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Catharina Almskoug - Sweden


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Presentation made by Catharina Almskoug.

Published in: Education
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Catharina Almskoug - Sweden

  1. 1. My name is Catharina Almskoug. I teach at Malmö Borgarskola, an uppersecondaryschool in the verysouthof Sweden. My subjectsare Swedish, Swedish as a second language (L2), Religion History and Psychology. Thisyear I workwith students whoaredyslectic and alsowith students whotakeSwedish as L2. My organisation is a bigschoolwithabout 1500 students. TheystudyNatural science, Economics, International Baccalaureate and wealsohave an emphasis on sports in someof the programs. I havebeenworkinghere for quite a long time and actuallythis is my last semester beforeretirement. I ammarried and havetwochildren, 25 and 27 years old. The weekof the course my husband also visits Rome and wearestaying in Casa Santa Sofia in Monti. Malmö Borgarskola