The Calendar Legacy Ch. 3.5


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The Calendar Legacy Ch. 3.5

  1. 1. “LUKE! Wait up! I wanna ring the doorbell!” April called as she ran to catch up with her brother. “No way. I’m older, I get to ring the doorbell.” “LUUUUUKKKKKE!” “Luke, let your sister ring the doorbell.” “MOOMMM!” “Luke.” “FINNNEEEE.”
  2. 2. “Welcome,” Patrick said when the group entered. “The kids are all playing in the backyard.” “Thanks!” April called out as the two kids raced off to find their cousins. March sighed. “I swear those two have more energy than a whole football team.” “They sure do,” a voice called out from a distance.
  3. 3. “Maya!” March explained as she quickly turned around and hugged her cousin. “Don’t you ever disappear on me like that again. I’ve missed you so much!” Maya laughed. “I won’t. But I don’t regret doing it. I have Brianna now.” “That’s right! Mom told me you had a daughter now. Where is she? Can I meet her?” “She’s outside playing with the other kids. You can meet her later.”
  4. 4. April and Luke joined Brianna, Savannah, and Shelby outside on the playground. They played for a few minutes before their moms dragged them back inside to watch the event that they had all gathered for that afternoon – the birthdays of Austin and Logan.
  5. 5. Everybody gathered around and watched as Laura Lynn and February brought the two to their individual cakes. Logan would be making his way into toddlerhood, and Austin would be joining the twins as a child.
  6. 6. As soon as the two grew up and changed, Austin joined his sisters and cousins back out on the playground.
  7. 7. Logan, meanwhile, sat happily and entertained himself while the adults around him talked. He was content to just watch all the people around and was perfectly comfortable in a room full of people.
  8. 8. While Logan happily watched the adults talk, March chatted with Valerie about her pregnancy. “So I heard you’re having triplets?” March asked excitedly.
  9. 9. Valerie laughed. “Yes, its true. We just found out.” “Wow! You’re going to have your hands full.” “I don’t mind. I love being a mother.” “Mom!!!!” Shelby screamed. “Can you come outside and help me.” Valerie smiled. “That’s my cue, I’ll be right back.”
  10. 10. Valerie rushed off to tend to her children and March turned her attention to Payton. “So, how’s my new nephew doing?” Payton grinned. “He’s great.”
  11. 11. “Kenya’s home with Jacob right now. She says she’s eager to return to her job, but I know she’s enjoying spending time with him while she’s on maternity leave. She dotes on him constantly.”
  12. 12. “Tell Kenya I plan to stop by tomorrow to bring Jacob a present. I plan to spoil him as much as I do the rest of my nieces and nephews.” “I’ll tell. I’m sure she’ll be glad for the company.” ~~~~~~~~
  13. 13. The warmth of spring turned into the even warmer weather of summer as a new season took over Time Riviera. To celebrate, the time family added a greenhouse to their estate. February had cut down her hours at the hospital and took charge of tending to the new garden.
  14. 14. To the kids delight, they also added a pool to the backyard. Now the kids would have a place to cool off and play around during the hot summer weather.
  15. 15. As soon as April returned home from school one day, she ran over to her baby sister. “Guess what? It’s your birthday today!” Kaitlin gurgled happily as she watched her sister entertain her. April continued to play with her to make her sister smile.
  16. 16. After a few minutes, Kaitlin grew bored and started tiring out. She let her sleepy eyes close for a few seconds, then abruptly opened then, trying to force herself to stay awake. “Mom!” April called. “Kaitlin's falling asleep!”
  17. 17. March walked over and picked her up. Kaitlin fussed as she held her arms out to her mom.
  18. 18. The little girl yawned sleepily as her mom carried her into the nursery and placed her in a crib. “Sleep tight,” March whispered. “You want to be wide awake for your birthday later.” Kaitlin fell asleep within a few seconds, and March quietly slipped out of the room to finish setting up for the party.
  19. 19. The guests arrived shortly, and as soon as Kaitlin woke up from her nap, February carried her out to the party. The rest of the family cheered as February helped Kaitlin make her way into toddlerhood.
