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Isb presentation


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Isb presentation

  1. 1. ISB - Ion Source & Biotechnologies"We semplify mass spectrometry world" Simone Cristoni, Ph.D. Founder & CEO Cell: +39-340-963-9745 Email: ISB-Headquarters & Laboratories: Insubrias BioBiopark, Via Roberto Lepetit 34 Gerenzano (VA) – Italy. Tel. 02/96474438; Fax 02/700410252.
  2. 2. Company Overview Founded on September 5th, 2006 ISB Core BusinessDevelopment and Engineering of new Ionization Sources for Mass Spectrometry 3 Italian government grants have financed ISB start-up and its initial growth
  3. 3. Core BusinessSERVICES APPLICATIONS (kits) IONIZATION SOURCESISB offers an extensive ISB has developed a ISB has patented twoarray of services, ranging series of standardized innovative ionizationfrom development of analytical methods that sources for masscustomized analytical can be directly used in spectrometry allowing formethods, to the analysis our laboratory or a considerable reductionof specific proteins and transferred to the of analysis times andbiomolecules. customer. costs.
  4. 4. Multidisciplinary Scientific Team• Lorenzo Zingaro - Chemist;• Vincenza Valveri - Biologist;• Cristina Canton - Pharmacologist;• Vincenza Flora Dibari - Bioinformatics;ISB experienced and multidisciplinary technical team iscomplemented by a talented group of PhD andundergraduate students recruited through collaborations withthe University of Milan.
  5. 5. Strategic LocationInsubrias BioParkis one of the eight technological parks and bio-incubators of the Italianbiotechnology sector. It is located in Gerenzano, Varese. The BioParkcovers an area of 52,000sm; 15,000sm of which include office spaceand laboratories, equipped with the most advanced technologies in thebio-medical sector.The BioPark is located in a beautiful green area in a geographical and economicalstrategic position aiming at creating an effective network of partners in the territory. It wascreated by the cooperation of Italian and Swiss entrepreneurship found in the historicalarea called Insubriac Region, shared by Lombardia, Piemonte and Cantone Ticino.
  6. 6. Regio Insubria and Insubrias BioParkA "Euroregion”,complying with theMadrid Agreement bythe Council of Europewhich since 1995promotes cross-boundary cooperation inthe Italian-Swiss regionof the three pre-Alpinelakes regions includingLake Como, LakeLugano and LakeMaggiore. Insubrias BioPark
  7. 7. Mission• Make mass spectrometry easy: Produce highly innovative and ready to use kits for clinical analysis based on proprietary Ionization Sources for mass spectrometry.• Assay Development Program: develop a custom tailored research and development program using a strong in-house technological expertise.• Services Program: provide state-of-the-art services to our customers based on innovative proprietary technologies.
  8. 8. Why ionization sourceIonization source is a key component of massspectrometry influencing the following key factors:• Sensitivity: it is a function of ionization efficiency and chemical noise produced by ion charged solvent clusters.• Quantitative Accuracy: Matrix effect dependent.• Throughput: a source that exhibits high sensitivity and low matrix effect can in principle increase the throughput.
  9. 9. Company structure
  10. 10. ISB ionization sources portfolio• Surface Activated Chemical Ionization (SACI; Cristoni S. et al. Mass Spectrom Rev. 2007 Sep-Oct;26(5):645- 56);• Universal Soft Ionization Source (USIS; Cristoni S. International Patent n. WO/2007/131682);
  11. 11. Mass analyzers• HCT ultra Ion Trap (Bruker Daltonics);• ORBITRAP high resolution mass spectrometry (Thermoelecton);
  12. 12. Surface Activated Chemical Ionization (SACI)Cristoni et al. Mass Spectrom Rev. 2007 Sep-Oct;26(5):645- 56.
  13. 13. SACI Benefits• Increased sensitivity operating in full scan (chemical noise reduction).• Lower matrix effect.• Operates in ion exchange chromatographic conditions.
  14. 14. SACI Chemical noise reduction Figure 1 – Analysis of Cocaine and Morphine, HCT & APCISignal Intensity Retention time (minutes) Figure 2 – Analysis of Cocaine and Morphine, HCT & SACI Cocaine Morphine Signal Intensity Retention time (minutes)
  15. 15. SACI Limitations• Compound dependent (It is particularly suitable for peptide and protein analysis).• Not very effective for Biomarker Discovery.
  16. 16. Universal Soft Ionization Source (USIS) Reference patent
  17. 17. USIS Benefits• Increased sensitivity operating in full scan (chemical noise reduction).• Lower matrix effect.• Operates in ion exchange chromatographic conditions.• Can ionize all kind of polar and not polar compounds.• Ideal for full scan profiling (e.g. Bacterial Characterization through metabolite profiling).
  18. 18. USIS ApplicationsPolar Low polar
  19. 19. USIS Limitations• The detectable m/z ratio depends on the mass analyzer.
  20. 20. Future development• USIS for breath analysis.• Deposit of other provisional patents to improuves ionization source performances.
  21. 21. ISBContacts Contact us: Dr. Simone Cristoni Tel: +39-02-96474438 Cel: +39-340-9639745e-mail: Web page: