second section is Provides the clinician and health professional with a practical, how-to guide to the develop- disease-based and covers the wide spectrum of cases seen in clinical practice. ment of normal child behavior. Organized according to the child’s age, this informative text ■ Barnes: Asthma: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management takes you from the neonatal visit and newborn exam through the late adolescent years. This book brings together all of the recent information on basic mechanisms of asthma and also covers, in depth, clinical aspects and therapy. This integrated approach enables clini- ■ Fanaroff: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant cians to keep abreast of recent developments in this rapidly expanding field. The quintessential reference for neonatal-perinatal medicine that covers a variety of subjects such as high risk factors, fetal conditions, disorders of pregnancy, perinatal services, medical ■ Fraser: Fraser and Pare’s Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest ethics, outreach education, and quality improvement. This four-volume set provides a discussion of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathology, patho- logic-radiologic correlations, and clinical manifestations of pulmonary disease. This edition has ■ Jenson: Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Principles and Practice been updated to include new chapters about transplantation and pulmonary manifestations of This comprehensive, clinically-oriented text focuses on the pediatric infectious diseases likely HIV. It contains shorter, more focused chapters, and there are diagnostic tables available to help to be encountered in daily practice. Organized by syndrome, this reference provides you with the reader understand the common causes of particular radiologic findings. in-depth information on each disease. ■ Hughes: Lung Function Tests: Physiological Principles and ■ Shah: Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis Clinical Applications This comprehensive text/atlas covers all aspects of diagnosis and treatment of children This volume offers a unique presentation of pulmonary function tests that comprehensively -—dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, genetics, and more. covers most clinical applications while focusing on the physiologic principles that explain why a test may or may not be useful. The book is full of collections of pearls — small tables that ■ Sperling: Pediatric Endocrinology summarize important points that are expanded upon in the text. This book is today’s most comprehensive, definitive reference on pediatric endocrinology. It covers all clinical aspects of this complex field, including the current etiology, diagnosis, and ■ Kryger: Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine treatment of pediatric endocrine disease. This title encompasses the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders that result from disruptions of the sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm. This edition is by far the best with regard to editorial oversight, writing, and presentation. ■ Taussig: Pediatric Respiratory Medicine This comprehensive text covers general and therapeutic principles, applied physiology, patient assessment, respiratory insults and intensive care, respiratory disorders of infants, respiratory disorders with infectious causes, immunologic disorders, cardiopulmonary and pulmonary vas- cular disorders, asthma, cystic fibrosis, SIDS, and structural and mechanical abnormalities. Pediatric Collection Pulmonary Medicine Collection
  9. 9. Surgery Collection A La Carte Choices The Surgery Collection integrates six complementary reference books to Author Property meet the needs of surgeons, family physicians, and other practitioners. This renowned collection covers the spectrum of surgical medicine, Pediatric Books including the following: Fanaroff Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant, 7/e Jenson Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Principles and Practice, 2/e ■ Breast diseases ■ Gastrointestinal surgery Burg Gellis & Kagan’s Current Pediatric Therapy, Volume 1 7/e ■ Cardiothoracic disorders ■ Pediatric surgery Dixon Encounters with Children: Pediatric Behavior and Development, 3/e ■ Current surgical therapy ■ Vascular surgery Shah Atlas of Pediatric Clinical Diagnosis Sperling Pediatric Endocrinology, 2/e The Surgery Collection includes six renowned surgical reference books, Pulmonary Books automatically updated with each new edition: Albert Clinical Respiratory Medicine, 2/e ■ Cameron: Current Surgical Therapy Barnes Asthma: Basic Mechanisms & Clinical Management, 3/e This title offers proven, practical approaches to the surgical management of a given Fraser Fraser and Pare’s Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest, 4/e disease. Each chapter covers a condition that is seen with some frequency in the general surgeon's practice. Chapters follow a consistent format: patient selection, timing of therapy, Hughes Lung Function Tests: Physiological Principles & Clinical Applications preoperative care, operative technique, postoperative