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Women of Impact Personal Branding Workshop


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What do I use my personal brand for? I use it to help my friends. Do you have a brand? How did you build it? What do you do with it?

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Women of Impact Personal Branding Workshop

  1. 1. Silvia K. Spiva March 2016 Go it alone: The rough road to personal branding Women of Impact
  2. 2. Connect with us on Social! Use Hashtags: #WOI2016 #BeUnstoppable @silviakspiva
  3. 3. Being YOUnique
  4. 4. This is Madonna
  5. 5. This is NOT Madonna
  6. 6. #WomenInTech
  7. 7. This is me
  8. 8. I never knew it wasn’t an option
  9. 9. #Tech icons
  10. 10. These are my friends
  11. 11. Anne
  12. 12. Carmen
  13. 13. Nicole
  14. 14. So … Who are you … really?
  15. 15. Step up! ? Lose your haters Downs Make a confession Right now Find your fans Ups Power YOU Your Brand
  16. 16. Time to tweet Write down a confession Take a picture Tag it #BeUnstoppable #WOI2016 Tweet it Smile 
  17. 17. That was fun!
  18. 18. Ready to #BeUnstoppable?
  19. 19. Thank you ;-)