  20. 20. Kaitlin giggled happily as soon as she became a toddler. February smiled. “Why don’t we let you’re mother change into the pretty new dress she bought you?” Kaitlin smiled enthusiastically.
  21. 21. March changed her into her new dress and fixed her hair, before bringing her back out to the party. “Ready for some cake?” she asked. “Cake!” Kaitlin screamed excitedly. March knew she would probably have to wash her dress later, but it was worth it to see her daughter happy.
  22. 22. Outside, the kids were taking full advantage of the new pool. “Everybody watch me as I do the most awesome dive ever!” April called out as she marched bravely down the diving board and proceeded to do a cannonball into the water.”
  23. 23. “Did everybody see that?” April asked after she finished. “Nope,” replied Luke. “I just figured out how to float. I’m a little busy at the moment.” April pouted for a few seconds, but then shrugged. “Hey! Who wants to see me do a flip off the diving board?”
  24. 24. “Absolutely not!” replied Laura Lynn. She had offered to watch the kids while they swam, and was happy to cool off from the hot summer heat while spending time with her siblings and cousins. “I don’t want anyone to do anything that could get themselves hurt. Now, why don’t you play Marco Polo?” All the kids happily agreed. The elected April to be “it” first and spent the rest of the afternoon playing.
  25. 25. One afternoon, Maya sat in Brianna’s room playing with her daughter. She had the day off from work, so she picked Brianna up from school and planned an afternoon of mother and daughter bonding. They had just started another game of red hands when Maya’s phone rang. “Hang on a minute,” Maya told Brianna. “Let me take this call and then we can continue with our game.”
  26. 26. Maya stepped away and answered the phone. “Hello? Hi, Mom!” Maya’s expression quickly changed when she heard what her mother had to say. “When did it happen?” A tear rolled down her cheek. “Okay, I’ll be right over. Talin just got home, so he can watch Brianna.”
  27. 27. Maya arrived at her parent’s house to find her mother silently weeping over her dad’s grave. The grim reaper had come for Joshua that morning as the two cleaned up the dishes from breakfast. Although they knew it his time was coming, they still hadn’t expected it when it happened.
  28. 28. Faye walked over to her daughter and pulled her into a hug. “Thanks for coming,” she said, tears still streaming down her face. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” The two held each other in silence for a while before Faye finally pulled away.
  29. 29. “I have an errand that I need to run. Something I need to take care of immediately. Can you stay here until I get back?” “Of course, Mom. Take you’re time. I’ll have dinner ready when you get back.” Although Maya was not usually a cook, it was the least she could do for her mother in this time of grief. Hopefully she could manage not to burn the food this time. “Thanks dear.”
  30. 30. Faye navigated her way to the flower shop as she had done many times in the past. By the time she arrived, she had regained her composure enough to do what had to be done. Faye had given up on her dreams of owning five successful businesses years ago when her mother disappeared. She had dedicated most of her time first to finding her mother, and then to raising Maya. Faye had absolutely no regrets about how her life had turned out. She had raised a beautiful daughter and now had an adorable granddaughter to dote upon. She had sold her other business years ago, but had kept onto Faye’s flowers because it was her first business, her pride and joy. But now, with Joshua gone, it was time to let it go.
  31. 31. Faye walked into the shop and finding it filled to the brim with customer’s, still as successful as ever. Faye smiled. Although her hard work and dedication had built this shop from the ground, it’s continued success was due to the dedication of the man behind the counter. Alvin was her first employee many years ago and had been promoted to manager many years ago when Faye was pregnant with Maya. After college, he returned to run the shop full time and was now married with a family of his own. “Alvin, can I talk to you in the back for a few minutes? It’s important?” “Sure, let me just get one of the other employees to run the cash register, and I’ll be right there.”
