Fashion –my shape


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a guide to know and understand your body language and its type and how to dress accordingly.

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Fashion –my shape

  1. 1. Fashion design – MY SHAPE Presentation by Simiraaj Fashion Design Department 10.4.2013 Vimala college, Thrissur.
  2. 2. Introduction Comfort is the prime concern in fashion clothing. Being fashionable doesn't mean to be vulgar or over dressed. Dressing up yourself with unique style statement, understanding the body type and other features and enhancing them to give that X factor to your fashion attitude is the key to be a fashion follower and a trendsetter. Moving to the opposite direction ends up yourself as a fashion disaster. Further discussion in this presentation will give you a makeover to your fashion vision and help you understand the technical and functional ideas to be fashionable. The right amount of push in the right direction will give you the best result for the fashion diva in
  3. 3. Body types
  4. 4. Inverted triangle / V shaped Shoulder is wider than the hip  Upper body is proportionally larger  Broad shoulder  Ample bust  Wide back  Flat butts  Beautiful shaped legs are the asset for this body 
  5. 5. How to dress Avoid horizontal stripes at shoulder  Add definition to waist line  Avoid covering shoulder  Avoid frills, lace and ruffles at shoulder  Add fullness to skirts or dresses at waist line  Wear sleeveless, one shoulder or spaghetti tops  Wear heels to give a push to rise the flat butt and derive the ‘S’ shape 
  6. 6. Styles for V shaped body
  7. 7. Pencil / lean / column / straight / boyish shaped and rectangle shape       Basically straight silhouette(no curves) Shoulder, bust, waist n hips are proportionally the same Small busted Flat bottom than round Lower legs always in shape Rectangle shape is the same with wider
  8. 8. How to dress Accentuate the waist line with a wide dark belt to give curves to body  Give illusion of fullness to upper and lower body to create more curves to your body  Wide necks give more appeal  Wear tight fitted skinny jeans to define the legs  Wear tiered and skirts with fullness  Wear high heels to push up the butt 
  9. 9. Round / apple / oval shaped Large bust, narrow hips and full midsection  Undefined waist  Heavy upper body  Full shorter neck and face  Flat buttocks  Slender legs are your asset 
  10. 10. How to dress De-emphasize your mid section and create a more defined waist  Wear tops that taper till waist  Wrap style top or jackets  Add fullness to lower body to get curves  Wear tops with vertical details  Wear wide V or U shaped necks  Wear pants with full or wide legs  Show off your slender legs but don’t go off too short 
  11. 11. Triangle / pear shaped Hips are larger than shoulder  Elegant neck and slim arms and shoulder  Well defined waist line is your asset  Tend to gain weight at lower body 
  12. 12. How to dress Emphasize the waist line  De-emphasize the lower body  Enhance the upper body adding fullness with wide necks, structured shoulders  Wear bright colored and bold pattern tops  Straight pants , A-line skirts with dark colors and straight lines will taper the lower body 
  13. 13. Hour glass shaped The shape with perfection  Hips, bust, shoulders, buttocks are all in proportion  Rounded bottom, beautiful side and front profile  Picture harmony and balance 
  14. 14. How to dress Proportional dressing , accentuating waist  Show off your waist by wearing wide belt over the shirt or top  Any style tops can be worn  Wear tapered, princess fitted garments  Proportionally add fullness to upper and lower body to steal the eyes  Luckily hourglass figure can wear any type of bottoms and show off your legs any amount 
  15. 15. BASIC SIZES The basic 3 sizes to determine are:  S  M  L
  16. 16. PETITE vs. other sizes The petite women comes in all sizes  They are women who are 5’3 foot (160cm) and below in height  Whereas the other sizes are regular women of size 5’5 foot  A petite women can be xs,s,m,l,xl,xxl,xxl…. 
  17. 17. Plus size They are over weight people  Also termed as ‘out sized’  A petite can also be a plus size  Sometimes they can be huge and tall as well  In some case you can be plus sized at certain body parts, like bust, hip, waist 
  18. 18. Conclusion As we said earlier, a right push in the right direction can actually do magic to your style and attitude towards fashion. Stay in FASHION.
  19. 19. Thank you