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* President Kabila reaffirms DRC’s Commitment to COMESA
* COMESA and Finland exchange notes on areas of co-operation
* COMESA/AfBD cement relations via the regional Public Procurement Project

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E-comesa newsletter-251

  1. 1. newsletter 1 Issue #251 --21st MayOctober 2007 Issue #126 Friday 19 2010 newsletter President Kabila Kabange reaffirms DRC’s Commitment to COMESA The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo H.E. Joseph Kabila Kabange met the Secretary General of COMESA Mr Sindiso Ngwenya on 19th May 2010 in Kinshasa and reaffirmed his country’s support and commitment to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. During the meeting, Mr. Ngwenya thanked the President for the warm hospitality granted to him and to his entire delegation since he arrived in Kinshasa. He also informed His Excellency that the Tripartite Summit COMESA-EAC-SADC From left: RIA Manager Mrs Heba Salama, H.E. Joseph Kabila Kabange President of the DRC, Secretary General Ngwenya and Snr Investment was postponed and would take place Promotion Officer at the COMESA Secretariat Mr Thierry Mutombo Kalonji with the President after the meeting between October and November at the Tripartite. King of Swaziland to attend the COMESA date to be advised by His Excellency Summit scheduled to take place in Jacob Zuma, the current Chairman of Mr. Ngwenya further pointed out the Mbabane, Swaziland, from 31st August the Tripartite Summit and President of fact that in line with the participation to 1st September 2010, the COMESA South Africa. of the DR Congo in the FTA/Customs Secretariat is highly expecting His Union which will be soon a great FTA/ Excellency to personally attend the Then, Mr. Ngwenya informed President Customs union within the framework event. Kabila Kabange about COMESA’s of the Tripartite, COMESA has funded support to the DRC efforts for an impact study. The study is currently Senior Investment Promotion Officer increasing budget resources through completed and submitted to the at the COMESA Secretariat Mr. Thierry the modernisation of the Customs Ministry of Finance; and a workshop Mutombo and Regional Investment Administration (DGDA) by expanding with all the stakeholders both public Agency (RIA) Manager Mrs. Heba Salama the ASYCUDA programme in other main and private sectors, is scheduled to take accompanied Mr Ngwenya to meet provinces of the country. To that effect place in coming months. President Kabila Kabange who is also a proposal of 7,000 Euros has been the current Chairman of the Southern submitted to European Commission Mr. Ngwenya also recalled the COMESA African Development Community with the technical assistance of UNCTAD. Trading for peace project those object (SADC). is to facilitate cross-border trade Mr. Ngwenya also commended the (Simplified Trade Regime) between His Excellency President Kabila Kabange current efforts of the Government of the DR Congo and Rwanda, Burundi and thanked the Secretary General for willing DR Congo, to improve the infrastructure Uganda. to meet him during his visit to Kinshasa. network. To that effect, he recalled the He explained to the Delegation the pledges of 2.7 billion US$ following The Secretary General informed His difficulties which the country faced the donor conference held in 2008, in Excellency that following the invitation during the last two decades. He pointed Lusaka, Zambia, in line with the North- extended to him by His Majesty, the out that those difficulties including due South Corridor, in the framework of the continued to page 3 This bulletin is published by the COMESA Secretariat Public Relations Unit but does not necessarily represent views of the Secretariat. For Feedback: pr@comesa.int Contact Address : COMESA SECRETARIAT, COMESA Center , Ben Bella Road P.O. Box 30015, 260 1 229 725, 260 1 225 107 www.comesa.int www.comesa.int, e.COMESA@comesa.int
  2. 2. COMESA and Finland exchange notes 2 on areas of co-operation Acting Secretary General Ambassador Nagla El Hussainy, Finnish Director of the Department of Africa and Middle East Mr Jorma Suvanto and Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Madam Sinnika Antila at the Secretariat A delegation from the Finnish North-South Corridor, Climate Government met the COMESA Change and the regional Aid for Mr. Suvanto informed the Assistant Secretary General Trade Initiative. meeting that they had an Energy Ambassador Nagla El Hussainy and Environment Programme on 19th May 2010 to consult Detailed presentations were where a Fund for renewable with COMESA on areas of mutual given to the Finnish delegation energy had been established and interest, where the two sides on the COMESA Climate Change applications were being invited could collaborate. Initiative covering Climate Change negotiations and The delegation thanked the Ambassador Nagla and her team capacity building, Conservation Acting Secretary General and welcomed the Finnish