Cardiology Residency


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Cardiology Residency

  1. 1. August 1, 2008 Cardiology Residency The PGY2 Cardiology Residency is a postgraduate training program that focuses on the development of the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to provide pharmaceutical care in cardiovascular pharmacy practice. e In nc SAINT JOSEPH HOSPITAL teg lle rit ce y Ex Founded in 1877 as Lexington’s first For years, SJH has been nationally Re ve Saint Joseph ss ion hospital, Saint Joseph is a 468-bed acute, recognized for outstanding patient care. re pa nc e Hospital 1877 Com medical, and surgical facility in Central Ken- SJH has been recognized by Solucient as tucky. Also, known as Lexington's "heart one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals, by hospital", Saint Joseph has pioneered many HealthGrades as Lexington’s highest-rated first in the health care community along with hospital for cardiac care, and by U.S. News performing more heart procedures than any- & World Report as a Top 50 Hospital for Special points of interest: one in the state. A wide variety of critical Heart and Heart Surgery. In 2006 the care, cardiology, and other specialty services pharmacy program received the ASHP • Seven Required Rotations are provided by the department of pharmacy Best Practice Award, the KSHP Institution • Three Elective Rotations at Saint Joseph Hospital. of the Year Award, and the KSHP Pharma- cist of the Year Award. The Joint Commis- • Longitudinal Management Ex- The inpatient pharmacy at SJH in- sion presented Saint Joseph Health Sys- periences cludes a Central Pharmacy and a Critical tem with its prestigious Ernest Amory Cod- • Multiple Teaching Opportunities Care Satellite Pharmacy that provides ser- man Award for excellence in the use of vices to 22 operating rooms and 50 intensive outcomes measurement to achieve im- • In House On-Call Program On- care unit beds (22-bed cardiothoracic and provements in the quality and safety of vascular unit, a 12-bed coronary care unit, health care. Saint Joseph is being recog- and a 16-bed medical/surgical intensive care nized for a patient safety program de- unit). The facilities also provide 158 teleme- signed to decrease the number of adverse try unit beds, including a 28-bed heart failure events related to the use of anticoagulants unit, a 33-bed CT surgery step down unit, medicine. These and other distinctions and a 34-bed interventional cardiology care acknowledge a strong commitment to out- Inside: unit. standing service and premier pharmaceuti- cal care. About the Program 2 PHARMACY DEPARTMENT Rotations: Required and Elective 2 The pharmacy staff is comprised of hospital based pharmacists, clinical pharma- cists, four PGY1 pharmacy practice residents, one PGY2 cardiology resident and techni- Longitudinal Experiences 2 cal staff. Members of the pharmacy staff provide both centralized and decentralized phar- maceutical care and patient education through the institution to assure safe, accurate, Staffing / ON-Call/Chief Resident 3 rational and cost-effective medication therapy. Work activities focus on the provision of pharmaceutical care within the depart- Presentations / Research/ 3 ment’s clinical role in assuring patient-centered, rational drug therapy. Clinical pharmacy Teaching services are offered in collaboration with health care professionals for the cure and pre- vention of disease and/or symptoms of disease. Community Service / Resident 4 Technology for bar-coded unit-dose packaging and centralized distribution is util- Fun / Lexington ized within the pharmacy department. The pharmacy is fully automated with the McKes- son suite of products such as STAR navigator for prescription order entry, Robot-Rx, Med- Benefits / Application Require- 4 ments Carousel, PacMed and the NarcStation. McKesson AcuDose technology is utilized via unit-based dispensing cabinets throughout patient care areas.
