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The Widgetized Self in the Blogosphere


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The Widgetized Self. Distributed identity and the role of software-engine relations in blogging.

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The Widgetized Self in the Blogosphere

  1. The Widgetized Self Distributed identity and the role of the engines Anne Helmond
  2. Who Am I?
  3. I Am Distributed
  4. Distributed identity
  5. Constructing identity online: The homepage [...] home page authors engage in bricolage, adopting and adapting borrowed material from the public domain of the Web in the process of fashioning personal and public identities. In such sites, what are visibly ‘under construction’ are not only the pages but the authors themselves. - Chandler(1998)
  6. Identity under construction
  7. The personal homepage • Fairly static and closed self-referential environment • Content stored in one place • Based on the unit of the page • Required HTML knowledge