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Getting started-with-similar web-api


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Learn about SimilarWeb API

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Getting started-with-similar web-api

  1. 1. Getting Started with SimilarWeb API
  2. 2. Don’t Panic! If you’re reading this, it is safe to assume you are some kind of data geek. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a code guru or don’t know how to write a single line of code – by the end of this short guide you’ll know how to make the most of SimilarWeb’s data via API. The purpose of the guide is to walk you through the process of getting started. We will review the following issues: Signing up for a free trial account Making a request to the API Monitoring your usage Our Data
  3. 3. 1 Signing up for a trial account This is very straightforward and if you already have an account, feel free to proceed to the next chapter. To be on the safe side, let’s go over the steps: 1. Go to (Our API site) 2. Click on “Sign Up” 3. Fill the form and hit “Get Started” 4. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. If you don’t find it immediately, check your spam folder or search for “SimilarWeb” in your inbox. If all else fails, try again, or contact us. 5. Click on the confirmation link.
  4. 4. 6. You’ll be directed to the login page. Please enter your user name and password. 7. You are now ready to make your first API call. We recommend starting in “Our APIs” section to learn more about all the available data and documentation. If you’re looking for some inspiration and use cases, check out our “Use Cases” page.
  5. 5. 2 Making a request to the API All requests are HTTP requests with a programmatic structure of 3 required parameters (Domain, Endpoint, Key) and a few optional parameters, depending on the specific data you’ll try to retrieve. Browsers can make these requests directly, and most programming languages have libraries for making these calls. Please check out our documentation for an updated view of client libraries and wrappers. API call format:[ENDPOINT]?[PARAMETER] &Format=[FORMAT]&UserKey=[SECRETKEY] Example for the Categorization API: Format=JSON&UserKey=2f34dd98dd72349a827s2s34 Domain Parameter (Required): All calls requires the domain / subdomain you wish to receive data for. If you want to get only the data relevant to the main domain not including all the subdomains, please include the parameter “md=true" (default is true). Do not add http:// before the domain. Endpoint Parameter (Required): You must include an endpoint code for every call you make, based on the specific data you’re trying to retrieve. The following table provides an overview of all the available APIs with their endpoints, as well as the relevant parameters.
  6. 6. API FAMILY API DESCRIPTION HISTORICAL DATA REQUIRE DATE RANGE GRANULARITY PAGINATION ENDPOINT Web Traffic Traffic Estimated Number of Visits for the domain 12 Months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes visits Rank & Reach SimilarWeb’s Global Rank 1 Month No - - traffic Country Rank - Ranking in the most popular country 1 Months No - - traffic Traffic Reach - Estimated percentage of the internet users, out of the entire internet traffic, who visited the domain over the last 6 months, week by week 6 Months No Weekly - traffic Traffic Sources Distribution - relative share of each traffic source over the last 3 months." 3 Months No - - traffic Average Page views per Visit (Website Engagement) Average Page views per Visit for the given domain 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes pageviews Average Visit Duration (Website Engagement) Average Visit Duration in the given domain 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes visitdura-tion Bounce Rate (Website Engagement) Bounce Rate for any of the pages in the given domain 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes bouncerate Web Content Similar Websites returns 20 similar websites and their similarity score for a given domain 1 Month No - - similarsites Also Visited receive a list of additional websites that were frequently visited by the same visitors 1 Month No - - alsovisited Website Tags Returns the 10 top Tags to any and their relevance score for a given domain 1 Month No - - tags Website Categorization returns a given domain’s category based on our content analysis and machine learning 1 Month No - - category Category Rank return a given domain’s category and its global rank within its given category 1 Month No - - Catego-ryRank Adult Websites detect the presence of adult content for a given domain 1 Month No - - Category
