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CWP Mini Stack Presentation


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Kamala Hamilton-Brown, the Product Owner for Platform from SilverStripe, and Michael Birks, from The Treasury, joined us to speak about the new, DIA approved Mini Stack that was created for agencies who require low-cost websites

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CWP Mini Stack Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome! Haere Mai!
  2. 2. Slido Go to to ask questions and respond to our poll. Use this code to connect with others in the room: #G823
  3. 3. WIFI: Āmio_gnvf           1. Connect to Āmio_gnvf wifi 2. Select ‘Don’t have an account?’ 3. Register your cellphone number (keep NZ region) 4. Your 1-Day Username and Password will auto- populated into the Log In box 5. Sign in
  4. 4. Some background about me
  5. 5. What is the mini stack story?
  6. 6. We identified 3 gaps
  7. 7. Themed to go Wātea Plus theme baked into every Mini stack What is the Mini Stack Stripped back recipe With features relevant for smaller, low traffic campaign and brochure websites Public cloud Hosted with AWS Low traffic Allowance of up to 2,000 pageviews per day Extensible Add additional features and modules Add search if you need it Ability to integrate Swiftype search add-on
  8. 8. Mini (Powered by AWS) Max pageviews = 2,000 (per day) Max pages in CMS = 3,000 Serviced Monthly Monthly Backups Best efforts for outages & service levels Exceptions No Solr search functionality out of the box (Swiftype add-on search option available) Not eligible for co-fund development CWP Mini stack specs
  9. 9. Case study
  10. 10. Working with the CWP Mini Stack Michael Birks Web Editor The Treasury 8 March 2019
  11. 11. EQC Inquiry website (pending) • Currently being developed to support the Public Inquiry into the Earthquake commission. • Not quite ready for the limelight: – Soft launch 11 March – Main launch 18 March • Lightweight site, leveraging basic template and features. 12
  12. 12. The short answer is that from the site owner’s perspective, it doesn’t, in almost every major respect • For those familiar with CWP sites from a content management perspective, the experience is unchanged. • For those new to CWP sites, the experience, in the words of Jarrod from the Inquiry team, “I found the UAT process from client perspective quite simple and intuitive.” • Almost every respect… How does the Mini-stack differ? 13
  13. 13. The major difference is the lack of integrated SOLR for site searching. At Silverstripe’s recommendation, we set up an account with’s Site Search. Application to the site was mostly straightforward from our perspective: • Set up account with Swiftype – Pro Account, for the increased automated crawl and PDF indexing • Assign Admin roles to the developers • Magic! Swiftype Site Search 14
  14. 14. There were several considerations when using Swiftype: • The Pro account only offers one index “engine” so we can only index one site at any given time: UAT, PROD, Live URL. That requires a bit of juggling, and manually rebuilding indices. • The pro account is necessary because the Standard only crawls the site evert three days and allows only 3 manual recrawls per day. • As an external service, Swiftype needs to be passed through any protections on the site – especially for UAT sites Swiftype Site Search (cont…) 15
  15. 15. Search Results 16 ● Modal Popup * Documents (Word & PDF ● Suggested results as you type * Suggested words on zero results
  16. 16. • The Mini Stack was used primarily to serve a light-weight, low cost site, developed on a short timescale, and it seems to have worked wonderfully. • The need to add the external search engine is an additional cost, although still below the next larger CWP stack. • While not trying to sell Swiftype, as a web based service there are some interesting potentials to look into that are more visible to the site owner than in Solr: Looking forward 17 • Search analytics • Search customisation • Synonym terms • Index content management
  17. 17. Questions