Fy09 Sask Tel Learn It System Centre Garth Jones


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Fy09 Sask Tel Learn It System Centre Garth Jones

  1. 1. Presented by Garth Jones Enhansoft
  2. 2. MDOP  ◦ Application Virtualization System Center  Virtual Machine Manager 2008 ◦ Data Protection Manager 2007 ◦ Operation Manager 2007 ◦ Configuration Manager 2007 ◦
  3. 3. Garth is Chief Architect of Enhansoft, an Ottawa  company that develops products and services to extend the value of System Center Configuration Manager 2007, SMS, Operation Manager, MOM and Virtual Server. He started working with Systems Management Server when it was a v1.1 (1996). Garth Jones is the founder of the Ottawa  Windows Server User Group (OWSUG) and it’s associated study group. He is an MVP for System Center Configuration Manager, is member of the myITforum Community Council.
  4. 4. •Regular updates 1 •Faster upgrade cycle, separate from Windows® Provide immediate ROI •Minimal deployment effort •Run out of the box 2 Deliver end-to-end solutions •Integrate with existing management solutions •>95% of MDOP customers are (very) satisfied *1 3 Lower Desktop TCO •$70-$80 net cost savings per PC per year using MDOP *2 *1, Microsoft MDOP customer study. Base: Current MDOP customer n=108, non- MDOP customer n=367 *2, MDOP ROI Analysis by Wipro
  5. 5. Presentation Virtualization Application Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Server Virtualization
  6. 6. Tools Functionality • System Center • Capacity Tools Functionality Virtual Machine management Operating Manager • Event management • System Center • Change management • System Center Configuration • Performance • Release management Operations Manager management Manager • Configuration • System Center • Application management • System Center Essentials management Capacity Planner • License management • Operations • System Center management Essentials Microsoft Supporting System Center Optimizing Tools Functionality Tools Functionality • System Center • Service Desk • System Center Data • Storage Service Manager • Service monitoring Protection Manager management • Incident management Changing • Problem management
  7. 7. A centralized management application solution for the virtual datacenter. Maximize Resources Centralized virtual machine deployment and management Intelligent placement of Virtual Machines Fast and reliable P2V and V2V conversion Comprehensive service-level enterprise monitoring with Operations Manager Increase Agility Rapid provisioning of new and virtual machines with templates and profiles Centralized library of infrastructure components Allow for delegated management of VMs Manages ESX Servers too! Leverage Skills Familiar interface, common foundation Monitor physical and virtual machines from one console Fully scriptable using PowerShell VM VM VMVM VMVM VMVMVM VMVM VMVM VM VM VM VM VM VMVM VMVM V VM M
  8. 8. Virtual Virtual Machines Server VMware Context Cluster Sensitive Actions yper-V Cluster Filters Live Thumbnail VM Management Information Selection
  9. 9. Online Snapshots (up to 512) Disk-based Recovery Active Directory® System State Every 15 minutes Up to DPM 2007 Tape-based with integrated Disk & Tape Archive Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Offline tape file shares and directories DPM 2007 Continuous Data Protection for Windows Application and File Servers Rapid & Reliable Recovery from disk instead of tape Advanced Technology for enterprises of all sizes
  10. 10.  Proactive management of your IT services  Integrated monitoring of distributed applications, the end user End-to-End perspective, and supporting Service infrastructure Management • Reduces your problem resolution time • Management packs that include Microsoft expertise for applications, servers, and Best of Breed clients for Windows • Simplifies managing your IT environment and improves time to value • Increased Role based security, self monitoring Efficiency and infrastructure, and improved scalability Control
  11. 11. Alert Views  ◦ Display source and severity of alerts and other details ◦ Shows what is happening/what has happened State Views  ◦ Display systems and current status  “Traffic light” color-scheme ◦ Shows current health in a clear “healthy or unhealthy” manner 15
  12. 12. End to End Monitoring = watching all of  these things True Service Health = health of all  subcomponents 16
  13. 13. There are a number of predefined Management Packs: Active Directory  SQL Server  Windows DHCP  Windows DNS  Microsoft Windows Server Cluster  Windows Client 2000/XP/Vista Operating System  Etc. 
  14. 14. 1 2 6 Asset Management Software Distribution Diagnostics & Troubleshooting 3 5 4 ConfigMgr Reporting Operating System Deployment Security
  15. 15. Primary features: • Hardware/software inventory • Software distribution • Operating system deployment • Software updates • Software metering • Network Access Protection • Desired state configuration • Mobile device management • Remote tools
  16. 16. Administration support features: • Reporting • Queries • Wake On LAN • Backup and recovery • Discovery • Collections • Advertisements • Remote control
  17. 17. New features: • Desired configuration management • Network Access Protection for Configuration Manager • Wake On LAN • Changes to the console • Security mode • Updated remote control tool • Software updates
  18. 18. All Asset Intelligence features from SMS2003 SP3, plus: ◦ Recent Usage Inventory  SCCM metering agent will inventory the last time any executable was running in the user context  Data returned through hardware inventory  Additional reports will help you answer the “When was the last time this was used?” question ◦ Auto-created Metering Rules  Last Usage Inventory can be used to auto-create full metering rules which you can decide to enable  Simplifies the process of creating metering rules ◦ Asset Change Summarization  A summary of changes to computer assets is stored in a central table  Managing deltas help reduce the complexity of asset management  Additional reports help you answer the “What has changed recently in my environment?” question ◦ Client Access Licenses usage tracking for Microsoft Windows and Exchange  Both User and Device CALs usage is tracked  Based on Security audit logs  Additional reports answer the “who used up the CALs” , “when did they do that” questions
  19. 19. DEMO
  20. 20. • Highly automated solution for assessing, migrating and deploying windows server and client operating systems • Common toolset and process • End-to-end deployment automation support • Assess migration readiness for Windows Server 2008, Vista and Office 2007 • Built in reports for minimum and recommended settings • Enable dynamic deployment of drivers at runtime • Organize, replicate and deploy packages Optimized for Comprehensive Enhanced Windows and • Utilize Windows PnP detection Deployment Insight and Extensible and Updating Control Beyond
  21. 21. •Core OS deployment mechanism •Delivered to clients as policy via MP •Sequence of steps to execute •Steps prior to deploying new OS •Steps in Windows PE to deploy new OS •Steps after the new OS is deployed •Completely hands-off for full automation of the process •Two kinds of actions •Built-in actions provided within product •Custom actions command line driven, VBscript, Batch etc. •Task Sequence can do other actions: •Capture images •Deploy Application chains •Administer complex activities •More (unlimited) Optimized for Comprehensive Enhanced Windows and Deployment Insight and Extensible and Updating Control Beyond
  22. 22. Similar to OpsMgr Management Pack  Some of the pack are:  ◦ ENERGY STAR Power Management ◦ Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series ◦ Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or 2007 MSIT Basic Configuration Pack ◦ Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Assessment Configuration Pack for Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) ◦ System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Pack
  23. 23. 70-400 Microsoft System Center Operations  Manager 2007, Configuring 70-401 Microsoft System Center  Configuration Manager 2007, Configuring 70-403 System Center Virtual Machine  Manager 2008, Configuring 70-656 Microsoft Desktop Optimization  Pack, Configuring
  24. 24. Q&A