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  • Ploneconf2012 talk

    1. 1. Plone Conference Arnhem, 2012United Nations: training anddistance learning with Plone Simone Orsi
    2. 2. Who am I Simone Orsi simahawk <at> gmail.comITCILO (2007-2008) IT specialist (WTH is Plone???)DOMSENSE (2008-2012) Python developer 4 years doing mainly Plone and OpenERPABSTRACT (2012-) Python developer (from 1/10/2012)
    3. 3. What this talk is about UNITED NATIONS: ITCILO CAMPUS
    4. 4. What this talk is about UNITED NATIONS: ITCILO CAMPUS
    5. 5. ITCILOWhat is? – International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization [1] [2] – The campus is based in Turin, Piedmont, ItalyWhat it does? – Provides residential, on-line and on-the-field training to organizations and governments all around the world.Where Plone comes in? – Institutional portal – Intranet – E-learning platforms – Evaluation system[1][2]
    6. 6. ITCILOThe Plone bet– Security– Flexibility– TTW editing / scripting (pls dont throw this away!)– Powerful– Using since v1 (huge knowledge so far)– Unify platforms
    7. 7. Projects● Evaluation● SCORM● Course Area● Conferences● Selection● Migrations
    8. 8. EvaluationQuestionnaires evaluation system– Plone 3.1.5 + sqlalchemy + MySQL– 8 languages (no LP, multilanguagefields [1])– Questions + legends archive– Course configuration (data from MySQL MAP)– Questionnaire customization– Per-questionnaire editable questions– Per-questionnaire resource person editable questions [1]
    9. 9. EvaluationQuestionnaires evaluation system– Customizable printing templates, headers, covers– Web stats– XLS export / stats– CSV import / export
    10. 10. EvaluationWhy Plone?– They knew it– I knew it– Completely integrated into the intranet– “Like it or not, Plone is a platform. It is a powerful starting point for building intranets, extranets, and all sorts of things that should never be built on Plone but we do it anyways.” @eleddy :)
    11. 11. Evaluation – Questionnaire config
    12. 12. EvaluationQuestions management– Multilanguage texts (in-place)– Multilanguage legends (in-place)– Demographic, mandatory, service or optional– XLS stats export settings– Customizable headers per set of questions (gender, organization, training, service)
    13. 13. Evaluation - Questions management
    14. 14. EvaluationPrinting– Multilang selection– Different template per-language (r.multilangfields)– ODT templates to PDF (relatorio lib +OOo)– Custom multilang cover (specifica ATCT)
    15. 15. Evaluation - Printing
    16. 16. EvaluationImport / Export– Import CSV (questionnaire results)– Export CSV (questionnaire results)– XLS export (results stats macro)
    17. 17. EvaluationWeb stats– Advanced search for filtering upon dates or activity code or models or technical program
    18. 18. Evaluation – web stats
    19. 19. EvaluationPAX Session – token– When questionnaires enabled for compilation a unique token is generated– Participants can then access the questionnaire using a specific URL for every language– When questionnaires enabled for compilation all the token are deleted
    20. 20. Evaluation – PAX session
    21. 21. EvaluationFuture– Multilang editable text– Flexible answer options– Flexible questionnaire web templates– TTW web template editor– Web stats with graphs
    22. 22. SCORMSharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning.It defines communications between client side contentand a host system called the run-time environment,which is commonly supported by a learning managementsystem.SCORM also defines how content may be packaged intoa transferable ZIP file called "Package InterchangeFormat".Source:
    23. 23. SCORMPlone packages – collective.scormviewer [1] integrates SCORM JS API into Plone. Makes possible to play flash quiz (created with Articulate for example) and to keep track of usage and results. Thanks to Silvio Tomatis [silviot] :) – collective.archiveviewer [2] Allows to read zipped file content within Plone without having to download and extract it. Used by c.scormviewer for loading SCORM packages content. [1] (not released yet) [2]
    24. 24. SCORM
    25. 25. Course area● Conferences● Assignments – Adaptation of ECAssignment● Notifications – Per-content per-user settings with manager override● SCORM● Selection – Training tracks reservation
    26. 26. Conferences● It was SoliComm (Plone 2.5, ICDL etc)● Purpose: asynchronous training across continents● Support Explorer 6/7● Low bandwidth connections● Ploneboard heavily customized● Read/unread feature [1]● Statistics● Local groups [1]
    27. 27. SelectionA training track selection wizard– ATCT ● for Selection, Session, SubSession, Track objects– Wizard ● a page is generated for every session (like one per day) ● A session contains sub-sessions (like time slots) that group tracks ● The PAX can select tracks to attend
    28. 28. SelectionA training track selection wizard– Contraints ● Track availability constrained on max PAX per track and duplicated selection– Results ● Web ● CSV export
    29. 29.– 3.3.6 → 4.1– 4 languages– Custom content types and portlets– Badly broken DB connection– quintagroup.transmogrifier ● All went well except for a ton of XML marshalling error– Up and running pretty fast without tuning!
    30. 30. MigrationsMMW.ITCILO.ORG– 2.1 → 4.1– 7 languages (including Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt, Русский )– Plone Article, Lingua Plone, Plone ExFile, Remember + Membrane, Ploneboard, Custom ATCTs for Member, Courses, etc– A lot of scripts and templates into skins layers– No portal_setup– ...all the stuff you need for making a migration a pure hell :)– c.transmogrifier + json to the rescue
    31. 31. MigrationsACTRAV.ITCILO.ORG: PHP4 → Plone 4.2– Was hacked and broken every now and then– Multilang (LinguaPlone)– Very bad URLs– Custom pipeline for Funnelweb [1] collective.transmogrifier [2]– Themed as the original one with thanks to [3][1][2][3]
    32. 32. ACTRAV – original website
    33. 33. ACTRAV – migrated website
    34. 34. QUESTIONS?