delegation Agriculture, Carbon Trading said the areas discussed were of to the Secretariat which was led and the Carbon Fund. The great interest to them and that by Mr Jorma Suvanto Director in Infrastructure Development they would be factoring these in the Department for Africa and Division team briefed the their proposed cooperation with Middle East/Unit for Southern delegation on the progress COMESA. Africa. made on corridor development in the region including One Other notables in the meeting Mr Suvanto noted that COMESA Stop Boarder Posts as well were Her Excellency Madam was an increasingly important as the Energy Programme of Sinnika Antila, the Finnish partner for Finland and hence COMESA: regulatory matters, Ambassador to Zambia, Malawi the request for the meeting. Of Energy Infrastructure and trade and Zimbabwe. Dr Mclay particular interest to the Finnish in energy as well as Renewable Kanyangarara, Advisor in the delegation was infrastructure Energy. COMESA Climate Change Unit development, especially the was also present with his staff. www.comesa.int
  3. 3. COMESA/AfBD cement President Kabila Kabange reaffirms relations via the regional DRC’s Commitment 3 Public Procurement Project to COMESA from page 1 to the war and political instability caused a delay in the development process. However, the country is now recovering and is in the right path, through peace and security restored. His Excellency informed the delegation that given the size of the country, many borders are still porous, and advised that before participating to FTA, it is desirable to control the borders and the resources of the country. In response, the Secretary General highlighted that the challenges facing the country are real and COMESA COMESA Assistant Secretary General Administration and Finance Ambassador Nagla El Hussainy handed is committed to address some of over the keys of the AfDB funded EPRCP project vehicle to COMESA Assistant Secretary General for them. The Impact study is going to Programmes Mr Stephen Karangizi. Director fo Administration at the Secretariat Mrs Victoria Mwewa (in red scarf) was joined by colleagues from the Secretariat and AfDB to witness the occasion come up with the constraints and the means to address them, including the The COMESA Secretariat officially reaches stakeholders at all levels competitiveness of the industries which handed over a brand new vehicle to to ensure comprehension of the are not able to sustain the competition the Enhancing Procurement Reform reform process. from the strong firms from outside. and Capacity Project on 19th May 2010 at the COMESA Secretariat in The EPRCP is also implementing an He mentioned that with the COMESA Lusaka. COMESA Assistant Secretary awareness programme designed to Fund, North-South Corridor, some of the General Administration and Finance empower the private sector given infrastructures in East-southern part of Ambassador Nagla El Hussainy its critical supply role in the public the DR Congo will be addressed. Also, the support of the SMEs dealing with handed over the keys of the vehicle procurement process. Secondly, the agro-products will be addressed by to COMESA Assistant Secretary the project supports legislation the COMESA Summit in Swaziland which General for Programmes Mr Stephen development at national level and will focus on Science and Technology Karangizi. implement modern and harmonised development. public procurement systems. Thirdly, The EPRCP is supported by the the project will strengthen the While in the Democratic Republic African Development Bank (AfDB). institutional capacities through of Congo, the COMESA delegation The projects aims at enhancing training, which is intended to also met the Minister of International and consolidating procurement create capacity to support and and Regional Cooperation Raymond reforms that were commenced sustain good procurement practices Tshibanda, H.E. Cesar Lubamba, Minister of Urban and Housing and H.E. Bernard under the Public Procurement at national and COMESA levels. Biando Sango Minister of Trade. Reform Project. The EPRCP focuses Fourthly, the project will upgrade on four principal areas. Firstly, it the procurement information entails the sensitisation of key system with capacity to publicise Events policy makers and executives and host national procurement • 31st May to 1st June on the need for review of laws, information on the website. The Launch of the CAADP Process policies and procedures that are project components are: Enhancing in the Democratic Republic of not compliant with the modern Procurement Reforms; Capacity Congo public procurement framework that Building; Upgrading Procurement • 24th to 26th May Tripartite was developed under the PPRP. The Information Systems; and Project Meeting on Procedures for project will deepen and broaden Management. Harmonization of Standards for the awareness and sensitisation For more information contact :cziki@ Staple Foods. Nairobi Kenya programme and ensure that it comesa.int www.comesa.int