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Presentation of SB Sales Agency project for MIPTV 2009

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Sb Sales Agency Presentation

  1. 1. WHO AM I ?Silvia Botella – TV Sales AgentSales Executive and Producer with over 5 years ofexperience at the Iberian TV market (Spain and Portugal).Offering sales and management skills mixed with apowerful creative aptitude. Demonstrated ability to opennew markets, create new clients and find the best solutionto the customers needs.
  2. 2. INDEPENDENT TV SALES AGENT, PRODUCER AND CONSULTANTI am starting my own project as TV Sales Agent, Producer and Consultant SB Sales Agency: handling TV rights for Spain and Portugal, focusing on family and kids’ contents but not excluding other possible programs as TV movies. SB Audiovisual Projects: working together with Spanish production companies to develop attractive, innovative and successful TV programs. SB Audiovisual Consultancy: offering my experience in TV markets and production know-how..
  3. 3. SB SALES AGENCYSB Sales Agency is the meeting point between television content(production companies) and broadcasters (TV stations). Good TVprograms deserve to be seen by the audience and TV broadcastershave a daily challenge, searching for the successful TV program thattheir audience is claiming.SB Sales Agency can take best profit of your TV program in Spainand Portugal. We are searching the most suitable customer for yourprogram as we practice the “active listening”: analyzing buyers’needs to find the best product for their audiences. We look for TVsuccess.
  4. 4. SB SALES AGENCYCurrent Catalogue (Spain and Portugal TV rights) Animation series: Pokémon (Seasons 1 to 5) TV movie (in production): Wendy Placa 20957 Feature films: Jet Films Spanish Cinema catalogue
  5. 5. SB SALES AGENCYSpain and Portugal: a complex TV marketWith 2 National Public TV stations, 4 National Private channels, 16regional public channels in 7 different languages and more than ahundred of local TV stations, Spain becomes a little but powerfuland complex TV market. The digital TV switch will fragment moreand more the audiences and a deeper knowledge of thepanorama will be demanded.Portugal is another little country but complementary to theSpanish one, making Iberia an attractive European TV market.
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL CAREERHead of Production at Planeta Junior (Planeta Publishing Group)(2007 – 2008)Responsible of the creation and growth of the audiovisual productiondepartment, developing audiovisual projects, from the idea to the finalprogram. Focusing on kids programs (muppets, magazine, animation)we have designed custom-made audiovisual projects, including TVprograms, Home Video works, multimedia projects, kiosk andencyclopedic projects. Work together with the Licensing and Publishingdepartments.
  7. 7. PROFESSIONAL CAREERTV Sales Executive at SelectaVisión(2004 – 2007)Responsible of TV Sales for Spain and Portugal. Main genre: Japaneseanimation (anime) and kids programs, including feature films and lifeaction. Increased sales revenues up to 445% throughout the nearly 4years. Sales strategy per title (business plan) and creating newcustomers. Working together with Home Video department in order togenerate synergies within the HV launches and TV broadcasting.Viability analysis of possible acquisitions, regarding TV sales.
  8. 8. PROFESSIONAL CAREERAssistant to the TV Sales Department at Lauren Films(2003)Assistant to the TV Sales Executive, providing all materials for TVsales (broadcasting masters, dubbing audio versions, subtitles,marketing material). Technical works to adapt masters tocustomers needs.
  9. 9. I would really appreciate meeting at MIPTV 2009 I will be available at Catalan Films & TV Booth R.33.16 and R.35.24For futher information, please feel free to contact me at or by phone +34 676 370 739 And very soon at