  32. 32. A few minutes later, the two sat down to talk. “I heard about your husband, Mrs. Ruben, I’m sorry for your loss.” Faye smiled sadly, “Thank you, but please, you know you can call me Faye, you’ve worked for me way to long to call me anything else,” she paused and continued. “I hope you know how much I’ve appreciated all the hard work you’ve put into the flower shop. That’s why I’ve decided to retire and sell the business over to you.” Faye handed him a contract. “I think you’ll find the price reasonable. Alvin skimmed over the contract and gasped. “But you’re practically giving me the shop for nothing. I don’t want to rip you off. “You’re not. And you deserve it after working for me for so long.”
  33. 33. Alvin got up. “Thank you so much. You won’t regret this.” He reached out to shake his hand, but Faye pulled him into a hug instead. “Congratulation’s on being the owner of your own business.” Faye took one last look around the shop, and then returned home, confident that she had left it in good hands. ~~~~~~~~
  34. 34. Luke and April were dropped off after school one day, and Luke ran over to his cousins, filled with excitement. “Guess what? Guess what?” Luke started to wait for them to guess, but was too impatient and quickly continued. “Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m having a really big party, and you are all invited!
  35. 35. Savannah jumped up from her swing. “I know! And the day after your birthday is our birthday and then we’ll all be teens and can go downtown together meet cute boys and dance and it’ll be so much fun!” Shelby paused to take a breath and then added, “And we’ll get new clothes too! It’ll be so much fun!!!”
  36. 36. “Hey! Wait a minute. Who said I’m going to wait for you guys to go downtown. I’m gonna be a teen a whole day ahead of the two of you so therefore I shouldn’t have to wait.”
  37. 37. Shelby was obviously hurt that their cousin cared so little and started to get tears in her eyes, but Savannah ran over to argue with Luke. “Luke! We’ve always done everything together. You have to wait for us! Pretty please with chocolate marshmallows on top!”
  38. 38. Luke considered their request for a moment, then finally conceded. “Fine. I’ll wait. But you better get me a good present for my birthday!”
  39. 39. Savannah and Shelby jumped up and down with excitement. “This is going to be so much fun!” Shelby stated one last time. “Mommyyyyy!!!!!” Savannah called out. “Can we go shop for Luke’s birthday present now?”
  40. 40. “Not right honey. I’m a little busy.” Valerie gasped in pain. She always seemed to go into labor when Patrick was at work. Oh well, she had done this alone before, and she could do this alone again. Triplets or not.
  41. 41. A short while later Valerie beamed has she admired her three, healthy little ones. She cuddled Levi in her arms, while Jackson sat happily in the rocker and Virginia stared ahead, mesmerized at the the little toys above.
  42. 42. The next day, another little girl was mesmerized by something just out of her reach. Kaitlin stared intently at the object sitting in front of her. She had just learned how to walk and started to take a few steps forward in order to get closer. “Not so fast.”
  43. 43. March picked Kaitlin up and brought her away from Luke’s cake. “Cake!!!” Kaitlin whined. “Now!!!” “We have to wait until Luke’s birthday party, okay?” “Pweasse???” “Sorry. We have to wait until later.” To distract her, March started tickling her until Kaitlin was giggling so much that her previous endeavor was entirely forgotten.
  44. 44. The guest started to arrive and Luke greeted his aunt, uncle, and cousins at the door. “Come on in! The party’s just starting. Patrick and Valerie had gotten a babysitter for the triplets so the rest of the family could come to the party. “Where do you want me to put your present, Luke?” “Mom says that the presents can go on the kitchen counter.” “Okay!” Savannah rushed off to put the present down. “Luke, you’re gonna love what we got you!”
  45. 45. As soon as everyone around, the gathered around to watch him transition into a teenager. Luke looked around to make sure everyone was watching him before stepping up the cake.
  46. 46. Luke closed his eyes and made a wish before blowing out the candles and making his way into the next stage of life.
  47. 47. Luke transitioned and glanced down at his clothes. “You have GOT to be kidding me,” he said when he saw his outfit.
  48. 48. Luke grumbled as he changed into the outfit he had gotten at the store earlier. Why did he always have to transition into the worst outfits.
  49. 49. Luke returned to the party and started talking to Cole, when Savannah came over and started to laugh at him. “That….outfit….was….so…..funny!!!” she said, in between giggles. “Seriously! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more ridiculous transition outfit.” Luke glanced down at her and growled. “You little twerp!”
