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Creative Portfolio


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Published in: Design, Business
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Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. corporate identity: logo This logo was created as part of a foundation upon which I have formulated a series of works that encompass a portfolio of graphic design and photography components. My intention is to deliver a unique perspective on specified subjects by forming a new system of visual and conceptual thought, based on the word ‘Revelnation,’ a term that represents the cohesive relationship between religion and club culture. By exploring certain elements of club culture as a subculture, and its corresponding associations to religion, this subsequently provided the framework to my production methods for the course of my final year studies.
  2. 2. corporate identity: letterhead, envelope & compliment slip The text that appears in the letterhead was applied as if it were a verse from a bible, however, its content taking on the form of a calendar. Its purpose is informative in nature, whilst simultaneously having direct relations to the Bible as well as taking on the form of a bookmark. A similar layout and reoccurrence of font is extended through the envelope and compliment slip to create an overall feel of clarity and purity and to keep consistent with the theme at hand.
  3. 3. calendar: club flyers continued In Catholicism, the liturgical year is divided into seasons based on certain Biblical events. Each period is represented by a colour, symbolizing Jesus’ life at the time. The colours that each period is distinguished by would subsequently be represented by the corresponding colour of a flyer. This led to the arrangement of however many flyers were needed within each month, and each flyer would be positioned based on the colour represented in the church during that time. Having changed the original dates on the pre-existing flyers to consecutive dates that follow each other, the calendar would thus take on the function of providing information of a club event on a daily basis.
  4. 4. calendar: club flyers A magazine was consequently chosen for the calendar to appear in, that being SL, a student-oriented publication focusing a large amount on nightlife and events. The calendar is strategically placed towards the back of the magazine, in between pictures of various parties that occurred the month before. Having been printed on a high-quality gloss paper, the edges of each flyer would be perforated, effectively allowing them to be torn off.
  5. 5. packaging: holy Whilst thinking of consumable objects that are represented in a church and a club, the idea of wine and water initially came to mind. This was developed further into a collection of three products, Holy Water, Holy Communion (wine) and Holy Spirit (whiskey), and together called the Holy Trinity. This is carried through in the design of the labeling and packaging, which is clean, pure and simple. In no way is this meant to ridicule Christian faith, but merely making an observation into the media and money driven churches we see on TV and the web, hosted by the likes of Ray Macaulay and Benni Hinn. The idea of creating an actual product and naming it after actual practices carried out in the Christian faith is purely intended to raise an awareness of how these evangelical churches focus a lot of their attention on wealth and financial freedom.
  6. 6. 1 alphabet design: auditory & visual Having firstly completed an auditory component of this alphabet, whereby a number of different audio samples are paired accordingly to a letter of the alphabet, in this case, to each of the letters in the word ‘Revelnation.’ This ultimately results in the formation of a full audio track. There was then an additional need to create a visual element to complement it. The actual visual format of certain phases of a track includes sound waves and sound bars that appear on a grid formation. The idea was to create a grid on which a number of sound bars of different sizes would take the shape of each letter of the alphabet. The completed alphabet would run from left to right, and each letter can be applied individually. The accompanying Flash document shows this full interactive process, however, is subject to certain computers that run this particular program.
  7. 7. photography: aftermath As part of the photographic component of this series, this shoot was carried out in the early hours of the morning once everyone had left this particular nightclub. The technical aspect included the use of medium format, 120 roll film shot on a Mamiya. This resulted in extreme detail, sharp focus and rich colours throughout each of the compositions. The theme brings ones attention to the actual physical space and more importantly, the state of a nightclub once everyone has left, and in particular the mess and dirt left behind. On viewing the images, one could initially mistaken them for an empty nightclub awaiting a crowd, however, on investigating more carefully, it becomes evident that a crowd has already been present.
  8. 8. photography: studio The above images were each taken in a photographic studio, with the focus being product photography shot in digital format. The Hugo Boss advert involved a three-step process, beginning by photographing the actual fragrance, followed by the addition of a human element that best captured the product, and finally incorporating the two together to form a successful advert.
  9. 9. illustration: journey The process of this illustration project began by applying a variety of techniques and materials to 4 hardwood boards, each with its own theme. Utilizing a number of items collected over years of traveling, such as ticket stubs, maps and pictures; these were layered and worked upon until each boards identity appeared uniquely different. The next step involved scanning the boards and creating a 12-page booklet that most effectively communicated the chosen subject. Having settled upon the theme of my personal journeys and experiences encountered whilst traveling and living abroad, it was decided that the overall format would be represented in the form of a passport, while each illustration would be accompanied by a brief story appearing on the opposite page.