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Doing Local Right


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

Doing Local Right

  1. Doing Local Right The Lawrence Journal-World Simon Willison - 8th June, @media 2007
  2. “Local”
  3. Local Search Sucks
  4. • How do I know if the results are comprehensive? • How do I know if the locations are accurate? • How do I know if the place has closed down?
  5. What the hell does a Californian multinational know about my town?
  6. Local flavour matters • In London, people care about nearest tube station • In American cities, it’s all about blocks and intersections • In Oxford, it’s all about where I can park my bicycle
  7. You can’t solve a local problem on a global scale
  8. Meanwhile...
  9. The decline of news
  10. • Craigslist is destroying classified advertising revenue • Business models that rely on owning the only printing press in town are no longer relevant • News is becoming a commodity
  11. • What’s the point of republishing wire stories when the Web has hyperlinks?
  12. Old media blames new media
  13. quot;If all of the newspapers in America did not allow Google to steal their content, how profitable would Google be? Not very.quot; - Sam Zell, Chicago Tribune owner
  14. Two problems • Good local sites need local knowledge • Newspapers are finding their old business models no longer work
  15. What happens when you put a great web team together and get them to build sites for a local newspaper...
  16. ... in Kansas?
  17. ... Lawrence, Kansas
  18. Lawrence, Kansas • Population: 80,098 • Newspaper: The Lawrence Journal-World • Circulation ~ 10,000 • Locally owned • Media monopoly (for about 50 miles²)
  22. How do you do it? • Small, passionate team • “Wouldn’t it be cool if...” • Someone else to think about the money • Intern power! • Treat your data with respect
  23. Use Django
  24. The team
  25. The team
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