  2. 2. Page 2 Cardiology Residency RESIDENCY PROGRAM The PGY2 Cardiology Resi- The Residency Program at exceedingly competitive in both clinical dency is a postgraduate training pro- Saint Joseph Hospital is designed to or leadership opportunities within the gram that focuses on the develop- provide broad exposure to patient- profession. ment of the knowledge, attitudes and centered care in a dynamic and goal- A variety of rotational as well as skills needed to provide pharmaceuti- oriented environment. Emphasis is longitudinal experiences help to refine cal care in cardiovascular pharmacy placed on development of independent in-depth knowledge and skills in inde- practice. The specialty residency is a practice skills in cardiology, clinical and pendent practice. Rotations are offered coordinated educational experience didactic teaching, research methodol- in a variety of therapeutic areas and are that will assure the resident can pro- ogy, and self-evaluation. tailored to the interests of the individual. vide safe, efficacious and cost- Great importance is placed on While on clinical service, responsibilities effective cardiovascular pharmaco- the residents’ individual goals and ex- of the resident include collaboration with therapy through patient care, teaching pectations thereby allowing program healthcare team members and inde- and project activities. Currently the experiences and assessments to be pendent therapeutic drug monitoring to program is a “Candidate for Ac- regularly restructured tot keep pace support optimal patient centered care. creditation” through ASHP. with their development throughout the year. Upon completion of the program, each resident will be prepared to be ROTATIONS LONGITUDINAL EXPERIENCES One month of orientation: July • Hospital Practice – Staffing • Community Service One month of research: December • Heart Failure Clinic • Anticoagulation Service • Adult Cardiac Code Response • Practice Management Seven Required Rotations “On-Call” • Drug Information • General Cardiology • Chief Resident Program • Nutrition Support • Heart Failure • Teaching Certificate Program • Pharmacokinetic / • Acute Coronary Syndrome • Communication & Presentations Toxicology Service • Acute Coronary Syndrome • Research Project • Medical Writing • Coronary Care Unit • EP & Dysrhythmias • Smoking Cessation • Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery • EKG 12-lead interpretation Counseling • Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery Three Elective Rotations • Emergency Department • Infectious Diseases • Medicine Intensive Care Unit • Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery • Heart Failure • Stroke / Cerebrovascular • Coronary Care Unit • Acute Coronary Syndrome • Advanced Cardiology
  3. 3. Page 3 STAFFING ON-CALL CHIEF RESIDENT Our PYG2 staffing com- The on-call program is a resident The Chief Resident program ponent is equivalent to 32 hours learning experience that exemplifies the allows each resident to cultivate strong per month. This comprises of 2 critical role residents serve in providing pa- leadership qualities while serving as four hour shifts on business eve- tient care. Residents are members of the the primary contact for the residency nings. The resident will not have Adult Cardiac Code team as well as the during alternating blocks of time. Re- scheduled weekend shifts, how- Medical Rapid Response team which pro- sponsibilities of the Chief Resident in- ever, they will be the back up if vide care during emergency scenarios. The clude coordinating the Pharmacy and the PGY1 is unable to fulfill their resident on-call is required to stay later in Therapeutics committee meeting, at- weekend shift. The weekday eve- the evening to cover consults to the phar- tending medical staff meetings, coordi- ning is spent in the central phar- macy that require significant time to re- nating the publication of “Pharmacy macy, verifying physician orders, search or a specialized knowledge base not Focus” (the pharmacy department’s answering clinical questions from in the pharmacy at that interdepartmental bulletin), and plan- the floor, and attending all codes. time. Our residency pro- ning residency events. The pharmacy practice residents gram does not have an PGY1 staff every other weekend. overnight on-call pro- gram. PRESENTATIONS RESEARCH Each resident attends a weekly seminar where The resident will be provided a list of research projects fellow residents and preceptors present current data on upon the beginning of their year. The resident will use this list various topics. Each resident is expected to attend and and interactions with mentors to select a suitable project by speak at the Kentucky Society of Health-System Phar- mid-August. The resident will present an overview of the re- macist (KSHP) Fall or Spring conference. Saint Joseph search project to the residency research committee. This Hospital provides financial compensation to attend these committee is composed of hospital individuals and they work meetings. Attendance of the ACCP annual meeting is to help guide the resident in study design, data collection, or also encouraged. statistical methodology. The resident will present the informa- tion for approval