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  1. 1. Backgrounder CARDIOLOGY SOLUTIONS CONTACT: Amanda Naiman Siemens Medical Solutions (610) 448-4531 SIEMENS SHOWS HOLISTIC, INTEGRATED APPROACH TO CARDIOLOGY AT ACC 2006 Time is critical for cardiac patients, and clinicians need tools to more rapidly and accurately move from diagnosis to treatment. Compared to a few years ago, today’s cardiologists have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. Siemens’ “big picture” solutions blend imaging, information technology (IT), and professional services to give cardiologists a unique, customized solution that helps optimize clinical, operational and financial performance, and enables proven outcomes. Siemens helps clinicians and administrators realize the best achievable performance in their cardiovascular programs. Siemens Integrated Performance Solution (IPS) for Cardiovascular Services is a proven approach to performance improvement for the cardiovascular practice, focusing on optimizing operations by considering technology, processes and facility infrastructure in an integrated fashion. Siemens (booth # 3431) portfolio of integrated cardiology technologies includes: IT Delivers Robust, Holistic Cardiovascular Electronic Patient Record IT provides clinicians anytime, anywhere access to valuable information to help diagnose and treat cardiac diseases, while allowing them to spend more time with their patients. Soarian® Cardiovascular Enterprise, an electronic patient record solution, helps physicians improve the continuum of cardiac care from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up by integrating images and patient data to provide healthcare providers with immediate access to complete clinical information. Soarian Critical Care addresses the clinical, financial, and operational workflow challenges of the critical care team by proactively integrating medical devices and information. It streamlines processes by automatically collecting data from the bedside, including patient monitors and ventilators, to create electronic documentation and near real-time patient information. - more -
  2. 2. Siemens Cardiology Solutions at ACC, page 2 Soarian Disease Management provides patients with the guidance and support to manage and conveniently report on their daily health status, helps providers monitor chronically ill patients’ adherence to care plans and provides a holistic picture of a patient’s condition, pushing relevant information to clinicians. Soarian Operating Room is designed to support the complete peri-operative process, from the time the physician considers an operation, until the patient is received on the floor. This is achieved by streamlining workflow processes such as scheduling, preference card management, preoperative preparation, and the delivery of anesthesia. Non-Invasive Solutions Setting New Standards in Image Quality The combination of advanced speed and higher resolution images have expanded the roles of computed tomography (CT) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and molecular imaging (MI) in cardiology, enabling earlier disease detection and more effective treatment. The world’s first dual source CT, the SOMATOM® Definition, is faster than every beating heart and capable of imaging full cardiac detail with as little as half the radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans. Setting new standards in cardiac imaging, the system can image patients with high or irregular heart rates without medications that have been previously needed to slow a patient’s heart. Physicians can better identify and characterize plaque, an early indicator of heart disease. In addition, syngo® Circulation, a dedicated software solution designed to fast-track cardiovascular CT based diagnosis, guides the clinician through cardiac evaluation from automated heart segmentation, to coronary vessel segmentation and stenosis quantification, to fully automated functional analysis and reporting. The entire study, from scan to diagnosis, can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. With a single click, the heart can be isolated from the rib cage, facilitating rapid assessment of the overall cardiac anatomy and optimized stent planning. - more -
  3. 3. Siemens Cardiology Solutions at ACC, page 3 Available with the Tim® (Total imaging matrix) technology application suite, syngo BEAT defies the stigma that cardiac MRI is complicated, time consuming, and only used by experts and research centers. This single tool combines everything needed to support a diagnosis of cardiac disease, allowing professionals to change parameters with a click of the mouse – from 2D to 3D, breath-hold to free-breathing, and morphology to functional or tissue characterization. Doctors can now use syngo BEAT on more than 80 percent of their cardiac referrals. Siemens’ revolutionary Tim technology allows the user to select exams, not coils, and provides the highest acquisition speed without image artifacts or restrictions in coverage, giving radiologists the opportunity to conduct advanced applications in cardiac imaging. Symbia® TruePoint™ SPECT· CT combines the functional sensitivity of SPECT with the anatomical detail of diagnostic multi-slice CT, providing clinicians with greatly improved imaging clarity and diagnostic confidence. With a single scanning session, this imaging technology quickly captures comprehensive, accurate information on both the molecular and anatomical levels, enabling clinicians to detect changes in molecular activity even before structural changes become visible. Biograph™ 64 provides unprecedented image quality – especially for cardiovascular applications – with its ability to perform high resolution CT angiography and positron emission tomography (PET) myocardial perfusion, viability, and function in one accurately registered exam. As the world's fastest PET/CT scanner, Biograph 64 provides extremely short breath-hold times for the patient and motion-free images of the beating heart for the physician. The Biograph 64 will enable a true one-stop cardiac assessment as a practical clinical routine.™, a unique, reclining dedicated cardiac gamma camera system, enhances imaging accuracy and efficiency while improving patient comfort. The award-winning system’s myocardial viability and perfusion capabilities offer cardiologists increased diagnostic confidence, and the system’s fully integrated software allows analysis of ejection fraction and wall motion. - more -
  4. 4. Siemens Cardiology Solutions at ACC, page 4 Interventional Diagnostic Solutions Provide Unparallel Precision Siemens diagnostic and treatment solutions for the catheterization lab are helping cardiologists treat heart disease with unparalleled precision. Enabling cardiac and cardiovascular applications, the AXIOM Artis with the 30X40 cm flat detector is a fully digital, ceiling-mounted imaging system designed to support diagnosis and treatment in the cath lab. The system provides the speed, flexibility, and integration needed for cardiology procedures, with a unique design for accessibility to the patient. When combined with AXIOM Sensis hemodynamic and electrophysiological recording system, it provides an integrated cath lab solution necessary to help optimize workflow. AXIOM Sensis provides accurate calculations of hemodynamic and electrophysiologic data obtained during cardiac procedures. The Sensis reporting tool presents information in a very clear and concise format that can be customized. With Interventional Cardiac 3D (IC3D), cardiologists can create 3D images of the coronary vessels in the heart, leading to increased support in diagnosis, faster examination times, the use of less contrast medium, and lower radiation dosages. Also being showcased is the ACUSON AcuNav™ 8F ultrasound catheter. Sized at 8 French, it is 33 percent smaller in the cross sectional area yet still provides the same high resolution and depth of imaging as the existing AcuNav 10F catheter. The smaller size enables improved access during closure of atrial septal defects (ASD) on smaller patients, and left heart applications for both interventional cardiology and electrophysiology, bringing intracardiac echocardiography to a wider range of patients. Siemens is also pioneering new ultrasound developments, including Axius Velocity Vector Imaging™ technology, enabling more comprehensive cardiac contraction and motion data. ###