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Al4ED questionnnaire


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Questionnaire designed for the mobilities of the LLP GRUNDTVIG Project AL4ED

Published in: Education
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Al4ED questionnnaire

  1. 1. AL4ED MONITORING AND EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE This is a monitoring questionnaire to check the quality of the processes developing during the project. Each participant, both staff and learners, are kindly requested to express her/his own point of view to be shared and discussed in order to improve the results Individual mobility of____________________________________________ Country_______________________________________________________ Dates__________________________________________________________ 1. Are you satisfied with the organisation of the mobility? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. How would you evaluate the topic of this mobility? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3. How easy or difficult was to work on the previous topic locally? _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 4. Did you learn something new during your mobility and at the local presentations? And how you value this learning? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. 4. The best moment of the mobility: or What did you miss in this mobility? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 5. What would you like to suggest to your host? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 6. Choose your smile to express your satisfaction with the mobility outstanding!!! very good!!!! positive marginal unsatisfactory We woud appreciate it if you would put your name down and please sign this Questionnaire.