Strategically located in New York City
A state–of–the–art facility. Built with your needs in mind.

OCASA’s new Long Island City facility
                                                       A state–of–the–art facility. ...
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Ocasa New LIC, New York Facility


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New 182,000 sq.ft. office in NYC

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Ocasa New LIC, New York Facility

  1. 1. Strategically located in New York City A state–of–the–art facility. Built with your needs in mind. N TA AT NH Tailor–made storage solutions MA 2 QUEENS 1 OCASA’s Long Island City facility NEW JERSEY 4 LONG ISLAND BROOKLYN 3 1. Manhattan (NY) STATEN ISLAND 3. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Distance in miles: 3.57 Miles Distance in miles: 14.56 Miles Distance in time: 10 minutes Distance in time: 23 minutes Located West of OCASA Located South East of OCASA 2. La Guardia International Airport (LGA) 4. Newark International Airport (EWR) Distance in miles: 3.79 Miles Distance in miles: 20.96 Miles Distance in time: 8 minutes Distance in time: 38 minutes Located East of OCASA Located South West of OCASA New York 12-12 33rd Avenue Long Island City, NY 11106 +1.212.758.0101
  2. 2. OCASA’s new Long Island City facility A state–of–the–art facility. Built with your needs in mind. Just the Facts Storage Space Over 110,000 square feet, occupying an entire 162,000 square foot city block. Customized Solutions Tailor-made options and possibilities designed to With over 25 years of experience, OCASA suit your needs and your specifications. is defined by our tailor-made approach to Freight Handling Loading docks, staging areas, storage arrangements, customer service, our investment in technology, customs bonded area, and more. and our commitment to operational excellence. Parking Ample parking for private and commercial vehicles on premises. Indoor parking by OCASA’s worldwide network of affiliates and arrangement. Vulnerable Goods agents is strategically located in all key markets, Comprehensive logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals, medical enabling us to offer truly global, integrated devices, high-tech components, and similarly sensitive products. logistics solutions that set us apart from the rest. Storage and Safe-Keeping Temperature controlled FEATURES areas dedicated for fine art, antiques, and other products State–of–the–Art Security requiring temperature Custom Built Warehousing Distribution controlled environments. OCASA ensures the protection of your valuable assets. You design it, we’ll build it! With over 110,000 Our spacious facility accommodates all types Our facility features the most advanced technology in square feet, we’ll have your tailor-made private safe- of freight and its ideal for staging fulfillment, pick surveillance, monitoring, and alarms keeping space to fit your specific needs. and pack, storage, and distribution operations. High Value Logistics Inventory Management Location Throughout the supply chain cycle, OCASA handles OCASA’s inventory management system offers Strategically situated in Long Island City, our facility your high risk valuables on a global basis with the web-based customized reports, online tracking, is just minutes away from Manhattan and in close New York utmost security, expediency and care. 12-12 33rd Avenue and other features that give you easy, secure, and proximity to major New York area airports. LIC, NY 11106 constant access to information. +1.212.758.0101