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How to work with clients you have never met in person web camp zagreb 2015 edited


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You have never met your clients but they expect a worry-free relationship. How to be a developer or designer and work with clients you have never met.

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How to work with clients you have never met in person web camp zagreb 2015 edited

  1. 1. A Digital Relationship: How to Work with Clients You’ve Never Met in Person
  2. 2. Profile • Long term clients • Short term projects • Tight deadlines • Minimum surprises
  3. 3. We Only Trust Who We Know Trust • References • Present yourself • Get personal • Humanize interactions • Always use video
  4. 4. Gather Information • Ask questions. • Think of all the cases. • Be proactive: bring value. • Ask for documentation or make it yourself. • Share thoughts in meetings: – Whiteboards – Presentations – Collaboration tools Trust
  5. 5. Trust
  6. 6. Teach Your Clients • You are the expert; act like one • Give them tools • Explain the benefits • Repeat • Patience • Super Communication • Periodically propose improvements Trust
  7. 7. Be Assertive There is no way that the project will be done on time if we follow what you are saying. According to my experience in a similar project, if we want to meet the deadline, we should first start with… Include the benefits in your statement. Trust
  8. 8. Clear Expectations • Have clear expectations during the entire project. • Share everything you understand to make sure you are on the same page. • Share your plan. • Propose alternative ways to reach results. • Be confident in your knowledge and experience. • Say “No.” Trust
  9. 9. Strike the Right Frequency of Communication • Be flexible. • Adapt to their preferred method of communication. • Have the right balance of updates. • Address group questions/concerns. • Be very available. • Stay on top of communications . Trust
  10. 10. Feed the Relationship • Tell them when you gain new skills. • Make it a little personal. • Break the digital barrier. • Be truly interested in their product/business. Trust
  12. 12. The Client Changes His/Her Mind About the Priorities • Work to avoid that during the entire project. • Adjust. • Bring the client back in line with the original agreement. • Explain the consequences (cost or delivery dates). Shit happens
  13. 13. Oops! You Made a Mistake • Be upfront: tell them them right away. • Be proactive: explain the solution. • If the entire relation has gone well, clients will understand. Shit happens
  14. 14. Shit happens
  15. 15. Questions Credits: Graphics from
  16. 16. Workshop for Freelancers: Tools and Techniques to Stay Motivated October 30th 2-4pm Zagreb
  17. 17. Keys to Successfully Manage a Distributed Team
  18. 18. Zagreb Freelancers
  19. 19. • Courses for managers and team members • Facilitate team activities • 1:1 consulting Skype: annadanes