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Culinary Heritage in London - CoArt & Pro


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Presentation about the topic related to Culinary Heritage in London.
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CoArt & Pro

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Culinary Heritage in London - CoArt & Pro

  1. 1. London and Fast Food When it comes to food in London, it's all about convenience. Life is hectic. People always have something to do, be it work, bills, fixing the car..visiting friends, food often takes a backseat. It's because of this that there is such a heavy reliance on fast food (McDonalds, KFC). It's so ingrained in our culture that..even when we're not busy we find ourselves at these places, they're the type of places you pick when you can't think of anywhere else to go..which is quite often! What are the alternatives? Fast food places like McDonalds, KFC and Subway are all ready quickly..that's their biggest strength, you can get food immediately if you need... It's possible to have a quick snack at McDonalds, or to have a proper luch or dinner! However, this isn't the whole story when it comes to London and Food if you're looking for something a little more interesting ...and when you move away from fast food places you see the cultural diversity, not only through the different types of food available (You can get chinese, pizza, indian food..or my personal favourite kebab :D) <<Me Enjoying a mixed kebab>> These places are good if you're looking for a meal, but if you're too busy to wait (as many people are) then fast food is usually the backup option. This may change however.... Graze is a service that delivers a small package of healthy food anywhere in the UK for £3.99. In fact it's so simple I'm sure many of us have thought of the idea in some way or another People want healthy food, but need quick food; problem, quick food generally isn't healthy, Solution; offer quick food that is healthy and reasonably priced
  2. 2. It's convenient- can be delivered anywhere (and even be put through your mailbox!) The innovation comes from the use of technology. Their interactive site lists the various food types that they do (up to a 100 different foods to choose from), next to which you have 5 options; Bin, Like, Try or Love. This is a flexible, user friendly approach because rather than having simply “like” or “dislike” it caters to the various moods people are in. The use of technology extends to of social media in network marketing. They offer deals through groupon and various other sites where you can get your first box half price. Through this they entice customers, but at the same time they don't devalue their brand. These people then market the product through youtube and various other social media sites. The scary thing is, the chain of network marketing that is created is potentially endless. So Graze? Fast food? Kebabs? This all seems confusing, but what I'm getting at is very simple. London has a lot to offer, it's diversity is shown not only through the different types of food, but also through the food itself. People from all over the world come to these places, and learn about what's on offer! If you don't believe me take a look below! Maybe if companies like Graze, that use the internet in the way they do, become the go to option for fast food, people will stop going to places like McDonalds and start exploring London's hidden treasure. Until then, I suppose, it will stay hidden.