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Public relations


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public relations

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Public relations

  2. 2. Sales PromotionDef- Sales promotion comprises a range of tactical marketing techniques designed within a strategic marketing framework to add value to a product or service in order to achieve specific sales and marketing objectives
  3. 3. Techniques utilized for salespromotion Gifts Coupons Contests Lucky draws Free sample
  4. 4. Types of sales promotion General nature- e.g. short term value gain Very targeted- e.g. gain trial among women about their fashion concerns
  5. 5. Objectives of SalesPromotion Increasing sales or business volume Increasing trial orders Increasing repeat purchase Increasing product or brand loyalty Widening product or brand usage Creating interest Creating awareness Deflecting attention from the price Gaining intermediary support Gaining display
  6. 6. Increasing sales or businessvolume Short term strategy used during the lean period or off session Can also be for clearing old stock Can be used in new areas or for new products This exercise brings in additional marginal buyers who may or may not go for repeat purchase
  7. 7. Increasing Trial Can be effective for bringing in extra volume from new customers Potential customers have to be influenced to purchase by the following methods: Providing free sample or trial coupon Additional benefits so that your product or service appears to be superior than competitors product or service Short- term financial benefits such as price discount or credit facility Appealing sophisticated & educated buyers with creative & imaginative exercise like quiz contest or identification of photograph of players, film stars etc
  8. 8. Increasing repeat purchase Extra benefits can be coupons on the product giving discount on the next purchase or specific incentives for multiple purchases or it can be collectors promotion for example collect few specified empty caps for which the buyer can exchange & get a gift for it.
  9. 9. Increasing LoyaltyLoyalty promotions are designed to achieve a high level of personal identification with company’s product & services. There are number of sales promotion techniques offered fro retaining loyalty: Long term collector’s promotion Clubs where people can join
  10. 10. Public RelationsDef: It can be defined as a the process of communication by providing favorable information of a product/company to the public, it includes positive guest relations, publicity
  11. 11. Public Relations Rank second in importance after personal selling They can be used very effectively to reach the most influential people The impact of these influential people is much higher in developed countries Once press release is given marketer looses control over it Best media and editors must be identified for this kind of promotion
  12. 12. Public Relations Usually are planned out by the marketer Marketer looses control once the press release is done
  13. 13. PublicityDef- Publicity is defined as any unpaid form of presentation of news and reports in any media used by potential customers as to obtain gains in its business & marketing objectives
  14. 14. Features of Publicity Publicity is a part of the public relations Publicity supports advertising, lending credibility with unbiased third party mentions and endorsements. Publicity can be unplanned, such as when a celebrity visits your establishment and talks to media persons about his stay Planned publicity such as getting the word about expansions and special programs, is more likely to promote your firm in positive ways
  15. 15. Developing promotionalmaterialsSeveral types of promotional materials are typically used in conjunction with public relations and publicity campaigns. Press kit includes : A letter of introduction A summary sheet A basic news release Photographs Biographies and photographs of key personnel News clippings Advertising materials
  16. 16. Types of publicity News release- a news story about a special event, a celebrity guest, a new promotional program, or another interesting topic sent to the news media Travel writers- another way to encourage publicity is to invite travel writers to the “hotel establishment”