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Carmen Camelia Mitrace - Romania


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Presentation of participants course "Europe between mythology, modernity and mutliculturalism.
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Carmen Camelia Mitrace - Romania

  1. 1. ROMANIA Simply Surprising ! © 2010, Grup Scolar Charles Laugier, Craiova
  3. 3. Unique in the world!
  4. 4. Did you know that….
  5. 5. Sapanta – The Merry Cemetery
  6. 6. A living paradise
  7. 7. Calusul - a traditional folk dance
  8. 8. Traditional Maramures Traditional Maramures Gate Costumes
  9. 9. Biertan – the annual Meeting of Saxons
  10. 10. Dracula – between myth and reality!
  11. 11. Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) Bran Castle – Dracula’s Castle
  12. 12. Bran Castle – “Dracula’s Castle” Interior courtyard
  13. 13. Peles Castle – Royal residence of Charles the 1st
  14. 14. Yes..did you know that…
  15. 15. Stefan Odobleja was the father of cybernetics…
  16. 16. TheVoronetBlue – anuniquecolor intheworld…
  17. 17. Nadia Comaneci – the first 10 in the history of gymnastics…Henri Coanda –the worlds first jet plane…
  18. 18. Brancusi – the Romanianmost famous sculptor…
  19. 19. Sighisoara – the only medievalcitadel in Europe still inhabited…
  20. 20. Welcome to Craiova!
  21. 21. Nicolae Romanescu Park – one of the biggest natural parks in Europe
  22. 22. University of CraiovaIt’s a modern institution, with17 faculties and 2 colleges,good material support.There are over 25.000students , many of them fromabroad.The university has manyinternational connections,with more than 30universities all over the worldand our students attended allsort of international events.
  23. 23. Cultural Asociation ARTEC The Cultural Association of ARTEC is a non-governmental association, nonprofit, independent, oriented to education and formation, culture, having both a social and humanitarian purpose. At the association we have different cultural, social and civil activities, actions regarding the education of young people through art and culture, and in this purpose we deal with the organization of activities which sustain the personal development of young people, contests, volunteer activities, workshops, exhibitions and other activities of this kind
  24. 24. My name is Camelia Mitrache. Im 34. I come fromCraiova, Romania. I teach French to high school end I am atrainer for foreign languages.I chose this course because the nature of my work. I ampassionate about promoting interculturalism andmultilingualism in our association projects. I am veryexcited to meet the other participants and exchange bestpractices in this area.Best regards ,Camelia