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How Lanyrd does Geo


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Presented at Geomob February 2013 -

Published in: Technology
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How Lanyrd does Geo

  1. We use MapBox maps around the site
  2. We suggest events based on the user’s Twitter and LinkedIn contacts, and their interests
  3. Each event has a page showing who is speaking and attending, the schedule and more
  4. Speakers get detailed profile pages
  5. Users can track topics inspecific geographical regions
  6. The site is built around a place hierarchy
  7. So you can see everything in a specific city, or everything in England
  8. Or view events for a topic in a place
  9. Our microformats providerich site snippets on Google
  10. We provide GeoRSS feeds,which can be fed in to Google Maps
  11. Our hierarchical place databaseis built on top of Yahoo! Geo Planet
  12. We run off our own copy of the GeoPlanet database, which Yahoo! no longer provide...
  13. But it has been mirrored by the Internet Archive
  14. You can explore GeoPlanet using Yahoo!’s YQL API
  15. treebeard is an excellent library fordealing with trees in a SQL database
  16. Our search feature is built on top of Solr...
  17. We support search within an area by indexing the full place hierarchy for each event
  18. Events have a primary venue, so we can plot them as a single point on a map
  19. We encourage people to attach existing venues first to help avoid duplicates
  20. Lanyrd has a foursquare app,which provides event information when you check in to the venue
  21. We have a tool to help matchour venues to foursquare venues
  22. Foursquare have an API specifically for matching venues
  23. The apps platform is very powerful,and extremely easy to integrate with