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Cover letter


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Published in: Education
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Cover letter

  1. 1. COVER LETTERStorytelling SymbalooFacultat de Formació del ProfessoratUniversitat de Barcelona2013Sílvia Marín Márquez
  2. 2. About this cover letter…In this cover letter I haveexplained all the resources that Ihave uploaded in my StorytellingSymbaloo.
  3. 3. My Symbaloo
  4. 4. My SymbalooI have organized my Symbaloo in sixcolumns.In each column you can find informationand resources about different topics.I have also used different colors todistinguish the tiles.I am going to present all the tiles in thiscover letter beginning with the columnthat you can see in the left side of myStorytelling Symbaloo
  5. 5. First Column
  6. 6. First Column Cover letterIn the first column you can see thisdocument, the Cover letter.This document is a guide to exploremy Symbaloo. In it are explainedall the resources that you can findin my Symbaloo tiles.
  7. 7. Second Column
  8. 8. Second ColumnIn the second column you can see webpagesand articles about Storytelling: The danger of a single story ( Conference)Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how shefound her authentic cultural voice and warns that if we hearonly a single story about another person or country, we riska critical misunderstanding How to Tell a Story (Article)In this “Wikihow” article you can find seven steps tosuccess while telling a story.
  9. 9. Second Column Encouraging Young Learners to Learn English throughStories (Article)This article written by Cagri Tugrul Mart states that by teachingEnglish though stories in the early ages teachers can stimulatestudents to improve their awareness of the rich use of English Promoting reflection and creativity though digitalstorytelling ( ELT Unit)In this ELT Unit created by Olive Cheung you can have someinformation about how stories can make students be creativeand thoughtful Integrating the old and the new: Digital Storytelling inthe EFL Language Classroom ( Article)In her article Carmen Gregori argues about how DigitalStorytelling engages students both in traditional andinnovational ways of telling a story.
  10. 10. Second Column Storytelling in ESL/EFL ClassroomsIn this article Heidi Bordine Fitzgibbon and Kim HughesWilhelm explore the literature written on Storytelling inpedagogy,specially as it relates to second languageadquisition.
  11. 11. Second ColumnWhy I have decided to include readings andvideos in my Symbaloo?I think that an important aspect of teaching is thetheory that we can find behind it.Is important to learn how to tell stories and also beawarded of the benefits and dangers that thismethodology has.In the articles that I have included you can find someinteresting points of view about teaching Englishthrough stories. Having this information in mySymbaloo I have the opportunity to expand myknowledge about how to teach EFL though stories inprimary classes.
  12. 12. Third column
  13. 13. Third columnIn this column I have saved some webpageswhere you can find online stories for children.Those pages are: Magic keys: You can find books from youngchildren to young adults KOL Jr: You can find stories aboutanimals, rhyming, fairy tales… Storyline Online: You can find some childrenbooks read aloud. Story time for me: You can find some freebooks online Interactive Stories for kids: You can findsome online talking stories
  14. 14. Third columnWhy I have decided to include onlinebooks in my Symbaloo?During this degree I have had the opportunityto visit three primary schools. All those schoolswere different but, in all of them I could realizethat teachers were busy.Having online books in the Symbaloo allowsyou to save time and find resources morequickly and effectively.
  15. 15. Fourth column
  16. 16. Fourth columnIn the fourth column you can see some resources tocreate and share Digital Stories. Smories: In this webpage you can find originalstories for children read by children. You can alsoupload your own student’s stories. Little bird tales: You can capture your childs voiceand build a story. Storyjumper: You can create your own digitalstories. My Story Maker: Another resource to create Digitalstories. Story bird: You can create, read and share storiesonline.
  17. 17. Fourth columnWhy I have decided to include resources tocreate and share digital stories in mySymbaloo?Today new technologies are present in everyclassroom. Because of this a teacher can not onlyteach their subject, but he/she has to make theirstudents digitally competent. Using ICT tools inEnglish classes we can help our students to buildknowledge in a thorough manner.
  18. 18. Fifth column
  19. 19. Fifth columnIn the fifth column I included all the tasks we havedone in the course:Snowman: This tile you can see an activity designedto be taught after reading the story.The war of numbers: in this task we were asked tofind a childrens story and create a related activity. Inthis tile can see the book and also an activity createdto after reading the story.Microteaching presentation: I decided to include inthis tile the prezi presentation that my group did in themicroteaching.Final project: Finally in this tile can see the teachingunit created from the book Move over Rover!
  20. 20. Fifth columnWhy I have decided to include the tasks doneduring the course in my Symbaloo?I think its very important to do tasks that complementthe development of knowledge in an area.In this case I could deepen my knowledge in designingStorytelling activities related to a story.I could realize how difficult is to find a proper storyand extract the contents of language to teach.I also think that learning by doing is an appropriatemethodology because you can and expand yourknowledge and solve your own mistakes
  21. 21. Sixth column
  22. 22. Sixth columnIn this column I have attached the final reflectionon my PLE.In this document you can see how thedevelopment of my PLE has been.You can also read my point of view of usingSymbaloo as a teaching tool.