management, adjuvant therapy, Kryger Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 3/e prevention and management of complications, and follow-up. Taussig Pediatric Respiratory Medicine ■ Rutherford: Vascular Surgery The most definitive reference about vascular disease management in the world, this Infectious Disease Books edition features a greater emphasis on interventional radiology, endovascular techniques, Abrutyn Saunders Infection Control Reference Service, 2/e use of thrombolytic therapies, and major changes regarding venous disorders and portal Plotkin Vaccines, 4/e hypertension. The book provides up-to-the-minute coverage of the full range of operative, Schlossberg Current Therapy of Infectious Disease, 2/e non-operative, and interventional procedures available today for any vascular condition. Strickland Tropical Medicine and Emerging Infectious Disease, 8/e ■ O'Neill: Pediatric Surgery The most comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date reference in the field. This book Pain Books covers all aspects of surgery in childhood, with a particular emphasis on congenital Brown Atlas of Regional Anesthesia, 2/e malformations, tumors, trauma, and urologic problems. Raj Practical Management of Pain, 3/e ■ Bland: The Breast Waddell The Back Pain Revolution, 2/e The most thorough reference to benign and malignant breast disease ever published. Waldman Interventional Pain Management, 2/e This text offers readers a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment, Waldman Atlas of Interventional Pain Management, 2/e and rehabilitation. World-renowned contributors from a broad range of specialties deliver unparalleled, step-by-step guidance in every chapter. Wall Textbook of Pain, 4/e ■ Sellke: Sabiston and Spencer Surgery of the Chest OB-GYN Books This book emphasizes the relationship of fundamental medical sciences such as pathology, James High Risk Pregnancy: Management Options, 2/e physiology, immunology, genetics, and pharmacology with the diagnosis and management of cardiothoracic disorders. Every chapter has been revised, and thoracoscopy and DiSaia Clinical Gynecologic Oncology, 6/e immunodeficiency states have been given extensive coverage because of their importance in Gershenson Operative Gynecology, 2/e thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Sanders Structural Fetal Abnormalities: The Total Picture, 2/e ■ Zuidema: Shackleford's Surgery of the Alimentary Tract Sanfilippo Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, 2/e This reference about gastrointestinal surgery covers procedures from the esophagus to the anus and includes general and vascular surgical treatments of gastrointestinal disorders. Leading Hematology-Oncology Books authors in the field discuss the most recent developments, including surgery of the esophagus, Rubin Clinical Oncology: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 8/e stomach and duodenum, biliary tract, pancreas, liver, spleen, colon, and small intestine. Bragg Oncologic Imaging, 2/e Lewis Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology, 9/e Haskell Cancer Treatment, 5/e Henderson Leukemia, 7/e Hastings The Children’s Hospital Oakland Hematology/Oncology Handbook Detterbeck Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer Surgery Collection Mendelsohn The Molecular Basis of Cancer, 2/e A La Carte Choices
  10. 10. Author Property Emergency Medicine Books Ferrera Trauma Management: An Emergency Medicine Approach, 2/e Johnson Atlas of Emergency Radiology: A Colour Atlas Hobbs Physical Signs in Child Abuse, 2/e Hamilton Emergency Medicine: An Approach to Clinical Problem-Solving, 2/e Nasr Medical Spanish in Pediatrics: An Instant Translator Barkin Emergency Pediatrics, 6/e Surgery Books Cameron Current Surgical Therapy, 8/e Rutherford Vascular Surgery, 5/e O’Neill Pediatric Surgery, 5/e Bland The Breast, 3/e Sellke Sabiston and Spencer Surgery of the Chest, 7e (2-vol) Zuidema Shackleford’s Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, 5/e Cardiology Books I Douglas Cardiovascular Health & Disease in Women, 2/e Khan Cardiac Drug Therapy, 6/e Mancia Manual of Hypertension Moller Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine Otto The Practice of Clinical Echocardiography, 2/e Stack Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine: Principles and Practice, 2/e Cardiology Books II Zipes Cardiac Electrophysiology, 4/e Otto Textbook of Clinical Echocardiogrphy, 3/e Topol Textbook of Interventional Cardiology, 4/e Mann Heart Failure, A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease Braunwald-Goldman Primary Cardiology, 2/e Gatzoulis Diagnosis and Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease Neurology Books Bradley Neurology in Clinical Practice, 4/e Samuels Office Practice of Neurology, 2/e Fenichel Clinical Pediatric Neurology, 5/e Mohr Stroke: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management, 4/e Katirji Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice Chokroverty Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects, 2/e Ettinger Managing Epilepsy & Co-Existing Disorders Kirshner Behavioral Neurology: Practical Science of Mind and Brain, 2/e A La Carte Choices