  50. 50. Luke turned toward Savannah and lost control. He started to hit her, but Cole stopped him. “Dude, not cool man. Leave my little sister alone.” “Whatever.” Luke scowled. “You know what? I’m out of here. I think I’ll go check out the scene downtown.” Shelby gasped. “But Luke! You promised you would wait for us.” “Well, I’m breaking my promise.”
  51. 51. Luke grabbed the keys from the counter and began to cross the room to the garage. “Mom, Dad, I’m taking the car. I’ll be back late, so don’t wait up for me.” “Not so fast.”
  52. 52. Luke crossed the room and stopped his son. “The only place you’re going is upstairs to talk.” Luke steamed with anger. “Get out of my way.” “Don’t talk to me like that, son.” John took the keys out of his son’s hand. “Go upstairs now.”
  53. 53. John followed his son upstairs to talk. “Luke, I’m extremely disappointed in how you reacted tonight.” “She deserved it. Savannah was laughing at me.” “Still, that doesn’t give you the right to react the way you did.”
  54. 54. John turned to him and sighed. “Look, I know that you’re cousins can be trying at times, but that doesn’t give you the right to be violent, or the right to break your promise to your cousin. A promise is a promise.” Luke stared off into space. “Whatever.” John sighed. They would have difficult years ahead now that they had a teenager on their hands. “Look, I’m not going to ground you this time, but something like this can’t happen again. If it does, you’ll be grounded until college. Understand?” “Fine,” Luke stammered.
  55. 55. John got up and pulled his reluctant son into a hug. “Why don’t you go to your room for a while to cool off and I’ll take care of the party.”
  56. 56. Downstairs, Savannah had disappeared, and Shelby finally found her sitting alone in the chapel. “Are you okay?” Shelby asked her twin. “I’m fine. I’m tough. Luke doesn’t scare me.”
  57. 57. Shelby went around and sat down next to Savannah. “You know, you probably shouldn’t have laughed at him like that.” “I know, but it was funny. I didn’t know he would react the way he did. Do you think I should apologize?” “Yes,” Shelby answered. “Mommy says even if the other people are wrong, we should still be the better people and apologize first. But I think you’ll have to wait to apologize, because Uncle John said that Luke’s not coming back to the party. And then Daddy said the we should go home.
  58. 58. Before they returned to the house, Savannah hugged her sister. “Thanks, Shelby. I’m glad I’m your twin.”
  59. 59. The party ended, Payton returned home, restless about all that had happened at the party. He was glad now that they had decided to have a small party for Jacob tonight.
  60. 60. Payton found Kenya in the kitchen, feeding Jacob his bottle. “How was the party?” she asked when she saw her husband enter the room.” “I’ll tell you about it later,” Payton said. “Right now it’s Jacob’s big moment.”
  61. 61. Payton took Jacob from Kenya. He was amazed at how fast he was growing up. It felt like just yesterday that he was born, and now he was becoming a toddler.
  62. 62. Payton carried Jacob over to the cake. “Ready, squirt?” he asked. “You’ll be running all over the place before you know it.”
  63. 63. Payton threw his son into the air and just like that, his baby boy became a toddler.
  64. 64. Payton took Jacob and changed him into his new clothes. “Much better. You’ll be attracting the other little girls at daycare for sure.” Kenya had expressed her desire to return to work once Jacob was a toddler, and the two decided it would be a good way for him to socialize with kids his own age, since he was an only child. Jacob yawned and Payton realized that it was past his son’s bedtime. He hurried off to put him to bed.
  65. 65. After he tucked Jacob in, Payton returned to find that Kenya had prepared something for dinner. As they ate, Payton told her what had happened at the party. “That’s awful,” Kenya commented when Payton finished. “It makes me glad that Jacob is younger than most of his cousins.” “Well he’s almost the same age as Kaitlin,” Payton added. “But I’m sure they’ll get along fine.” “I’m sure you’re right. But I still worry.” Payton smiled. “That’s what makes you such a great mom.”