  7. 7. API FAMILY API DESCRIPTION HISTORICAL DATA REQUIRE DATE RANGE GRANULARITY PAGINATION ENDPOINT Web Traffic Sources Social Referrals Receive the leading social networks sending traffic to the domain 3 months no - - socialrefer-ringsites Organic Search Keywords Get access to all the Organic and Paid Search keywords leading to given domain up to 12 months back. Output is paginated (10 results per page). 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes orgsearch Paid Search Keywords paidsearch Destinations receive the 10 leading sites that receive direct clicks from the domain 3 months No - - leadingdes-tination-sites Referrals all the referring websites to a given domain up to 12 months back. Output is paginated (10 results per page). 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes referrals Organic Keyword Competitors provides streamlined access to all the domains that are competing against the chosen domain for the same Organic or Paid keywords. 12 months Yes Monthly / Weekly / Daily Yes orgkwcom-petitor Paid Keyword Competitors paidkw-competitor Mobile App Details receive the Title, Image, Publisher, Price, Main Category, Main Category ID, and Rating for a requested app 1 month No - - GetAppDe-tails Google App Installs Get estimated range of installs for a given app (Available only for Google Play Store). 1 month No - - GetAppIn-stalls Site Related Apps Receive a list of all mobile apps (App Store / Play Store) related to a given domain. 1 month No - - Get- RelatedSi-teApps
  8. 8. Time granularity (not all APIs): Some data points require specification of the time granularity of the data being returned. Date range (not all APIs): Some data points require specification of the date range of the data being returned in M-YYYY structure. Format (Not mandatory) You can choose if you want to receive the data as JSON or XML. User Key (Required): gr = daily / monthly / weekly start = M-YYYY / end = M-YYYY Well, you don’t really need an explanation to that, right? Final Example: Domain - Endpoint – Visits Granularity – gr=weekly Start Date - start=5-2014 End Date – end=6-2014 Main Domain – md=false Format=JSON UserKey=2f34dd98dd72349a827s2s34 Format = XML / JSON 2014&end=6-2014&md=false&Format=JSONUserKey=2f34dd98dd72349a827s2s34
  9. 9. Time granularity (not all APIs): <Values> <Metric> <Date>2014-05-01T00:00:00</Date> <Value>19422317108</Value> </Metric> <Metric> <Date>2014-06-01T00:00:00</Date> <Value>18918609379</Value> </Metric> </Values> Date – Time Stamp Value – Number of visits for the given domain.
  10. 10. 3 Monitoring Usage We highly recommend you check your usage from time to time in order to understand better your usage habits and see if your quota may be on the wrong side of full. 1. Click on your username on the top right corner of the page: 2. Click on “API Usage”
  11. 11. 3. Here you can see how many hits you already used in the specified timeframe: 4. Clicking on “Methods” will help you understand the breakdown among the specific endpoints.
  12. 12. 4 Our Data Diverse Sources We have more than a hundred different data sources, which helps us assess and compare the quality of our data and eliminate biases. We combine clickstream data from our industry-leading panel with data from our crawler, VPNs, and SDK, to analyze over a billion pages every single month and get an even better snapshot of web and app activity. Unlike some providers, who focus on a specific region or user type, our collection is done on a global scale, with a statistically representative cross-section of all types of consumers. This allows us to reach an unbiased and full understanding of a website's traffic.
  13. 13. Size matters When it comes to data, the bigger the panel is, the more statistically accurate the insights will be. We have panel data for tens of millions of users across the world, making our panel the biggest in the industry. We implement big data technologies on our data center consisting of dozens of high-end servers that analyze tens of terabytes of data every week and more than a billion data points every single day. The volume of data we manage and process makes our insights highly accurate and reliable. Data Treatment Once we have collected volumes of raw data, we use statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to turn it into actionable knowledge. Our raw data is treated with in-house algorithms to remove biases, filter out noisy information, and transform it into meaningful insights. The data from our diversified sources is intelligently combined, normalized, and projected to represent the entire Internet population.
  14. 14. From Data To Insights Our expertise in web traffic, marketing analytics, and Internet behavior is what brings our data to life. We work hard to filter our processed data and present it to users in a way that allows them to quickly find the insights they need. We work hard so that you don't have to. Instead of being overloaded with irrelevant data, we give users focused access to the most relevant intelligence to help them achieve faster and better research. Questions? Contact us at: