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Geordie accent


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This powerpoint presentation was made for English phonetics and phonology classes.

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Geordie accent

  1. 1. Silvija HTKV
  2. 2. • A city and metropolitan borough of Tyne and Wear• Situated in North East of England, on the northern bank of the River Tyne• Also known as Geordie accent
  3. 3. • Geordie is non-rhotic dialect. This means speakers do not pronounce /r/ unless it is followed by a vowel sound in that same phrase• Initial "h" is not dropped from the beginning words• /ɪŋ/ appears in an unstressed final syllable of a word (such as in reading) and is pronounced as [ən] (thus, reading is [ˈ ɹiˈdən ])• /ər/ appears at the end of a word (such as in sugar) and is pronounced as [a] (thus, sugar is [ˈ ʃʊɡa])
  4. 4. • /æ/ in the words had, have, has and having is pronounced as [ɛ]• /ɛ/ in words with the spelling "ea" (such as bread and deaf) may be pronounced as [iˈ ]• /əʊ/ at the ends of words, with the spelling "ow" (such as in throw and follow) is pronounced as [a] in monosyllabic words (thus, throw as [ˈθ ɹa]) and [ə] in polysyllabic words (window as [ˈ wɪndə])• "v" sound inserted in some sequences, such as "give it tiv us" (give it to me) or "A sez tiv im" (I said to him).
  5. 5. • Vowels involve the combination of two different vowels, such as those in "eight" and "throat" which sound more like "ee-ut" and "throw-ut" (These vowels are "heavily diphthongised")• The vowel in "town" is pronounced "toon“ (Similarly, "brown", "about", "pound" and so on are pronounced broon, aboot and poond)
  6. 6. English sound Newcastle phoneme Example /eɪ/ eː, ɪə rain, gain /ʌ/ ʊ strut /oʊ/ oː, ʊə goat /ɪər/ ɪa fear
  7. 7. • Aye, ‘yes’ Common phrases:• Dee, ‘do’ • Hoo ye gannin? How are• Hoose, ‘house’ you?‘• Mutha, ‘mother’ • Yareet, hinny? Are you all• Alreet, ‘alright’ right, kid?‘• Canny, ‘pleasant’ • Give ower, ya kiddin. Come on, youre joking• Gan, ‘go’• Reet, ‘right’• Noo, ‘now’• Deed, ‘dead’
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