  66. 66. The next morning, the two other mom’s worried over their own children. “Savannah feels pretty bad about laughing at Luke. She wants to come over and apologize before her birthday today.” March sighed. “I wish I thought that would help, Valerie, but Luke’s still pretty angry. I think it best if the girls wait until they’re teenagers to see him again. Over the phone, she could here Valerie sigh. “I wish there was something we could do to get the kids to be friends again.” “You know what? I think there is. I have an idea.”
  67. 67. Valerie listened carefully as March explained her plan. “I think that just might work.” The two agreed to talk to their respective kids and hung up.
  68. 68. Later, the family gathered around to watch the twins grow up. It was a much smaller party than Luke had, but the twins didn’t care. They were fine as long as they had each other.
  69. 69. After the girls changed, they headed out to the backyard to talk.
  70. 70. Savannah had decided that she wanted lots of money in life and that she would do it by becoming the CEO of a major corporation.
  71. 71. Shelby, on the other hand, desired a family more than anything else. Her greatest desire is to see three children graduate from college.
  72. 72. The two sat outside for a while and talked about what their mother said. The both agreed that they needed to make things right with their cousin and that March and their mother’s plan was the perfect plan. Now they just had to execute it.
  73. 73. That night, Savannah and Shelby headed out to meet Luke. Their parents had given them the keys to the car for the night so they could go to the new dance club, 4Ever, that had just opened in town. March had given Luke the keys to her car and suggested that he check out the new club.
  74. 74. When Savannah and Shelby walked in, the music was blasting, and the dance floor was full. It took them a minute, but they finally found Luke sitting at the counter, alone.
  75. 75. They took a seat at a table behind them and looked at him. “He still looks pretty angry,” Savannah noted as they observed their cousin. “Maybe we should just try again another day.” “No, Savannah. We need to apologize now. Come on, let’s go.” “Okay.” Savannah sighed. “Here goes nothing.”
  76. 76. Luke gazed up at the bartender. “Come on, there’s got to be cute girls here somewhere. Maybe a blonde or two?” “They’re not blondes, but two brunettes your age are coming up behind you.” Luke turned around, only to be disappointed to discover his cousins standing there behind him.
  77. 77. “What are you two doing here?” “Your mom told us you’d be here,” Savannah answered. “I wanted to apologize for laughing at you at your party yesterday.” “Apology NOT accepted. Now if you’ll excuse, me, I have things to do.” “Wait, Luke, You can’t leave!” Savannah yelled. “Please, our moms want us to make up. And we’re all teenagers now so we can do things together.” “Do you always do what your mommy tells you to do.”
  78. 78. “Shelby, this isn’t going as planned. Maybe we should just leave.” “No, we’re not going to leave. We came here to apologize to Luke and we’re not leaving here until he accepts your apology.” “You’re wasting your time, my dear cousins. I’m never going to accept your apology. You both are brats that don’t deserve to be forgiven” His comment angered Savannah and to defend herself she barked, “You just don’t like us because you know that we’re better than you.” “I can beat you at anything. Just name the time and place.” “How about a dance contest. Right here. Right now.”
  79. 79. “No way, dancing is for girls. Can’t you think of something else?” “Is wittle Wuukkey scared of a little dancing?” Savannah asked. “I thought you said you could beat me anytime, anywhere.” “Fine! I’ll participate in your little dance contest and show that I’m better than you once and for all!”
  80. 80. Shelby immediately headed over to the dance floor. “I’m going to need everyone to clear the dance floor so my sister and cousin can have a dance contest.” The patrons of the dance club glanced up at Shelby curiously, but continued dancing in their current spots. Shelby tried again. “Please…move.” Again, nothing.
  81. 81. “You heard the lady, let’s clear the dance floor people. I’m D.J. Midnight and tonight we’re going to have a dance contest! Contestants, line up on the dance floor and get ready to move your feet to the beat.”
  82. 82. As the patrons cleared, Luke and Savannah took their respective places on the dance floor and began to dance.
  83. 83. Savannah started to get really into the music, while look tried nervously to dance to the music. The crowd started to cheer for Savannah. “This is stupid,” Luke thought. “I’m never going to win. I’ve got to do something.”
