Khao Lak - An Emergency appeal


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Here in the Khao Lak region, the Foundation for Education and Development (FED) has been running 2 nurseries, 7 learning centers and a high school project for several years now, supporting over 600 migrant children access education and stay out of the work force. However, as a result of different circumstance FED fears that unless we can find emergency funds to cover 4 months of costs, the education of these children will be severely disrupted. FED is currently unable to cover expenses for its education program from January – May 2012. FED greatly appreciates contributions of any amount to assist us in covering the current education deficit of 1,142,000.00 baht ($37,295.436)

I have attached an appeal providing greater detail of the situation for your review.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and Burmese Community we thank you for your consideration.

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Khao Lak - An Emergency appeal

  1. 1. EMERGENCY  APPEAL  FOR  EDUCATION  PROGRAM    The  Foundation  for  Education  and  Development  is  currently  unable  to  cover  expenses   for  its  education  program  from  January  –  May  2012.  FED  greatly  appreciates   contributions  of  any  amount  to  assist  us  in  covering  the  current  education  deficit  of   1,142,000.00  baht  ($37,295.436)            ABOUT  US  FED  is  a  Burmese-­‐led  NGO  which  focuses  primarily  on  education  projects  for  Burmese  migrant  children  who  are  unable  to  access  the  Thai  education  system.  Since  2005  FED  has  opened  8  migrant  learning  centers,  2  nurseries   and   a   youth   outreach   center   for   the   most   motivated   students   graduating   from   our   learning  centers.   Currently   we   have   36   teachers   of   both   Burmese   and   Thai   origin.   These   teachers   provide   a  comprehensive  education  to  over  500  Burmese  children  who  would  otherwise  be  illiterate  and  working  as  child  laborers.  To  date  FED  has  also  integrated  over  100  Burmese  children  into  local  Thai  schools.  As  well  as  its   education   program,   FED   also   runs   3   other   main   programs   which   focus   on   healthcare,   women’s  empowerment   and   education   (WEDA),   and   migrant   development   (child   protection,   emergency   assistance  and  shelter,  labor  and  human  rights  abuse  documentation,  legal  aid,  and  peace  building).  FED  also  organizes  community   events   for   Burmese   migrants   and   local   Thais   to   facilitate   Thai   and   Burmese   integration.  Currently,  around  8,000  Burmese  migrants  directly  benefit  from  FED’s  projects.                    
  2. 2.  THE  ISSUE  FED   began   the   2011   –   2012   school   year   with   a   major   deficit   in   its   education   budget.   Only   20%   of   the   proposed  budget   was   secured   with   funding   commitments.   At   the   moment   FED   is   currently   short   on   funds   to   cover   the  expenses   for   4   learning   centers   from   January   to   May   2012.     The   difficulties   to   secure   the   proposed   budget  range  from  currency  depreciation  to  funding  trends.        In   2010   FED’s   budget   suffered   from   a   significant   depreciation   of   the   Euro   and   USD   to   the   Thai   Baht   in   the  second  half  of  2010.    The  Euro  dropped  over  10%  to  the  Thai  Baht  and  the  USD  dropped  just  under  10%.    On  the  depreciation  of  the  Euro  and  the  dollar  alone,  the  net  impact  in  2010  was  a  loss  of  900,000  Baht  (approx.  30,000  USD).  To  stress  the  impact  of  this  loss,  the  cost  is  equivalent  to  the  annual  salaries  (at  2010  levels)  of  15  of  FED’s  Burmese  school  teachers.    Furthermore,  the  funding  for  FED’s  education  project  from  one  of  our  major  donors  ended  in  December  2010  leaving  FED  with  no  way  to  continue  running  the  learning  centers  for  the  rest  of  the  school  year  except  to  use  emergency   funds   that   had   been   accumulated   through   the   accruement   of   school   fees   and   contributions   from  parents  since  2005.    In   addition,   with   the   end   of   tsunami   relief   funds   acquiring   funding   for   development   projects   in   this   area   has  become  increasingly  difficult.  Although  FED  established  itself  in  the  area  immediately  after  the  tsunami  we  do  not   consider   ourselves   a   tsunami   relief   organisation,  but   rather   a   migrant   development   organisation.   However,  despite  this  distinction  donors  are  reluctant   to   allocate   funds   to  this  area,   preferring  to  direct  their  attention  towards   other   areas   and   priorities.     For   example,   many   donors   interested   in   Burmese   causes   have   gained  interest  in   providing  assistance  inside  Burma  rather   than  helping   migrants  living  in  border   areas.   At  FED  we  applaud   the   move   to   work   inside   Burma,   but   it   is   imperative   that   the   funding   assistance   for   Burmese  organizations  in  Thailand  continues.      Since  there  has  been  no  significant  change  under  the  new  government,  the  flow  of  migrant  workers  into  Thailand  remains  the  same  as  before.  The  ongoing  fighting  along  the  border  is  also  one  of  the  factors  that  contributes  to  increasing  numbers  of  migrant  workers  moving  into  Thailand.           Item Description Unit5Cost Quantity Occurrence Total   Rent 4&Learning&Centers 10,000.00฿ 5 50,000.00฿     Utilities 4&Learning&Centers 8,000.00฿ 5 40,000.00฿     Burmese&Teacher&LC 8,000.00฿ 9 5 360,000.00฿ Salary   Thai&Teacher&Salary 8,000.00฿ 8 5 320,000.00฿     Car&Rent&Takuapa 27,000.00฿ 1 4 108,000.00฿   Driver 8,000.00฿ 2 4 64,000.00฿   Transportation Fuel 25,000.00฿ 1 4 100,000.00฿   Car&rent&Khok&Kloi 15,000.00฿ 1 4 60,000.00฿   Car&rent&Ban&Wan 10,000.00฿ 1 4 40,000.00฿   Total 1,142,000.00฿  As   was   previously   mentioned,   due   to   these   many   issues   FED   is   currently   unable   to   cover   expenses   for   its  education   program   from   January   –   May   2012.   FED   greatly   appreciates   contributions   of   any   amount   to   assist   us  in  covering  the  current  education  deficit  of   1,142,000.00  baht   ($37,295.436).     Any  contributions  over  1,000  USD  will   be   acknowledged   in   FED’s   annual   report.   To   donate   please   visit   Inquiries   about  donations  can  be  made  to        On  behalf  of  all  the  children,  parents,  staff  and  Board  of  Directors  at  FED,  thank  you  for  your  consideration.    Sincerely,    U  Htoo  Chit  Executive  Director  Foundation  for  Education  and  Development