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Chaar Sahibzaade Shaheedi

  1. 1. Shaheedi- Chaar Sahibzaade Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff 30-12-2012
  2. 2. The Sikhs addressed Guru Sahib as "Sache Patshah” - the True Lord which Aurangzeb couldn't tolerate Other main reasons that led to attacks at Anandpur were: Guru Sahib created the Khalsa Panth and that didn't settle well with the enemy Guru Sahib treated everyone equally- regardless of rank in society or caste The last and fiercest battle of Anandpur Sahib was fought in 1704, which continued for 9 months Leaving Anandpur Sahib
  3. 3. Two emissaries - a Maulvi and a Brahmin, who swore by the Koran and the Geeta that if Guru Sahib agreed to leave the fort, the Sikhs would be allowed to go unharmed Guru ji new it was trick and sent a few carts, loaded with rags and animal waste, and had the materials covered with silk and velvet cloth. As soon as the cartloads had left the fort, the Mughal soldiers attacked it, despite their promises. After a few days, the Mughals apologized and sent to Guru Sahib a copy of their holy book, the Koran (kurwn) signed by Aurangzeb, along with his letter, promising a safe exit Leaving Anandpur Sahib
  4. 4. Key Gurmat Message: Guru Ji teaches us to be strong and patient and never give up on our faith and principles even in difficult situations.
  5. 5. Crossing of River Sarsa • The Sarsa River was flooded and was very difficult to cross • In the dust and commotion of the battle, members of the family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were separated from each other and were divided into three groups
  6. 6. Gurdwara Bhatta sahib • They spent the second night in an old brick kiln (factory) in Ropar • When Guru ji’s horse stepped on the burning hot brick kiln, it cooled down instantly • Gurudwara Bhatta Sahib is situated at that place as a monument
  7. 7. Battle of Chamkaur Sahib (cmkOr swihbdI jMg) On hearing of Guru Sahib's presence in Chamkaur, Nawab Wazir Khan led an army of one million soldiers to Chamkaur Although there were only 40 Sikhs compared to the Mughal army of one million The historic battle of Chamkaur took place on December 22nd, 1704 Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji came to his father and sought his permission to go to the battlefield. Guru Ji gave him his blessings and sent a batch of five Sikh warriors with him
  8. 8. Battle of Chamkaur Sahib (cmkOr swihbdI jMg) On seeing his elder brother’s brave sacrifice on the battlefield, Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji, just 14 years of age, came forward and asked his father to let him follow in the footsteps of his brother. Guru Sahib blessed him too and sent five Sikhs with him. Key Gurmat Message: Guru Ji treats all of us as his sons and daughters; therefore, he had no hesitation in letting the elder Sahibzadey fight along with other Singhs, while fully aware that they would be martyred.
  9. 9. Journey From Sarsa (srsw)to Sarhind (srihMd)
  10. 10. Arrest of Mata Gujri ji and Chotte Sahibzaade • Gold coins were stolen during the night stay at Gangu’s house • Gangu told Kotwal (the police chief) that Guru Gobind Singh Ji's mother and his two young sons were hiding in his house • Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji, Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji, and Mata Gujri Ji accompanied the Darogas
  11. 11. Arrest of Mata Gujri ji and Chotte Sahibzaade • They were lodged for the night in a cold room in the tower • Next morning, the Darogas appeared again and told Mata Ji that they had orders to take the two boys to the Nawab's Court
  12. 12. Saka Sarhand • “We do not care for worldly wealth. We will not give up our religion at any cost” • Qazi pronounced his judgment and ordered that they be bricked alive in a wall
  13. 13. Key Gurmat Message: No one can weaken you, influence you, or force you to change your religion and your identity if you have full faith in Waheguru and complete devotion and determination to your faith.
  14. 14. ????? Questions for me ?????
  15. 15. Questions for you • What are we remembering today? • Name the Chaar Sahibzaade • Name the person who killed the elephant? • Where were Guruji and the Sikhs were attacked (again) after leaving Anandpur Sahib? • What got cooled by Guruji’s horse’s hooves? • During which battle were the elder Sahibzaade martyred? • How were the younger sahibzaade martyred? • What was the age of the two younger sahibzaade at the time of shaheedi? • Shaheedi- Chaar Sahibzaade • (Sahibzaada) Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh, Fateh Singh • Bhai Bacchitar Singh • By River Sarsa • Brick kiln • Battle of Chamkaur • They were bricked alive • 5 years and 7 years

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Chaar Sahibzaade Shaheedi


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