  84. 84. Luke nervously glanced around and started to inconspicuously move over toward Savannah. When she wasn’t looking, he scooted over and “accidently” bumped into her.
  85. 85. Savannah gasped as she lost her balance and headed straight for the floor.
  86. 86. She managed to catch herself just in the nick of to keep from falling flat on her face. “Fine,” she thought. “If Luke wants to play dirty, then I can too.”
  87. 87. Savannah stood up like nothing had happened and the two started dancing again, really getting into the music.
  88. 88. Savannah did a graceful spin and as she did, she brought her foot swiftly under Luke’s to knock him off balance……
  89. 89. …..and they both went flying to the floor.
  90. 90. As soon as the two stood back up, a full-fledged argument ensued. “YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!” yelled Luke. “ONLY BECAUSE YOU DID IT FIRST!” replied Savannah. “I ONLY DID IT BECAUSE THIS DANCE CONTEST IS STUPID.” “YOU ONLY THINK IT’S STUPID BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO WIN!” “WILL YOU BOTH JUST SHUT UP!” interrupted Shelby.
  91. 91. Luke slapped his forehead. “I did not need this tonight. I’m going to find a different club. Someplace I can enjoy the night without you two brats.” “Come on, Savannah,” Shelby said. “You’re right, this was a bad idea. Let’s just leave and go home.” Savannah glared at her cousin one last time, before turning around and leaving with Savannah. “And don’t you dare tell your mom about this!” yelled Luke as the two walked away.”
  92. 92. Several hours later, Luke returned home. He had gone to another club, but hadn’t had any fun after what happened at the first one. His two cousins had successfully ruined his first night on the town. Luke turned off the car and headed up to his room, planning to sleep until noon the next day.
  93. 93. Bright and early the next morning, Kaitlin wandered into his room. “Wuuukkke” she cried. “Cake! Cake!” Luke groaned. There went his plans for sleeping late. He rolled out of bed. “Come on squirt, let’s go eat breakfast.”
  94. 94. Luke carried Kaitlin downstairs and placed her into her high chair. “Cake!” she screamed again. Kaitlin had become obsessed with anything with the word “cake” in it, and loved when March made pancakes. “Good morning, Luke,” March greeted her son with a smile. “Are you joining us for breakfast?” “Did I have a choice? This little one woke me up.”
  95. 95. They sat down to eat and March asked Luke how the night before Luke went. “It was fine,” Luke grunted. He didn’t want to get in trouble again for not getting along with his cousins. April sensed her older brother’s hesitation to share the details of his night, so she decided to change the subject for him.
  96. 96. “Guess what, Luke? Brianna and Austin and Eddy from my class at school are coming over today to play. Mommy said we couldn’t play in the pool without supervision. Will you play in the pool with us?” “Sorry, but I already have plans for today. We have a huge group project due in English on Monday and I have to meet with the rest of my group to finish it up.” April looked disappointed for a minute, but then cheered up. “That’s okay! We can play on the playground instead.” “Speaking of which,” interrupted March, “your guests are going to be here soon, so you need to finish breakfast and go get dressed.” “Okay!”
  97. 97. An hour later, April was out on the playground playing with her friends. The kids had decided that the merry-go-round was a pirate ship and they were sailing through the open see. “This is Captain April speaking! All hands on deck!” “Aye, aye, Captain.”
  98. 98. “I spy land, Captain April,” shouted Brianna. She and the two boys had been given the job of looking for land. “Let’s steer this ship home!” called April as she pretended to turn a huge wheel.
  99. 99. After a while longer of playing, April raised her hand. “Is anyone else bored of this game.” “Yes,” chorused the rest of the kids. The kids thought for a minute about what to do next. Finally, Austin exclaimed, “I know! Let’s have a rock papers scissors tournament!” “Okay!” the others agreed.
  100. 100. The kids jumped off of the merry-go-round and immediately split into two. Austin and Brianna faced off first. “Ready?” asked Brianna. “One, Two, Three, Shoot.” Austin landed on paper and Brianna simultaneously landed on rock. “Yes!” screamed Austin. “I win!” “Let’s go watch April and Eddy,” Brianna suggested.
