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  2. 2. Introducing myself My name is Mireia and I’m thirteen years old. I’m from les Planesd’Hostoles, in Catalonia. I’m a Barça fan. It’s a great team. My other interests are basketball,painting, cinema and drama. My favourite song is “sense tu”. It isCatalan. My favourite films are Fènix 11·23, titanic, War horse ... And myfavourite TV series is Polseres , it is fantastic, and la Riera. Myfavourite food is ice cream and chocolate. My favourite colour isorange and my favourite number is six. My birthday is on 10th June.THIS IS ME AND MYFRIEND PAULA
  3. 3. My village Les Planes d’Hostoles is in the north east of Catalonia. It is in laGarrotxa. It’s a beautiful village and it’s interesting. It has got somenice places. There is a church, a school, a bookshop, a sports halland a surgery. My favourite place is the park because we playthere, it is next to the square Les Planes d’Hostoles has got a lot of restaurants and cafés, theyare everywhere. The food is delicious. There are some shops. CalMosso is a good shop for food. It is on the right of the square and itis on the left of the video club. The coast is 55 kilometres from LesPlanes d’Hostoles and there are some interesting towns, Sant Feliude Pallerols, Sant Esteve d’en Bas, Amer, La Cellera de Ter ,... Andcastles, castle d’Hostoles, castle Montgrí,... near here. There is abus stop. My village is fantastic.
  4. 4. DESCRIPTION I am tall and slim. I have got a long face and brown hair. My hair islong and straight. I’ve got dark eyes. I’ve got a small nose, thin lips anda narrow forehead. My skin is fair and I think I am pretty. How about my character? I think I am friendly person but sometimes. Ican be untidy. My friends say I am cheerful and my parents think I amnoisy. I usually wear colourful clothes. I like wearing a handkerchief,earrings and shorts. In the photo I am wearing pink jeans, brown boots, a grey pullover andthe pink earrings.
  5. 5. My family ANGEL: My dad is called Angel, he is fifty years old. He is a waiter andhe likes walking. He is very playful and always makes you laugh. SUSI: My mum is called Susi she is forty-seven years old. She is acook and she likes cooking. She is very hard working. JOEL: He’s my older brother, he is fourteen years old. He studies atIES Castell d’Estela, in Amer. He is annoying. LAURA: She’s my little sister, she is ten years old. She studies atschool Sant Cristòfol, in Les Planes d’Hostoles. She is smileyLAURA AND MEMY BROTHERS AND MEMY BROTHERS AND ME
  6. 6. My family PERE: He’s my maternal grandfather. He is hard working. He lives ina cottage, Can Rierota, in Mallol JOSEP: He’s my paternal grandfather. He lives in a house in SantRoc, in Olot. ANTÒNIA: She’s my paternal grandmother. He lives in a house inSant Roc, in Olot. She likes telling stories about when she was achild.MY PARENTS, MY BROTHERS AND ME.PEREJOSEP, ANTÒNIA AND ME.
  7. 7. My favourite pet It’s an hen. Its name is “Tites”. It’s good pet because it’s funny. It likeseating worms. It doesn’t like noise. It can fly and run but it can’t swim or talk.It you’ve got a hen you must give it water and food.
  8. 8. My bedroom My bedroom is neither big nor small. The walls are white . There arethree beds, one below the other. The beds and the wardrobe are stuck.There is a bedside table with wheels. There are two shelves full ofobjects: dolls, photos,… This is the guest roomTHE BEDSIDE TABLE AND THE BEDSTHE SHELVESTHE BEDS, THE TABLE AND THEWARDROBE
  9. 9. More about meMIEI like listening to usiclove going shoppingI can RunI lik swimmingI love meetIng friendsI like pAinting
  10. 10. More about meJUERRI like spinaChI dislike tidying my bedrOomI love ice creaMI love bAsketballI en oy travellingI can la ghI Always studyI play iN a basketball teamI can speak FrenchI don’t lik playing footballI can’t play the guitaI hate false pe sonsI nEver go to school on SaturdayI love Shooting photos
  11. 11. My favourite photo This is my favorite photo because Im with my brothers. In this photo weare in the river that is in front of the house. Were having fun. I amwearing a red, blue and brown swimsuit. My brother is wearing a blueswimsuit. My sister is near than photo, she’s wearing a pink and whitebikini. I love this photo!