through our investigation review committee. Every two months, the resident will provide the committee with a status update. Also, the committee will help the resident assimilate the data for the research day at the University of Kentucky research day. In addition, the resident will need to submit a manuscript in publishable form prior to completing the year. TEACHING Multiple teaching opportunities literature, contemporary phar- while earning a certificate of exist for residents including stu- macy/health professions educa- completion. Participants will dent precepting on rotations, tion, teaching styles, and phi- receive handouts, bibliogra- lecture experiences, laboratory losophies. The primary philoso- phies, and web site informa- instruction and assistance, fac- phy of the program is built upon tion to encourage future learn- ulty development seminars the Carnegie Foundation’s work ing and development. The through the “Scholarship of on teaching as scholarship. program was recognized as a Teaching and Learning Certifi- Through engagement in semi- 2004 winner of the American cate program” through the Uni- nars, documentation of formal Association of Colleges of versity of Kentucky, and clinical teaching experiences, and devel- Pharmacy Teaching Innova- rotation teaching. The certificate opment of a teaching portfolio, tions Award. http:// program is designed to intro- participants can document their duce participants to academic participation and experience post_grad/tlcp.html
  4. 4. †CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES Pharmacy Residency Program BENEFITS Saint Joseph Hospital The Cardiology Residency is a one-year Excellence and Innovation in the Continuum of Pharmaceutical Care.® program beginning July 1 and ending June For additional information, please 30. It offers an annual stipend of ~$50,000, 10 days of pro- contact: fessional leave to attend professional meetings or conduct interviews that must be approved by the program director, 7 Marintha R. Short, PharmD, BCPS paid holidays observed throughout the year and 10 vacation Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Cardio – Critical Care days. Individual health insurance is provided through the Saint Joseph Hospital hospital. Department of Pharmacy One Saint Joseph Drive Lexington, KY 40504 APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS VM: (859) 313- 3444 Ext. 6953 Interested candidates must have completed a Doctor of Pharmacy program from an ACPE-accredited school or Other Preceptors: college of pharmacy and a pharmacy practice residency or Heather Hesselson, PharmD equivalent pharmacy residency experience. The candidate Sarah Nordmeyer, PharmD must have ACLS certification prior to beginning on July 1st. Alissa Langley, PharmD, BCPS The candidate must submit a pharmacy residency applica- Lauren Cottingham, PharmD tion form, letter of intent, curriculum vitae, official academic transcript and three letters of recommendation to be consid- ce lle nc e In teg rit y ered for an on-site interview. Application form available at Ex—> search Pharmacy Residency Program. Re ve Saint Joseph ss ion The application deadline is January 5, 2009. re nc Hospital pa m e 1877 Co COMMUNITY SERVICE As a means to integrate the practice of pharmacy into the community and encourage the patient/pharmacist rela- tionships, Saint Joseph Hospital encourages our residents to participate in community events. Saint Joseph provides our residents a unique opportunity to volunteer at a local Salvation Army free clinic approximately one time a month. Each clinic is staffed by a clinic coordinator (medical resident), medical students, an attending physicians, a pharmacy student and a pharmacist. This is an excellent opportunity to help disadvantaged patients, help the physicians with medication decisions and precept student during the dispensing and counseling process. The residents this year have participated in “Habitat for Humanity” and administered influenza vaccines in the community. RESIDENT TRIP/RESIDENT FUN Another highlight of the year is the professional development experience (PDE), which allows the residents to visit 2-3 residency programs. The residents should choose institutions that are within driving distance. They contact the programs and set up tours, luncheons, etc. with the host institution. This is always a fun trip and it allows for resident bonding and creating new contacts at other institutions. They then report back to our program about the trip which helps enrich our residency program and our department of pharmacy. Members of the pharmacy staff regularly get together at social events to relax and have some fun. LEXINGTON Lexington, Kentucky is located in the heart of the Bluegrass Region and is known to many as the Horse Capital of the World. From horse races at Keeneland Race Course, to the impressive and legendary horse farms located in and around Lexington, Kentucky, it is simple to see why this area is a horse enthusiast’s dream. Also located in Lexington is the University of Kentucky. This prestigious university is a source of pride for the entire community. Everyone is welcome to attend sporting events such as football and basketball to cheer on the Wildcats to victory!