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  1. 2. Tilly is wearing a red dress, a straw hat and red shoes. hat dress shoes
  2. 3. Todd is wearing jeans, a red T-shirt and trainers. trainers jeans T-shirt
  3. 4. Tilly is wearing shorts, a green top and trainers. She has a straw hat. shorts hat trainers top
  4. 5. Tilly is wearing a skirt and a blue T-shirt. She has red shoes. shoes T-shirt skirt
  5. 6. Todd is wearing green trousers, a sweater and socks. He has boots. socks trousers sweater boots
  6. 7. Tilly is wearing a purple dress and purple shoes. She has a purple hat. dress shoes hat
  7. 8. Todd is wearing green shorts, a shirt and trainers. He has a hat. hat shorts shirt trainers
  8. 9. Tilly is wearing trousers, an orange sweater and socks. trousers socks sweater
  9. 10. Tilly is wearing mittens and a coat. She has brown boots. boots mittens coat
  10. 11. Todd is wearing trousers, a T-shirt and a jacket. He has gloves and boots. trousers boots gloves T-shirt jacket