  101. 101. A few feet away, April and Eddy were preparing to start their game. “Alright, let’s go,” said April. “One, Two, Three, Shoot.”
  102. 102. As April called shoot, her handed opened up into scissors. Eddy hesitated a second, before forming his hand into rock. “I win!” exclaimed Eddy. “I get to play Austin now.” April stared at Eddy as realization of what had happened slowly spread onto her face.
  103. 103. “NO FAIR.YOU CHEATED,” she cried out. “YOU SAW THAT I HAD SCISSORS BEFORE YOU DID ROCK.” “So?” asked Eddy. “I still won.” “You’re cheater, Eddy. I’m never ever ever going to forgive you.” April ran off and Brianna followed her. “You take care of Eddy,” she called out to Austin and she left.”
  104. 104. Briana followed April to the greenhouse, where she sat down glooming on a bench. “Boys are stupid,” Brianna said as she took a seat next to her cousin.
  105. 105. April turned to her cousin. “You think?” she said sarcastically. “April, boys are stupid and they’re always going to do things that make us mad. It’s what they do. And its our job to forgive them for it.” April thought for a moment, then sighed. “Fine. I’ll forgive him.”
  106. 106. “Thanks for talking to me, Brianna. I’m a lot less angry now.” “No problem. That’s what family is for. Just know that I’ll always have your back, and so will Austin.” “Same here.”
  107. 107. The two girls returned to the playground, where Austin had just finished convincing Eddy that what he did was wrong. “Hey, April, can I talk to you for a minute?” asked Eddy. “Sure.”
  108. 108. “I’m sorry about cheating. It was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it.” “It’s okay, I forgive you.” April smiled. “Who wants to play on the merry-go-round again?” “Sure!” Brianna called. “This time it can be a spaceship!” added Austin. “And you can be the pilot, April,” chimed in Eddy.
  109. 109. The kids ran off to start their new game, all anger completely forgotten. ~~~~~~~~
  110. 110. Traviata finished pulling the last of clothes out of the drawer and slammed it shut with a loud, “thud.” After making sure everything was in order, she flicked her wand and transported her things to her final destination. They should be safe until she got there.
  111. 111. After making sure the rest of her house was tidy, she wandered over to the mirror and smiled. She had been planning this journey for a while, and it was finally time. She would be there in the morning and finally get the answers she needed.
  112. 112. It wouldn’t be safe to travel until dark, so Traviata spent the rest of the afternoon studying the new things she could do with her new powers. The more she learned, the more she was amazed at how powerful she would be now. If people thought she was deadly before, wait until they saw her now.
  113. 113. As soon as the sun set and darkness fell over the sky, Traviata headed out. The trip would be a long one and take all night, so she had to hurry if she wanted to make it there by sunrise.
  114. 114. A warm summer breeze rustled the whistles on her broomstick as she prepared to take off. She would reach her final destination soon enough.
  115. 115. Traviata flew as fast as she could all night and reached the castle she had once called home shortly before sunrise. She knew that her mother would be out right now, wrecking havoc on the mortal locals. That gave her the place all the herself until the sun came up.
  116. 116. Traviata knew where she was going and headed straight to her mother’s throne. It was here that her mother ruled over all magical beings as the High Witch of Darkness.
  117. 117. Her mother returned shortly after the sun peaked over the horizon, as Traviata knew she would. Victoria smiled when she returned and found her daughter. “It’s great that you’re home, dear, but you’re sitting in my seat.” “Am I?” ~~~~~~~~
  118. 118. Thanks for reading! Name: Logan King 2/9/9/5/1  Gemini Pre-rolled Aspiration: Fortune Here are some more generations 4 stats! Name: Jacob Wilkie 2/9/9/5/1 Gemini Pre-rolled Aspiration: Popularity Name: Kaitlin Time 10/7/10/7/1 Scorpio Pre-rolled Aspiration: Pleasure Name: Austin King 2/9/9/5/1 Gemini Pre-rolled Aspiration: Pleasure