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Intranets in the Public Sector


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The 'Intranets in the Public Sector' Lunch & Learn (Thursday 15 June, 2017) was the first event from the Common Web Platform meetup group. The group is open to all NZ public sector digital teams and those working on the Common Web Platform.

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Intranets in the Public Sector

  1. 1. Intranets in Public Sector Paul Murray - Department of Internal Affairs | Te Tari Taiwhenua Welcome Tanya Price - SilverStripe
  2. 2. 12.30pm Introduction to intranets (Paul Murray, All of Government ICT Capability Manager, DIA) 12.50pm Demo of Pharmac intranet (Jennifer Geard, Web Editor, Pharmac) 1.00pm Demo of the Public Services intranet (Benn Crawford, Product Owner) 1.10pm Discussion of future CWP features (Nicole Williams, CMO, SilverStripe) 1.30pm Event closes Agenda
  3. 3. Challenges for building and running your intranet
  4. 4. less budget resources importance
  5. 5. more integration required complexity internal politics
  6. 6. What problem is your intranet solving? An internal service that helps employees get stuff done
  7. 7. Common models for intranets Content Strategy based on challenges to be solved Communication Collaboration Culture Activity
  8. 8. Content Information is only useful if it can be found and understood
  9. 9. Communication Intranets are THE channel for internal news
  10. 10. Collaboration Two-way interactions
  11. 11. Culture Communicating goals
  12. 12. Activity Doing things, not just reading things
  13. 13. Integrations Separate and distinct systems need to be stitched together in a way that meets both Government agency and users needs.
  14. 14. What your intranet needs to talk to Content Management Systems Published content/files Digital Asset Management Media files Office files Document Management Systems
  15. 15. ● Understand users and current practices ● Plan a service and not a project ● Setting up VPNs ● Integrations - Active Directory ● Single sign-on Things to consider
  16. 16. ● Dedicated instance vs existing instance ● Configuration and costs Where to host an intranet
  17. 17. Future trends Digital workplace, collaboration and social tools
  18. 18. Messaging Content SystemsData Presentation Touchpoints CommunicationFunction Staff updates Staff directories Analytics/Insights Content delivery - Contextual at “the glass” Collaboration File sharing Forums Search - “Findability” Activity Helpful links Timesheets Digital Workplace Platform The new Intranet? Culture Document Management
  19. 19. What is the goal of your intranet? What challenges do you face? Group discussion:
  20. 20. Pharmac IntranetJennifer Geard, Web Editor, Pharmac
  21. 21. What integrations are key for your intranet? Group discussion:
  22. 22. Public Sector Intranet Benn Crawford, Product Owner, DIA
  23. 23. Product developmentNicole Williams, CMO and Public Sector Product Manager, SilverStripe
  24. 24. Jumping into the Co-funded Development Pool CCO - Unsplash
  25. 25. How big is the pool? Images CCO - Unsplash
  26. 26. How do items get selected?
  27. 27. Ideas submission process (now)
  28. 28. Idea validation
  29. 29. Public roadmap
  30. 30. What we’ve released recently... ● New CWP themes (built in accessibility features) ● Relaunched ● Doc management module (MPI) ● User forms UI improvements (NMIT) ● Releasing CWP 1.6
  31. 31. What we’re working on now... ● Phase 2 for (accessibility focus) ● User forms accessibility improvements (DIA) ● Upgrading modules for SilverStripe 4 ● Downloadable developer environments ● Content blocks scoping
  32. 32. What next... ● Idea submission channel (User Voice?) ● Open comms to wider users ● Events / meetups ● Web Toolkit blogs ● User research interviews
  33. 33. Straight in the deep end Have your say ● Key purpose of your intranet? ● Key integrations you need? ● Biggest challenges you face?
  34. 34. Thank you!