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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. What do you know about frogs? They eat insects They can leap forward They live in a pond They are amphibians There are a lot of types of frogs
  2. 3. I live in a pond
  3. 4. I live on land too
  4. 5. Mmm! I eat insects
  5. 6. I can swim, I can jump with my hind legs
  6. 7. The biggest … Goliath frog
  7. 8. The smallest.. Cuban Pygmy frog
  8. 9. How many types of frogs do you think exist? There are 3800 all around the world
  9. 10. I’ve got different colours
  10. 11. I’ve got red eye, I live in tropical rainforests
  11. 12. If I’m scared or angry I can change my colour … I’ve got poison….
  12. 13. My name is Dart poison frog
  13. 16. I can hide from my enemies…jejeje!
  14. 17. These are my enemies…